Monday, August 17, 2015

The Trump Effect

The Trump effect


Collective efforts by 17 Republican candidates to energize the public in their direction have not caught fire except for one person, Donald Trump. Media programs that lean towards one side of the aisle or the other are endlessly discussing the Trump effect on the potential electorate. Core topics from immigration to national health care have been transformed by an outsider who has placed a new twist on these banal subjects. Donald Trump has codified his message with a simplicity that resonates across a gamut of the population. From state fairs to corner stores Trump appears to be everywhere willing to discuss his message with anyone willing to listen.


Pundits of all stripes continue to assault this political outsider noting his meteoric rise will crash and burn in due course. Extensive polls done pre and post the first debate continue to indicate Trump is firmly planted at the top of each one. With a finesse reserved to a polished few, the Donald as many call him, easily deflects questions that deteriorate from his message. From bankruptcy to his position on women’s issues he discusses the basics while directing the conversation on to the next subject before fully answering the first one. Consequently some have become suspicious of him for the profound lack of depth in his answers to issues others have algorithmically discussed. Nevertheless Trump has been able to jump over this hurdle by mesmerizing those who come before him noting his successes while deflating his failures.


In interview after interview most reporters have gingerly discussed his background and preparation to become Commander in Chief. As Trump notes he built a vast company which has tentacles that reach into many areas that a president should have knowledge of. He wastes no time inferring how poor our American leadership is compared to that of China, Mexico and other countries. Trump’s major theme is these countries dump their products here and we send our money there. On immigration he has echoed an array of proposals to slow the rate of new arrivals and a methodology to repatriate illegals to their home countries.  Many question whether Donald Trump has the staying power to remain in the race. For now he is on the top of the heap and continues to defy the logic of the pundits calling for him to fail. The road to the November 2016 election is long and treacherous. All eyes, presently, are on the street fighter from New York who does not plan to go down for the ten count.

Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Backlash: Fox dumps on Trump and fails

Backlash: Fox dumps on Trump and fails


Five days since the notorious Republican debate aired when the gang of three moderators from Fox dumped on Trump. A well-organized inquisition of the Republican leader was carried out with a ferocity that is usually reserved for leftist attack dogs. Megyn Kelly opened the barrage of questions aimed at unmasking Donald Trump’s weaknesses. Instead Kelly’s inquisitory style displayed Fox’s fair and balance moniker was in label only. Audience members, whether on location or watching from a distance, learned very little that night except Megyn Kelly does not know her right from her left. Days after this gargantuan failure for legitimate political dialogue Fox continues to revel in the large number of viewers to this so-called debate. Never acknowledging most tuned into to see and hear Donald Trump Fox hierarchy and its minimalist commentators defended their actions Thursday with a righteous indignation that has a stench all its own.


Donald Trump and most who were sensitized to the deliberate denigration of the debate process displayed their collective anger on an array of news shows afterwards. Fox set a new low for itself when displaying it went through Trump’s garbage in an attempt to debase him. His retorts, based on Kelly’s questions, were the themes of discussion. Trump spoke out harshly against those who orchestrated his downfall using words such as “weak and pathetic” to describe Republican operatives involved in this process. Excluded from a Red State forum in Atlanta Georgia by one of these people, Erick Erickson, everyone knew the game was afoot to debilitate the billionaire’s chances of moving into the Oval Office. Trump survived with a stronger footing than he had before the Thursday night debacle. Polls, several days later, indicated his position amongst voters strengthened. Fox not only failed to bring the reluctant candidate to his proverbial knees Trump now stands ten points higher than is closest rival.


Republican establishment along with their left wing buddies have abandoned the electorate and handed Obama whatever he legislatively requested.  Donald Trump came along to shake up the quiescent political structure simultaneously resonating with a population tired of the old guard in Congress. Their fear is he may succeed by taking Obama’s hope and change and giving this theme some real meaning. Trump will not go quietly into the night and why should he. Few candidates for the presidency have been so blatantly open about their intentions. Trump has set a new high in political rhetoric. His naysayers should watch their backsides because they may be bowing to a President Trump in the not too distant future.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Media and Writing Services. www.davis  Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Decadent and Decaying Baltimore Descends into Chaos

Decadent and decaying Baltimore descends into chaos


Ineptitude and incompetence defines Baltimore’s present government and its legion of public attorneys.
More interested in the limelight than what is right the City’s gang of reigning political clowns have suspended sanity to curry favor with its residents. Death has found Baltimore in numbers too great to ignore. Forty-five murders were reported in July. Unless revised the record books will reflect a very hot summer in the city that bleeds. City Hall has taken to the streets to blame its own police department for the tribulation now being observed. Reality speaks to a far different explanation of the chaotic events unfurling in this locale. Police are swamped with the massive level of crime within the confines of Baltimore’s 92 square miles. Permissive government policies and a lax prosecutorial system have contributed to the increasing level of daily violence. Crime has always been pervasive amongst Baltimore’s 622,000 estimated residents. Using the Freddie Grey incident as an excuse, which remains to be resolved, Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake bashed her own police department as the cause of the uptick in violence. Similar to other cities managed by incompetents violent interludes on their streets stem from intrinsic problems amongst the population not in the guardians hired to keep law and order. Ethnic violence will not stop until a firm hand with a logical mind behind it returns to the seat of power held by its present ineffectual mayor. Overwhelmed by Baltimore’s problems Rawlings-Blake pretends to be in control when the actions on the streets speak otherwise. Forced to bring in the feds to control violence Mayor Blake is admitting the job she holds is beyond her abilities.


Local media lives in an alternate reality. Crime reports are diluted to give the perception all is not so bad in the streets and corridors of this decaying jurisdiction. I am here to report Baltimore is entrenched in ethnic violence with no resolve in sight. Political masochists will grind anyone into dust who dares to offer solutions to effectuate change in the city. Mayor Blake and her associates enjoy the status quo and will not confront the hard issues entrenched in this swamp of a town. Books will be written, years from now, how a government used its own residents so its leaders could move up the food chain. If you are a cheerleader for Baltimore I dare you to walk through its neighborhoods once the lights go out. I pray you find the morning light.

Mark Davis, M.D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Awakening of a Dying Culture


Cultural diversity is being engineered by a central government that wants to supplant traditional America. Neighborhoods no longer reflect main street USA. Millions of migrants have resurfaced the face of cities bringing the essence of Third World societies into areas once reserved for the bedrock of this nation, its citizens. On a recent trip through New York City and the surrounding geography cultural shock confronted me. In one section of the city after the next a dramatic transition had taken place. Store signs were no longer emblematic of English speaking residents. Instead banners in Korean, Chinese, Spanish and a dozen other languages had displaced what was the expected norm, English. Cleansed of their original inhabitants my home town went international because of liberal immigration policies. Established businesses were now catering to the new locals who manage the streets and corridors of this subdivided city. Consequently the prior residents of these areas had a choice: meld with the new arrivals or get out of town. Many picked up and left not knowing there was no place in which to escape.


America’s cultural landscape has forever been changed. Flooding into this country, via Obama’s open borders policies, a mixture of people from every continent have come to disrupt a once settled society. With his open borders policies Obama opened the federal treasury to them as well. Assimilation was never the intention, cultural disintegration was. Crime throughout the country went from the exception to the norm. Horrific accounts of illegals committing heinous actions against others are cemented into the headlines daily. Diseases once hidden in the shadows by vaccines have reemerged to take the lives of the innocents who contract them. Guess who brought these toxic afflictions here? Silent America is not silent anymore. Even the most liberal minded amongst us knows there is something wrong. Awakening from their slumber those who built this society are no longer sitting idly by as America slips further into the morass created by the haters of this nation. Media is abuzz with news of people upset with a government that has gone far beyond its mandate to govern. Obama is playing the game of chicken with the nation. In this specific instance he will lose as growing voices summate to disentangle us from the thick political web Obama has woven against the electorate. Change is coming and will come from a most unlikely source.


Mark Davis, M. D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maryland's code: the truth does not matter

Maryland’s code: the truth does not matter


Ethics, morality and truth have little meaning in a state that has codified deceit as a means to an end. Civil dysfunction rules both Maryland State Government and the judicial arm that anoints its misdirected decisions. Yearly Annapolis releases hundreds of laws, regulations and edicts designed to confiscate money, immobilize businesses or inflict pain on its residents. Dismemberment of social systems is a Maryland State Legislature specialty. Placing the needs of our friends from foreign lands ahead of those who foot the bills should not shock anyone whose mind crosses in the middle of the road. Schools districts are notoriously overcrowded which are excused from improving to make way for more uninvited guests. Welfare programs deliver truckloads of money to the undeserving who crave more each year. This addiction to state sponsored handouts was encouraged by our former Democrat Governor and is continued by the ancients in the state legislature. Cronyism’s tentacles continue to enable the elite to maintain their edge at the expense of more deserving individuals whose only crime is they live within this State’s borders. The greatest challenge is to avoid criminal land mines established to capture the state’s subordinated population.


Trenchant incivility will be focused on anyone who is marked by lawyers in the Maryland state system who desire to move up the food chain. Given too much authority to prosecute with too few protections for the prosecuted the legal system in Maryland has been in need of a tune up for over thirty years. Decades ago I bumped into a political wall with the purchase of a health facility. A neophyte to the legal system and an ignorantly trusting individual that I am those who held the reins of power then trampled all over me and my family. One learns very quickly that Maryland Law is unidirectional allowing little due process when an agenda needs to be enforced. As an observer to the system of jurisprudence in Maryland, over the last twenty years, I have seen many people ripped apart for the most trivial occurrences. Needless to state the ethics of Maryland’s courts and its rented public lawyers need close inspection. Government in Maryland is no longer for the people who charge its batteries. Instead current elected officials work in a self-perpetuating mode which stands outside the desires of the electorate. Next article will discuss the mechanisms allowed by Maryland Law to decimate the lives of those who empower the system.


Mark Davis, M. D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services, Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Point of no return: Iran gets the bomb

Point of no return: Iran gets the bomb


Speculate no more, Obama has given Iran the means to obtain a nuclear device in the near future. Our misguided president has not only made a bad deal for America, he has made a bad deal for the World. Obama’s Muslim before American mentality moves this nation closer to the brink of annihilation.  Couched in legal rhetoric, that compromises the safety of the United States, Iran has been given the green light to move ahead with its nuclear weapons program. John Kerry was our chief negotiator. This is the same John Kerry who was accused of writing his own recommendations for medals in Vietnam. This is also the same John Kerry who protested the Vietnam War as his comrades were dying in this third World cesspool. A man who has proven he cannot be trusted caved to the demands of the Iranian regime. Obama announced, with disingenuous tones, that Kerry’s finished product was the best alternative to keep Iran’s nuke program in its infancy. Those with sense and sensibility about them know the best alternative is a better agreement not one drawn up under artificial circumstances.


Most Americans are befuddled by the physics of nuclear weapons. Diving deep into the technology one can see Iran is very close to its goal of a fissionable nuclear device. With 19,000 known centrifuges to concentrate Uranium into its proper modality for a bomb the current treaty does little to hinder this process. Worse Iran is free to develop and or purchase launch vehicles which could hit our shores or close by Israel. Iran, claims to this day, it wants to wipe Israel off the map. Iranians continue to chant death to America. What did John Kerry and Barack Obama gain with a treaty/agreement that commits Americans to building civil defense shelters instead of bridges to peace, nothing. 


With this agreement/treaty in place tens of billions will flow into the coffers Iran. These are Iranian financial assets which were held in abeyance to bring Iran to the negotiating table. Once confronted by the United States negotiating team Iran overwhelmed their counterparts with a flood of demands which undercut the very reason all were at the table. Duplicate in nature and conspicuous in substance the document generated will never be implemented. Designed to fail Iran will achieve its goal of nukes within the time frame that Obama has left in office. When Obama returns to his Hawaiian roots and looks east at the California coastline he will know from where the fireball originated.


Mark Davis, M.D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Contenders and Pretenders to the Oval Office

Contenders and pretenders to the Oval Office


A dazzling array of personalities are chasing the Oval Office. Few will get beyond the fence of recognition to become viable candidates. Yet all have hopes and dreams of remodeling America in their minds’ eye. From the left Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are running far ahead of minor candidates such as Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee. With fifteen declared and more to come the right is crowded with a field which runs the gamut from competent to window dressing. Conservative notables leading the pack are Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Day to day their favorable ratings vary based on the last word they stated. Trenchant but true commentary from some has aptly described why America needs a leader who will not back down or side step controversy. Most of the long list of potential hopefuls are political hacks whose daily beliefs are measured by the latest poll. A few, such as Scott Walker and Donald Trump, have platforms which resonate with the public on key issues that others avoid. Economics, immigration, international affairs and more have deteriorated under the aegis of our current leader. Hillary and Bernie offer more of the same. Unfortunately a large number of their opponents are middle of the road or shoot from the left. Many ask who in this herd has the drive, direction and the substance to elevate America to greatness once more?  The winnowing  process is underway.


Characteristic of Hillary and others on the left is to promise their supporters a continuous flow of cash from the federal treasury. This winning strategy has placed many in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Fortunately for the right the present redistributer-in-chief did not keep his fiscal promises, which opens even a wider door for conservatives in 2016. Donald Trump brings a refreshing scent to an otherwise putrid stench trailing many of the other candidates. Immigration is a hot button issue that has elevated Trump to the leader of the pack. Few others have come forth on this issue with such vociferous tones. With Hillary’s Messiah Complex in full view many are offended by her brash demeanor and curt style of campaigning. Failing in 2008 when Barack Obama showed up it appears once again she may go down for the count as others in her party start drawing attention away from her. Guaranteed at the end of this process every piece of garbage on those running from both sides of the aisle will be aired. America is starving for leadership. Those who are still standing at the end of this process may be the strongest candidates but not the best. Let us hope the wisdom of the people is better placed this go around because we may not get another chance.

Mark Davis, M.D. President of Davis Media and Writing Servives.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Larry Hogan's Cancer: A Challenge he will win

Larry Hogan’s cancer: a challenge he will win


A media feeding frenzy occurred, on Monday June 22, as Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland revealed he had advance cancer. In an emotional address from Annapolis, with his family beside him, he openly discussed the extent of his illness. Hogan noted that lymphoma, discovered in its late stages, is affecting many regions of his body. Presently symptomatic he will undergo treatment immediately at a John Hopkin’s oncological center. Specific therapies have not been announced though chemotherapy has been very successful in lymphomas such as the type Hogan has contracted. Seventy percent of individuals are living 5 years after instituting therapy, even in those whose disease was discovered in its advanced stages.


Hogan has been diagnosed with a non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which affects the lymphatic system in the body. Governor Hogan hesitated when revealing the stage of his lymphoma noting it was a late stage 3 or an early stage 4. With the information noted so far it appears to be a stage 4. Numerous physicians have been interviewed concerning the Governor’s condition. Most of these physicians are extremely optimistic the cancer can be rendered neutral or cured. The author lost a brother to lymphoma in the 1960s. Since then the evolution of treatment modalities has been nothing less than fantastic. Chemotherapy regimens can literally sweep the cancer out of a patient. For the Governor 18 weeks of chemo are ahead.


Maryland hired a tough Governor who beat back the challenges of several worthy opponents. Hogan’s vim and vigor brought him to the State House. The lymphoma may weaken him physically yet he has a strong spirit which will carry him through this stage of his life. With a great team of doctors and an extremely supportive family Hogan will be around for many years to come. I know many in the State of Maryland are praying for his rapid recovery, as is the author of this article. Get well quick Governor you have much work ahead to make Maryland right again.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Specter of a Presidency

Specter of a Presidency


With 18 months left on America’s prison sentence its warden will retire having undermined every institution, tradition and industry that made this country great. Obama is a specter of a president. His ghostly apparition is rarely seen except visiting with the elite, the immoral and the fantastically wealthy. His demagoguery raised him to the Oval Office yet was not infective enough to keep his supporters on a string for the balance of his second term. Obama is being mocked by an array of people who have awoken to the fact that a ghost inhabits the White House. World leaders recognized America’s failing leadership early in Obama’s first term. From an apology tour to handing the keys to our prison over to terrorists our presidential specter is always absent when the going gets tough. If America had the ability to recall this inept person he would be drinking a Mai Tai on a beach facing west rapidly.


A dozen potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are already in the declared column. On the other side Hillary Clinton continues a strong run for the Democrat dais though she has a few competitors recently new to the run. America has lost something special during Obama’s reign in office, its integrity. These masters of words all promise to bring America back into the orbit which the Founders placed this nation. Most come from backgrounds that provide little substance for the task at hand. A few have the political vigor to overcome the most difficult obstacles. Today’s announcement that Donald Trump wants to sidestep his empire to move into the Oval Office has sent ripples across the political spectrum. Who amongst this variegated group will cross the finish line is uncertain. What is certain to this observer is most of these candidates look like marshmallows waiting to be roasted. To repair the damage caused by Obama’s ineptitude and overreach will take someone with insight, affability and the cojones to act even in the face resistance. Several candidates are up to this challenge. Media circles continue to push the weakest candidates with the most popular names. When they fade the few left standing will be positioned as the best of the best to repair what the worse of the worse has done to America.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Drowning in Technology America's IQ moves down a notch

Drowning in technology America’s IQ moves down a notch


Smart cars, smart phones, smart homes and more yet this generation of Americans are one of the dumbest in decades. Schools no longer cater to improving the intellect of the students in their charge. Instead educational efforts are geared towards improving test scores. Why sweat a math problem when a handheld device can perform the task in seconds. Why devour a book when a quick summary is available with the flick of a finger. Most important of all why learn when a machine can spit out an answer to a question in the blink of an eye. High School level curriculums barely teach students the basics needed to further their lives and educations. Colleges have picked up the slack offering remedial courses to bring new arrivals up to speed. Standard tests to compare learning skills and intellect are being phased out or ignored in the admission process to collegiate environments. Abandonment of comparative standards provides the illusion that all students are intellectually on the same level. Schools know the latter is not true. In our socially sensitive society merit and hard work have been subverted to allow slackers to gain a footing into environments in which they were formally excluded.  


Graduate programs are reviewing more applications from foreigners than native born individuals. One program director noted the sciences are hardest to recruit within the American pool of candidates seeking higher degrees. As a result large tech companies find themselves searching overseas for apt candidates to fill positions that formerly went to Americans a mere generation ago. Primary and Secondary schools lack the curriculums to instill creativity into this generation of students. Therefore students are more likely to service machines than create them. Technological innovation tends to come from foreign incubators. The devices that keep us in touch with reality emanate from facilities far from the cultural delinquents whose only job is to sell them. I have no great expectations when I visit electronic outlets here on the mainland.  Clerks know little of the technology they push on the public. When a problem arises from one of these devices I am usually referred to an archaic reference on the net not someone close at hand. America has lost its edge in many areas. Clearly most Americans no longer have the mental tools to compete with foreign populations in the technologic realm. Technology, paradoxically, has eroded intellect in a society already on the skids educationally, culturally and morally. Those who are not cognizant of the world around them are easily misled and manipulated.  In the event this was the ambition of those who created this environment then they succeeded.


Mark Davis MD President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Save your life: stay our of Baltimore

Save your life: stay out of Baltimore


Baltimore City is mired in criminality both in and outside the government. Violence over the Memorial Day weekend hit record levels for this holiday. With nine dead and more than thirty shot, no one is safe on its sidewalks or streets. The month of May saw forty-three murders. Directly attributable to this uptick in violence is the Mayor’s approach to street ruffians and thugs. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake softer stance on crime, since the death of Freddie Gray, has generated this newest stream of violence. Arrests in some sections of the city are down more than 50 percent with crime hovering at record levels. Police have been denigrated to a point they fear for their lives. Those attempting to make arrests have found themselves besieged by neighborhood thugs surrounding their vehicles. Baltimore has descended into anarchy with the blessings of its progressive management. Descriptions of hoodlums openly carrying guns in certain sections of city have generated media attention. If there ever was a movie script to write it would be “Escape from Baltimore.”


Gang violence continues unabated throughout the cavernous streets and crevices of this city in decline. Police are reticent in Baltimore and around the country to move against the criminal element. Assassinations of our finest are on the rise. Scum have made open threats against police on social media and in confrontations on the streets. Police unions are seeing members leave for calmer circumstances outside the cities. Shallow government officials have generally sided with the thugs such as in Baltimore. After Freddie Grey’s untimely death Baltimore City’s Mayor and State’s Attorney pandered to the rioters. Police watched as the worst in society were given a free hand to loot, burn and victimize at their leisure. Presently crime is so bad all who come to Baltimore are at risk. As a resident of Maryland I have witnessed government officials at their worst. Vain, egocentric and misdirected these individuals lack the moral clarity and intellectual fire power to manage the domains to which they were elected. Baltimore’s mayor reflects the latter description. As long as she is in charge Baltimore’s future will be bleak. Perhaps in the next election cycle someone of worth will be elected. Stay tuned.


Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Decriminalizing Criminality: progressives new approach to crime

Decriminalizing Criminality: progressives new approach to crime


Justice in Maryland is no longer based on facts, procedures or the rule of law. Instead this profoundly blue state has moved beyond the realm of civilized society. Mob rule has instilled itself both on the streets and in the government that empowers the criminal element. Recent riots in Maryland’s largest city, Baltimore, display a city at the mercy of nocuous politicians and an uncivil electorate that supports them. Border to border Baltimore is a city that bleeds daily. Listed as one of the most violent in the “World” little has been done to stem the blood flow from those who are being victimized. Contrary to rational mindset the police not the looters, arsonists, drug dealers and murderers have become the focus of the problems razing Baltimore. In the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death the city became a virtual war zone. Under the auspices of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake police were told to stand down allowing street violence to become unhinged. The few arrested were either released quickly or given lighter charges than their actions deserved. In essence criminality was debased leaving in its wake lawlessness condoned by City Hall.


Left wing pundits jumped at the chance to knock the police. Guilty was their verdict before the charges dried on paper concerning Freddie Gray’s death. President Obama gave another of his diversity lectures as Hillary Clinton claimed mass arrests should stop. Both were far afield of the problems which engineered the riots of those days. In their minds and others of the same ilk crime should be decriminalized. That is, actions of thugs and street vermin should be looked upon as exercises in redefined freedoms not criminal activity. With recent riots in other cities few were arrested and fewer appropriately charged. Progressives trumped law and order relinquishing the responsible from the guilt of their actions. Worse police were given a black eye by those who should be backing them most, government officials. Politicians in Maryland and elsewhere allowing mob rule have set a precedent. In the event the judicial system does not side with those on the streets looting, arson and other crimes should be expected. Why? Because those who want to move up the food chain granted them the right to riot uninhibited by the men and women in blue. Police should reconsider their positions in hotbeds of hate towards them such as Baltimore. Let the mob govern themselves. This is what they want and deserve.


Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Showdown in the city that bleeds

Showdown in the city that bleeds


Baltimore has been a tinderbox for many years waiting for the right moment to combust. That moment came when Freddie Gray died. His horrific death came while he was in police custody. As a result of this senseless tragedy emotions of city residents could not be contained. Many took to the streets in peaceful protests. Unfortunately many more used this as an opportunity to loot, vandalize and pillage throughout the city. Baltimore police were overwhelmed with the level of hostility embedded in the crowds confronting them. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake assuaged the mobs by requesting the police stand back allowing looters to destroy private property. She later back tracked on this policy when interviewed by the media noting her statements were taken out of context. City Hall and the police have been at odds concerning policing techniques for years. The current mayor has brought this controversy to a new level. Mayor Blake’s soft stance on crime and her inadequate support for the police have contributed to the riots now taking place in Baltimore.


Over the last several days life in Baltimore has come to a near standstill. The media’s false assumption that Mr. Gray’s death is responsible for all the chaos now viewed nightly is na├»ve at best. Baltimore has had an epidemic of crime for decades. Though city officials and the left wing press attempt to hide Baltimore’s problems behind smiling faces the facts bear out it is one of the most dangerous cities in America. After many nights of violent protests Baltimore’s Mayor finally conceded she could not manage the rioting that touched her city. She requested Governor Larry Hogan to call up the National Guard. Governor Hogan immediately called the Guard into force wondering aloud why Mayor Blake waited until the city was immersed in chaos. Resources from other jurisdictions within and outside Maryland have also agreed to help in the effort to quell the rioting. These protectors of the public must ask themselves is the risk worth the effort.


Interviewed on the streets protesters provide various views why violence has erupted in their city. Some of their reasoning is amorphous and garbled.  Others note police have no respect for community members therefore the violence is necessary to shake them up. From this perspective looting is the prime objective not police brutality as their leaders have stated.                                                                                              Hostilities will not abate as along as the Mayor and City Council pander to those who commit crimes. Many believe agitators have come a distance to push their own agenda: which is complete disruption of city services. If that is the case they did not need to do much. Arrests have been kept to minimum to curry favor with the rioters. Mayor Blake needs to get her act together or Baltimore will become the Detroit of the East Coast.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Countdown to Hillary

Countdown to Hillary


Bad news travels fast. Hillary Clinton, the immortal, has entered the fray for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination. The dust from Hillary’s last attempt has not fully settled into the shadows, yet her second run is fully underway. On this go around her focus is to connect with the common man. The latter is so comical one must partition reality from the factual insanity from which it is derived. Hillary has stepped away from the rarified domain in which she lives to give the appearance she cares about the “little people.” Her announcement came in the form of a website release not in a gathering of prospective voters. Her last news conference was a disaster. No one can blame her for staying miles away from the nearest journalist. Hillary will take her campaign on the road to small venues with pre-selected audiences. Her admirers will flood the media with positive attributions but those at a distance will question the very basis of her candidacy. With few competitors on the Democrat side vying for the nomination Mrs. Clinton appears to have a clear path to her goal. Yet the drum beats for more balance in her party and we may soon see others of note enter the political cauldron.


Hillary Clinton craves power, prestige and most of all money. During her tenure as Secretary of State many suspect she padded her own pockets via the Clinton Foundation. While representing American interests in the Middle East her Foundation took in large sums from countries less than friendly to the United States. Some believe a quid pro quo was involved. She had defended the work of the Foundation yet the stench of duplicity surrounds her and the private foundation that bears her name.


Equally as bad was Hillary’s management of emails during her reign as Secretary of State. Hillary, similar to Obama, believes she is above regulations and laws which govern the rest of us. When the Benghazi Committee requested her emails none were forthcoming. Why? She utilized a private computer server instead of one issued to her as Secretary of State. These recent revelations were made worse when it was discovered that her private server emails were erased. Hillary has refused to turn over this server. This controversy will not abate as the 2016 campaign moves forward. What is Hillary trying to hide?


With Hillary’s current attempts to galvanize support for a very iffy presidential campaign the public’s introspective eye will follow her everywhere. The Clintons represent a time that has passed. Each of them is saddled with burdens decades old which haunts every appearance they make. Though Hillary has no real competition from potential Democrat rivals Martin O’Malley and Joseph Biden inspirational voices on the Republican side may drown hers out. The shock of Mrs. Clinton attempting to relate to the “common man” defines exactly who she is. She is a dispirited individual who will malign the system in any manner which brings her closer to the Oval Office. I believe she is misreading the political tea leaves. Her candidacy is doomed from the start because its foundations are layered with paper not cement. For an extremely intelligent woman she appears to move through life with blinders on. When the going gets tough she will abandon her presidential ambitions and return to presenting half-hearted speeches at $450,000 each. Until then her universe of one may end sooner than later for a presidential run that was never meant to be.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. Author of Demons of Democracy, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and the forthcoming book: Sexual Predilections of the Political Mind.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Crossroads to Armageddon

Crossroads to Armageddon


Nightmares never leave us. Attached to our psyches they wait for the signal to remerge. As a child coming of age in the 1960s the fear of nuclear annihilation was ever present in the media. This fear was represented by nuclear mushroom clouds expanding across placid skies. Reality clashed with this hypothetical when Russian missile placements were observed on the island of Cuba. President Kennedy, fearing the worst, took immediate action to diffuse this communist nation’s encroachment into the Western Hemisphere. Without this strong President’s leadership the beginnings of World War Three would have been a few steps away. Fifty years later this country is once again battling for its future.


Scattered across the Iranian landscape are dozens of facilities established for one end purpose, enrichment of Uranium for bombs. Utilizing nearly 20,000 centrifuges Iranian workers are closing in on their ultimate goal. America, not fully cognizant of Iran’s weapons status, is blindly negotiating a treaty to curtail a program that may have already come to fruition. John Kerry, the present Secretary of State, back stabbed his fellow Vietnam Vets during his formative years by testifying against them before Congress. Trust is not one of Kerry’s strong points. Forty years later he is the lead negotiator for a treaty with Iran. With a lack of transparency Kerry and Obama have released little on the framework of this proposed treaty. Speculation is Obama desperately wants this treaty no matter who he throws under the literal bus. In the event this is a legacy moment for the Commander-in-Chief he has failed. Instead Obama is writing an epitaph for the America he hates and the Israel he loathes.


Reports of Iranian missile placements in Venezuela have been carried by foreign news sources. American media has been quiescent on this subject. Once operational these missiles could reach continental United States in a matter of minutes. With Iran’s rapid development of fissionable material these missiles could be tipped with warheads which can decimate American cities on a whim. Essentially the Cuban Missile crisis has come to the 21st century. Obama, oblivious to the Constitution, does not have the courage to invoke the Monroe Doctrine. Striking are the differences in leadership between John Kennedy and Barack Obama. Kennedy led us away from a nuclear holocaust. Obama is leading us towards one. Perhaps that was the plan from day one. When Obama took the oath of office in 2009 he swore to uphold the Constitution and defend America. From this small perch Obama’s real motives were to dismantle American institutions, traditions and its industrial base. He is on his way to succeeding with these goals. My recommendation is build a Civil Defense shelter because Iran and others are coming our way.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. and
Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Discrimination is an aperture through which we perceive variances in people, actions, institutions and traditions. Through subtle differentiation choices are made which solidify which routes we take on our paths from alpha to omega. Choices made may not always be fair and well considered but they must be brought to fruition or we stand still. Inherent risks in life embody this discriminatory function for without it life would be the same for all of us.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Day Israel Stood Still

The day Israel stood still


On March 17th a country two thirds the size of Maryland chose to stay with its current leader Benjamin Netanyahu. With the votes finally tallied Netanyahu and his Likud party overwhelming beat back Isaac Herzog and the Zionist Union. Ironically America’s left of the left press had Herzog winning by a considerable margin. American media misrepresented the will of Israel’s majority with stories fabricated to negate Netanyahu’s popularity at home. Some media outlets chose to distort exit polls perhaps in an attempt to discourage late voters as it does in this country. In the aftermath the Jewish State solidified behind a leader whose message is consistent: Israel must and will survive regardless of external forces attempting to undermine the nation.


Reports have circulated that American tax dollars were spent by the Obama Administration to subvert the Israeli election. These news reports indicated  people close to Obama established themselves in some manner or form in Israel with a singular purpose to bring Netanyahu down. Their failure brought a certain level of consternation to a White House already in disarray over Netanyahu’s recent presentation before Congress. Not to be out maneuvered by the Prime Minister our narcissus-in-chief waited 24 hours then revealed his newest plan to bring Israel to its knees. Obama’s hate for the Jewish State has no bounds. Under consideration are potential plans to weaken America’s close relationship with Israel which has lasted seven decades. In the end nothing will change except the man in the White House.


America’s foreign policy has been chaotic since Obama took office.

Present negotiations with Iran, to slow their nuclear weapons development, will only forestall for a brief period an outcome inevitable under current treaty discussions. Netanyahu brought this message to Congress. Yet President Obama chided the Prime Minister’s speech deriding its contents as unhelpful to current exchanges with Iranian leadership. In reality Obama stopped listening to the very people who have insight into the Iranian terrorist regime.


President Obama’s difficulty grasping who the aggressors are and who are America’s friends is obvious. Worse he believes loosening sanctions against Iran to placate them will expedite an arms treaty. The road President Obama and Secretary Kerry are pursuing is disastrous for this country and Israel. Further it may set the seeds for war because Iran cannot be trusted to follow the tenets of any negotiated treaty. Instead any solution generated by politicians will guarantee a nuclear Iran.


President Obama is considering a beach front property in Hawaii for his post White House days. In this compound he will be safe from any attack by Iran on mainland USA. He will be able to sit back and watch the mushroom clouds form. As Barack looks to the left at Michelle he will note that Netanyahu was right. Iran cannot be trusted.


Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Writing Services.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rage of the Queen of Green

Rage of the queen of green


Lust for power, prestige and green should be essential components of any profile on Hillary Clinton. With her sights set on the Oval Office coronation to the thrown is the only element lacking in her resume. Last week the real Hillary Clinton once again displayed her true face. As in previous episodes of her life she came out fighting when accused of withholding subpoenaed information from investigating Congressional committees. Transaction of information through government servers remains the property of Uncle Sam, yet not for Hillary. While Secretary of State her work related emails were channeled through a private server neatly tucked away in one of her many homes. When asked at a news conference why she did not use a government server Hillary explained it was a matter of convenience. This distortion of reality was compounded by her destruction of the very emails sought by investigators. A classical Clinton maneuver took place here. Since her emails were on a private server there were no “government” retained emails to give over to Congress, as requested by their subpoena. Unknown to nearly everyone Hillary retained over 50,000 emails. Once this fact surfaced charges of perjury and criminality were thrown her way. Rhetorical nonsense from her recent press briefing concerning these emails did not fool anyone and went a long way to hurt her chances in 2016.


Contrary to glowing reports in left wing media Hillary’s portfolio of achievements can be summated on a single sheet of paper. During her short tenure in the Senate Hillary’s mark on legislation that became law was infinitesimal. When a colleague would introduce legislation to cut taxes invariably she would be the first on line to vote no.  Hillary’s lack of knowledge of political dynamics in the Middle East was evident in her voting record. This is exemplified by her vote against the surge. Her ineffective record in the Senate was evident throughout her years in office. As Secretary of State she turned her head away from the revolutionaries who ignited the Arab Spring. These actions contributed to reinforcing theocracy not democracy in those volatile countries. Numerous voices have insinuated that her time as Department Secretary was spent feathering her own nest. The Clinton foundation took tens of millions from countries which she had direct influence over. In the event there was a quid pro quo we may never know.



Mrs. Clinton is no mere anomaly in the leftist World. Driven by arrogance and a smug self-righteous attitude she has achieved distinction by being the Kardashian of the political class. Just being there, she believes, entitles her to the ultimate crown in the United States. Hillary has forgotten her history. America threw off the yoke of its king and queen centuries ago. No one is ready for another spin with a monarchy. Hillary’s campaign is stumbling and not ready for prime time. She needs to go back to square one and learn humility before returning to a World that moved passed her long ago.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services,

Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and

Demons of Democracy.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rise and fall of an American queen

Rise and fall of an American queen


History has a way of recycling on itself. With the adoption of the Declaration of Independence the colonies threw off the yoke of the English Monarchy centuries ago. Expectations were the evolving nation would remain a democracy for generations to come. The blood of millions sanctified this promise through the years. Yet as history moved forward the lessons that it taught grew cold with time. Twenty-first century politics have awakened the ghosts of the past. A few politicians believe they have an absolute right of ascension to the highest circles in government. This self-righteous elitism may be drawn from name recognition they garnered based on those who came before them. Most open about her prior connections to the White House is Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton apparently believes she should be crowned queen of the United States. This delusion is continuously reinforced in her speeches and interviews. Now her coronation appears in doubt.  From the darkness information has arisen that Mrs. Clinton may have subverted American law. Worse she may have used her government position to raise funds for the Clinton Foundation.


While conducting business as the Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton was legally responsible to use government email systems not personal accounts. Believing she is beyond reproach and the law she hid over fifty thousand emails from Congressional committees who subpoenaed her government records not aware at the time other accounts existed. As this information developed the whitewash quickly began. Her former State Department colleagues jumped into the fray to help with damage control. Current Secretary of State John Kerry also stated he would review the matter thoroughly. The outcome for these reviews are all but assured to go Hillary’s way. Can this vast load of emails shed light on the following questions? What did Hillary really know about Benghazi? Did she raise money for the Clinton Foundation in a manner not befitting her former office? Did she pass classified material through her private accounts hence undermining United States Interests? Mrs. Clinton’s activities may have been above board, yet they need to be measured against the truth. American people deserve an independent accounting of Hillary’s recently uncovered activities.  Why? Because this heir to the throne must be vetted before the nation makes another mistake as occurred in the prior 2 election cycles.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Devoid of Leadership America looks elsewhere

Devoid of leadership America looks elsewhere


America is starving for leadership. Weakness has been the center piece of the Obama Administration. Lacking backbone and a clear vision for this country President Obama has faltered on the international stage and at home. Current political philosophy trends away from democratic principles towards a vacuum of logic denying the reality before us. Recently Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, awoke this sleeping giant to the threatening surge of terrorism which could reach ours shores soon. His intuitive speech to Congress was not only elegant and informative it pointed to an enemy that is engulfing large segments of the Middle East. For over forty minutes the Prime Minister described the true nature of terrorism which in recent times has killed thousands including many Americans. Those lucky enough to be seated before him were provided with spectacular glimpse of a war we should and must become involved. He noted the face of the enemy has many names yet one goal to devour all those who oppose their religious extremism. Netanyahu’s primary mission on American soil may have come with a personal price to himself here and at home. Yet he felt the moral imperative to state his case. Netanyahu noted any agreement with Iran, to stop their nuclear program, would end in a catastrophe for both our nations. Sadly, too many, did not heed the call to listen to his words.


President Obama, in the aftermath of Netanyahu’s speech, was resolute that his negotiations with Iran would proceed. He is oblivious to numerous indicators that his efforts would fail badly. As sponsors of terrorism globally Iran has displayed it wants war over diplomacy.  Leadership is not Obama’s strong point. Blindly pursuing a negotiated path with this rogue nation is incongruous with the terroristic reality that lies before this country. The underpinnings of weak leadership in the present Administration have driven this nation in the wrong direction providing our enemies with an edge at the expense of our friends. When the United States could have made a difference in the Middle East Obama’s silence was deafening. As ISIS and its affiliates engulf large sections of this area they are aware of their friend in the White House. Netanyahu is a World leader bent on protecting his country from any and all enemies that comes to their gates. Obama’s inclination is antithetically different. He invites the enemy in to dismantle the infrastructure of a nation that has shed too much blood in war. Leadership is pivotal to successful nation building and its defense. America is devoid of leadership. Yet for a moment in time everyone stood still as a real leader addressed Congress.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services,, Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster

Friday, February 27, 2015

President Rambo Sticks it to America

President Rambo sticks it to America


As the nation mourns its loss of democracy President Obama moves closer to fascism. Disinclined to reign within constitutional limits Obama exploits a lame Congress that enables him through their silence. Mesmerized by the President’s consolidation of power a willing media denigrates anyone bold enough to criticize him. Moving forward on multiple fronts simultaneous the Administration is challenging anyone or group to stop them. Expansive immigration through the southern border was emboldened by a recent Executive Order. Millions who crossed “illegally” were given legal basis to stay on American soil and collect an array of entitlements. Congress responded by withholding funds from Homeland Security so this Order could not be implemented. The tug of war on immigration was taken out of Congressional hands by 2 dozen states that challenged Obama’s edict in federal court. In powerful overtones Obama declared he was right and would veto any legislation attempting to curtail his efforts in this area. Essentially establishing the basis for a dictatorship the President is pursuing a path which failed for a thousand who came before him.


Implicit in Obama’s overreach is control. Manifestations of this control can now be seen in the President’s latest gambit, Internet control. Unelected officials in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have empowered themselves to usurp the net from the public with 331 pages of regulations. Similar to Obamacare no one was allowed to review this FCC doctrine until after the vote of the commissioners. Reportedly every facet of Internet use from the provider to the end user will have some form of control. Whatever the final outcome we can surmise Obama’s henchman will dictate how we interact on the net and who we connect with. Information flow which is now free could be taxed ad nauseam. Perhaps all users will need licenses to hook in. Tyrants want control. Their first step is to limit weapons in the hands of the masses. Second is information control. With these two elements in place internal security takes over. My concern, which might be a stretch, will Obama attempt to suspend the next election allowing him to remain in office. History recycles on itself. With a lame Congress and a docile population the backdoor for Obama’s retention in office may not be as absurd as it sounds. President Rambo has been unstoppable so far. Will anyone step up to the plate and state the obvious?


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services,

Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival,

A Prescription for Disaster.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama reneges on his oath of office

Obama reneges on his oath of office


America is under siege by its own president. Every official action by President Obama has diminished the country in some fashion or manner. The nation’s cultural identity has been wiped away by grossly misdirected Executive Orders and left of the left legislation. Worse, the President has betrayed the very people who elevated him to the Oval Office. With no intent to carry out the Presidential Oath, sworn during two inaugural events, Obama has crippled the nation’s institutions, industries and international efforts. The following is the contents of the oath he pushed aside for a darker agenda.  “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Evidence is crystal clear Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority. Worse he has fraudulently used his authorities to enable those external to the borders of the United States to threaten this nation’s sovereignty.


Consequences of Administrative policies can be viewed in the amassed toll they have taken on this nation. With the swipe of a pen our southern border disappeared. Poorly managed withdrawal of troops from the Middle East helped to give birth to ISIS. Obama’s hate for the military is so profound he ordered its dismemberment leaving the nation vulnerable to attack. The federal Attorney General’s office has been used to divide the races and circumvent established law. Blatant misuse of federal funds, deepening the nation’s debt by trillions, swamps future generations with enormous pay backs. A lame Congress has not checked Obama’s advances on our society. They sit on their hands as he continues his chaotic mismanagement of this nation. Time has come to rein in Obama’s assault on society. Any other person who previously held this office would have been brought before Congress with the portent of impeachment as an outcome. Disgustingly weak men and women inhabit the halls of the legislative branch of government. America can no longer afford the luxury of time as the country falls further into the pit of depravity. The nation is waiting for action from the new Congress. Let us hope the fire that brought them into power still exists, if not we will be in for rough waters ahead.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Expanded war powers: history repeats itself

Expanded war powers: history repeats itself


Echoes of the 1930s are reverberating through Congress today because President Obama made a request for expansive war powers. Memories of Americans may be shallow yet 82 years ago a request for expanded powers came from a little known leader in Germany. Under the Enabling Act the German leader was granted plenary powers. Invested Hitler was the ability to make laws by-passing the Reichstag, the German equivalent of Congress. Obama has already usurped Congressional authority with unconstitutional Executive Orders. If Obama’s requested authorization is enacted there would be no geographical, political or technical boundaries which would be off limits to him. Many of the President’s requests to Congress have been to expand his authority at the expense of Civil Liberties. Most recently the FCC has proposed wide ranging controls on an internet that is now free to all users. Once his war powers request is enacted Obama could make the case to shut down the media, bring more foreigners to American soil and even reconfigure the economy. History is fraught with examples.


President Obama’s inability to conduct foreign affairs, on a level befitting an American head of state, is evident across a wide range of actions he initiated. In each case his mismanagement was so gross the outcomes were exponentially worse than anyone expected. From the Arab Spring to the assault on Americans in Benghazi Obama has clearly demonstrated a profound ineptitude to protect this country’s interests abroad.

 Further, he has displayed a propensity to side with groups whose ambitions are not in the best interests of the United States. Handing a person, such as described here, expansive war powers can be deleterious to a nation that has fallen behind the rest of the international community in power and prestige. Americans have forgotten their history from a few generations ago. Present day America is not the country millions have fought and died for. President Obama’s war powers should be restricted allowing those whose countries have been invaded to fight their own battles. Open ended conflict, as Obama proposes, may be the ticket he has been looking for to further decimate the rights of Americans. Perhaps one person in Congress will have the wherewithal to question Obama’s true motives, as many in the conservative media already have.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services, Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.