Monday, July 30, 2012

Maryland's low payout casinos: who really benefits

Maryland’s low payout casinos: who really benefits

Prior to Governor O’Malley assuming office casinos were viewed as an anathema in Annapolis. Fears of gambling addiction and the harsh impact on those who are already impoverished were on the tongue of every democrat in Annapolis. When Governor Ehrlich faded from the scene those same tongues had a new message far removed from their initial exhortations. The new message is: Gambling “profits”are needed to build and refurbish schools, improve infrastructure and shore up the general fund. The message behind the message casts doubt on where those funds would actually end up. Well known to those who use to flock to Maryland’s first casino, Hollywood, that its payouts are extremely low. Weekdays there may be more workers on the premises than players. Month after month this casino notes profits from its machines that are a contradiction to the number who move through this facility each day. Floor workers admit that complaints abound concerning payoffs from the machines they tend day after day. Validation comes in the form of a visit to this facility, it might be your last. Maryland live in Anne Arundel County opened in June to a massive influx of the hopeful, whose expectations were shattered when they put their hard earned entitlement money into the machines. Maryland Live has reported tens of millions in earnings for one reason, minimal payoffs are made to its players. Advertisements from the latter two casinos note a few high payoffs to the occasional lucky visitor. These sums are pennies to facilities that are cleverly defrauding an unsuspecting populace of millions each day. There is gambling than there is stealing.  Maryland’s facilities are in stealing mode presently. Maryland’s new bank’s depositors are the vast entitlement crowd, pensioners, the Workers Compensation community, the disabled and a few that actually work outside of government circles. Few if any of these groups are benefitting from the influx of Casinos. Commercials state that Maryland’s schools benefit from casino money. Do we need to rob people in casinos to support schools? How many families have been destroyed by the gambling infection brought to us by Maryland democrats? Worse, how many businesses have closed because of gambling debts? Who really benefits from gambling? No one! Jurisdictions that receive funds from casino payments know that someone had to lose large sums for them to gain. Neither the Governor nor the legislature that forced casinos upon us have a moral center to work from. Therefore, the negative ramifications casinos in Maryland have wrought are no consequence to those who lost their souls a long time ago. One question remains who was bought off to bring these low paying facilities to fruition? Watch the headlines, any day the shackles will be on those who sold Maryland to the highest bidder. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Friday, July 27, 2012

God Who: the politics of moral depravity

God Who: The politics of moral depravity

Obama has already lost. In a brief 42 months that seems like an eternity President Obama has changed the face of America well beyond the economic detriment that his policies have inflicted on this nation. Lying has been elevated to an art form during his reign. Each program that the President has presented to the American public for their edification has been craftily modeled to sell to the weak minded amongst us. Only total fools and the profoundly ignorant could believe that government could deliver unlimited health care at a level higher than already exists. Desperate men do desperate things when confronted with potential failure. President Obama is no exception. His need for votes is so great that he was willing run the risk of impeachment to remain in office. Executive Orders were never meant to be utilized to enable illegality. Yet, Obama’s signing of an order allowing millions of illegals to stay within our borders unfettered are one of his many maneuvers to retain his sovereignty. Obama’s penchant to lecture to immature minds in college settings is another ploy to garner votes. Using student loans, grants and scholarships derived from the Federal Treasury he has promised to ameliorate repayments to gain their finger on the Obama button this Election Day. Curry favoring to the homosexual crowd with his approval of gay marriage after 39 months in office should be a red flag to the liberals in this segment of society. Policies, procedures and regulatory structure to diminish the influence of God in Americans’ lives have flowed forth like a tidal wave from the recesses of the Obama Administration. The mere mention of a Christian or Judaic moral code before the President’s minions sends a shudder down their spines. God, the only true guardian of this society, has been relegated into silence by the battalion of disbelievers serving the Executive branch. Moral depravity may be the least of Obama’s problems. His lies are so profound that they are now chasing him. This is exemplified by his recent remarks that success is derived from others not the individual who attains it, has caused a furor throughout the business community. Disenchantment with this President runs very high even in the communities that once salivated by his mere presence.  January 20, 2012 will be the day my migraine ends, when Obama takes his last ride in Air Force One. On that day God will move back into the White House. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dark Knight's demon rises

Mass murderers are not unique in America. The miscreant who took the lives
of 12 and injured another 58 in Aurora Colorado deserves a quick trial and a
public execution, nothing less. This video will make you mad and may change your
political stripes. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy and this video

Dark Knight's demon rises

Dark Knight’s demon rises

Dressed to kill, James Egan Holmes did just that at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Returns. Forcing his way into one of theaters at the Century 16 in Aurora Colorado, he randomly fired his weapons at dozens in the audience. When the massacre was finally finished, 12 people were dead and fifty eight were injured. Clad in body armor he finished his rampage and quietly removed himself from the scene of the carnage with no plans to escape from those who would finally contain him. News of this tragedy rapidly spread through the media. Consultants on every subject related to this horrific event began to spew their irrelevancies faster than the bullets that hit these victims. America’s newest demon to hate would fill the next 48 hours in the news cycle then fad away into non-existence as his predecessors had done. Words cannot fully describe tragic events performed in this manner. Questions abound concerning this murderer’s motives, kill methodologies and his psychiatric stance. From all indications to date he is a highly intelligent Ph.D candidate, in the neurosciences, who snapped at some critical juncture. Methodical well plan attacks such as this latest heinous act could not be organized without some semblance of brain power. Our newest mass murderer possessed that strength but decided killing instead of creating would put him on the World stage much more quickly. Understanding the mind of a heartless killer is a feat, mere mortals such as myself, are unable to comprehend. Yet the media was attempting to lessen this horrific crime seeking any undercurrent that could be attributed to his actions. A commentator on ABC went so far as blaming the Tea Party. Those who live in the gutter can never see true reality. James Holmes’ mind was influenced in part by a media that thrives on chaos and controversy. Worse, recent cinematic offerings from the left coast glorify killings, cannibalism and hate while denigrating traditional marriage, religion and achievement. Impressionable minds are immersed in this ritualistic and repetitive trash along with video games that allow the user to kill hundreds within minutes tilting them from true reality. When was Batman ever less than a White Knight? The people who are bringing us a gay Green Lantern have reconfigured Batman into a character who is a silhouette of his 73 year old counterpart. The Dark Knight is truly dark and he has spawned a demon in Aurora Colorado. We all pray for the survivors and hope that no one will mimic this tragedy in another locale. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obama Doctrine: immoral, unjust and irrational

Obama Doctrine: immoral, unjust and irrational

Obama’s most recent dialogue with the nation clearly states his Marxist views so there will be no doubt where he stands in the political spectrum. President Obama was correct when he stated people are not responsible for their own success. He implied others brought successful people to the heights that they reached. Obama exemplifies a success built on other people’s backs. His self-admitted deviances early in life interfered with his performance in high school. Yet, Obama seemed to be able to navigate the college and graduate school circuit with ease. Many people including this author question his abilities to function at the most basic levels of scholastic aptitude, yet he was accepted at Columbia University after a stint at Occidental College and eventually to Harvard Law School. Since Obama’s grades through his collegiate years are a guarded secret, one could only extrapolate that they were inadequate or worse. Therefore, how does one move from mediocrity to acclaimed universities on a poverty of achievement. Did the hand of Affirmative Action play a role in the President’s march towards the Ivies? To fund those endeavors was the President granted special financial assistance perhaps because his parentage was foreign or some other categorization that he presented? The President has been on a free ride through society for a very long time, he believes it’s the norm. His rise to success to become the accidental president comes on the backs of many. Now it is his standard doctrine that those who produce nothing are the real backbone of this country. Successful people only achieve in his view, when the proletariat intercede to make it happen. Marx’s theories established in the Communist Manifesto over 162 years ago are the very words being echoed by our reigning monarch in the White House. Obama says if government was not around there would be not bridges, roads, tunnels and other infrastructure to enable one’s success. This warped interpretation of reality is being fed to the inept, lazy and deadbeats in this nation to justify their continued extortion of money from Federal and state coffers. Obama cannot comprehend that without tax paying individuals who earned their monies through varying successful ventures funds would not be available for the infrastructure. Your very existence in the White House is a testament to American success and its stupidity simultaneously. Hopefully this November some sense will return to the nation and replace the non-president elected four years before. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fox news: Obama's greatest supporters

Fox news: Obama’s greatest supporters

Strange becomes even stranger when I heard the Sean Hannity’s radio and cable shows this week. Sean’s attempt to deprecate Obama’s negative commercials against Romney may have a hidden paradoxical effect. Horrific unsupported prattle from the Obama camp, in the form of attack ads, were placed in selective media markets by Obama’s minions this week. Fox exponentially amplified them when they ran the same attack ads against the presumed Republican nominee in the guise of helping Romney. Fox’s antithetical maneuvers may have backfired. Instead of a few hundred thousand people seeing these false representations, now millions have had their minds imbued with bogus democratic rhetoric. Fox’s overt conservative bent may be a cover for their ulterior intentions to keep Obama in power. Once one gets past their disbelief the rationale may make much sense. The hierarchy at Fox must be aware that millions of undecided voters watch and listen to their so-called fair and balanced approach to expressing the news. By repetitively running Obama’s views many may believe the message that Romney is not what he portrays. Why give potential voters the opportunity to see and hear them? Fox makes its cash based on its audience size. The larger the audience the more ad revenue is generated. Obama’s divisive style and controversial approach to managing the presidency keeps the viewers and listeners tuned in by the millions. As a result the revenue pours in. Romney’s lackadaisical approach to Obama’s onslaught may not be the juice most voters want to imbibe and certainly not the bank Fox is seeking. Minimally on the offensive, Romney finds himself ducking democrats’ curve balls daily. Obama’s lies and distortions make good theater and Fox continually plays these rhetorical nightmares against Romney to an anxious and very concerned audience. Sean Hannity’s intelligence is without doubt, he must be aware of the consequences of his actions. Sean’s colleagues’ offerings are not as intense as his yet they too are giving Obama a perch to chirp from. Collectively Fox’s presentations through this month have given much more airtime to Obama’s deceitful message than Romney’s defensive dialogue. There are other holes in the Fox’s republican armor. Health and Human Services have been running dozens of ads on Fox concerning Obamacare’s offerings to the elderly, infirmed and chronically ill. These funded ads by the Obama Administration are nothing more than propaganda to ingratiate this monstrous legislation’s worth into the minds of the weak. How much has Fox profited by the Obama Administration, only its elites know. Paying their top commentators tens of millions requires cash and why not take it from their so-called political enemy, or is he. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maryland's oppressive business climate

Maryland’s oppressive business climate

Inclement weather is forecast for the Maryland business community for the foreseeable future. Maryland’s politicians have done an excellent job hiding the truth about the state’s economy it is failing by every measure. To keep the entitlement crowd and the bloated government workforce happy, the legislature led by a delusional governor, continues to exact enormous taxes and levies on the private sector. Maryland is nearing the tipping point for how much it could extract from its working citizens. Disturbing news recently released that tens of thousands have left the state because of the tax and overspend policies of an overreaching legislature should not be a surprise to anyone in the State House. Economic templates similar to those utilized in Maryland to keep the gravy flowing into state coffers have bankrupt many jurisdictions around the country. Three cities in California have recently sought protection to escape their creditors. Scranton Pennsylvania announced this week that all its workers will be given minimum wage because the city has depleted its financial resources. The list of towns, cities and even some states teetering on economic oblivion is long. One commonality noted amongst this group they have a democrat leading the charge. In contrast to these ongoing disasters communities managed by republicans appear to be on sound financial footings. Maryland’s business and professional communities are burdened by an economic hammer that only democrats can swing. Most of the public does not realize that their state spends more than it brings in. The illusion is continued by extorting money from the only source that creates it, the private sector. For the privilege of doing business in Maryland, licensing fees are now at astronomical levels. One owner of a small restaurant noted his unemployment insurance for five employees is nearing 10,000 dollars per year, which is added to a dozen other fees he must pay during that time period. Governor O’Malley believes deficit spending is an acceptable way to manage the economy. As head of the Governors Association he recently visited Wisconsin to help defeat Scott Walker during a recall vote. Governor Walker believes in balanced budgets, lower taxes, reduction in union influences and forward planning as a management technique to keep his state fiscally sound. O’Malley’s antithetically views conflicted with Walker’s. The recall failed because sense and sensibility prevailed over the Maryland Governor’s antiquated thinking. Marylanders can see for themselves the vast amounts of money being shifted to the deadbeats around them. Thousands with medical assistance cards and other entitlements are driving high end vehicles, living in expensive homes and apartments and possessing other luxuries paid for by Maryland tax dollars. Recent arrivals from foreign countries head directly to Maryland entitlement offices located throughout the state, a few minutes later they leave with a check or entitlement card. Maryland’s private sector has been bled dry financially, the cracks in this community are already showing. There will reach a point when people will vote with their feet and leave in larger numbers than we are now seeing. Others may bring protests to the Legislature’s steps to remind those in charge who really pays the bills. Elections are the ultimate form of civil control against wayward politicians.  Vote right the next opportunity you have or don’t vote at all. Mark Davis MD author of the book Demons of Democracy that warned you that lawyers are inept at managing government institutions, look what they have done.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Obamacare: America's epitaph

Obamacare:  America’s epitaph


On June 28, 2012 five members of the Supreme Court accelerated the demise of this once great country. Embedded in their cleverly crafted memorial to America was a delusional interpretation of the Founders’ greatest document. Members of this derelict body receive their health coverage outside this egregious legislation. The Court’s vote would have been 9-0 against had they been forced to participate in this misguided plan. Left wing politicians and their media groupies were dancing in the streets when the final words were read, Obamacare’s implementation can now move forward unless impeded by the outcome of November’s election. Once the confetti stopped falling the true meaning of the Court’s Opinion’s impact was fully realized, less access, higher costs and death on a scale that few have touched on. Obamacare is constructed to withhold medical services especially from those who have lived more than six decades, chronically ill and special needs groups. Death comes in many forms, Obamacare accelerates the process. Curative services for those with oncological needs will turn into palliative offerings. Cardiac Surgeries will be meted out based on potential longevity not absolute need. Expensive drugs will be reserved for those who are not ready to meet their maker. Approvals of CAT scanners, MRI units, laboratories, new hospitals and or expansions will be denied or confounded at the administrative levels decreasing access further. As the crisis deepens, care will be apportioned based on the biological value of the individual, with those contributing least to society receiving the same. Romney’s Massachusetts’ social experiment in health services delivery reflects many of the challenges Obamacare will inflict on the people it is supposed to serve. Physician practices in many state locales are closed to new patients. Costs of services have gone north not south as promised. One hundred percent insurance coverage is a myth. Romney is on record against the present Federal health plan, but can we trust him to do the right thing and abandon this monstrosity. Romney, as the presumed nominee of the Republican Party, was nowhere to be found the day the Court’s unsettling Opinion was released. He should have come to the steps of the Supreme Court and shouted in the loudest voice the horrific nature of a decision that put the final nails into the coffin of an already dying nation. America is being managed into its grave. Few have challenged the contents of Obamacare. The media discusses the legal ramifications without noting the human side of this bureaucratic nightmare. People will die so others could live. To give these words credence it was recently announced by one of England’s top physicians that 130, 000 people admitted to National Health Service (NHS) Hospitals are fast tracked to death. A controversial protocol entitled the Liverpool Care Pathway is instituted to manage terminally ill patients. This protocol is being abused causing excessive deaths under the aegis of medical care management. Coming to your neighborhood hospital soon will be  Obama’s version of this of this plan. This protocol does not distinguish between liberal and conservative, they will both die knowing their deaths could have been prevented. Supreme Court decisions many times are controversial, yet few guarantee the death of a nation and its people. This Opinion did both. Vote right this November or don’t vote at all. Mark Davis MD author the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Obama to America: go to the back of the bus

Obama to America: get to the back of the bus

America’s egregious history of racial divide has been reignited by the Obama Administration. Executive Orders have been abused in the past, Obama has taken this abuse to the next level. With the swipe of a pen President Obama circumvented the Constitution, Congress and written law by permitting a sub group of guests from the south of the border to stay in this country without any penalties. Congress voted down the Dream Act which would have provided some legality to those whose path to America was less than legal. Obama believes that Congress interferes with his “right” to “rule” this nation as he sees fit. Executive Orders are a convenient way for him to maneuver around constitutional mandate and those empowered to apply it. Ramifications of Obama’s action through this one edict will be endless. A society presently burdened with enormous debt will move to the precipice. Primary schools, universities, health facilities and sundry other institutions will continue to be forced to deliver services in a system already suffocating financially. America is starving for jobs, Obama’s action killed a few million more. American citizens are being displaced from worksites by battalions of illegals who have come here in record numbers under this President. Every profession has felt the pinch. Hardest hit are construction, trucking and the service industries. Obama has given preference to foreigners in a wide array of government services and entitlements. Americans are being told to go to the back of the bus, because Obama believes we are secondary to our foreign cousins. Our President is a master sophist who continually inflames both racial and ethnic tensions. His recent motivation to legitimatize illegality utilizing Executive Privilege exemplifies his overreach to a specific population for votes. Rosa Parks was sent to the back of the bus and she refused to go. This courageous woman stood up to a corrupt divisive system that needed a major overhaul. America’s present assault from within denigrates even those who pilot the deceptions now undermining its citizenry. President Obama’s mind is cemented in beliefs that have failed all over the planet, no one group is better than another. America is ready for a new leader. Vote right this Fall. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dr. Oz: fake, fraud or worse

Dr. Oz: fake, fraud or worse

Dr. Mehmet Oz is America media’s newest tragedy. His story is tragic because he started as an honest physician until greed outweighed his need to tell the truth. Logic and rational thought have escaped from this one man conglomerate, to be replaced by a habitual liar. Oz appears to have very little respect for himself because his representations denigrate what physicians attempt to overcome every day. Baseless diets and ineffective medicinal products are at the core of this charlatan’s pitch. Deified by Oprah as America’s Physician, Oz is far removed from that title when one examines his work product. Exemplified by two commercial endeavors, Oz is an embarrassment to the medical profession. Raspberry Ketone purported by Oz to help lose weight has no validity in any medical literature review.   Green Coffee Bean Extract another of Oz’s dubious backings for weight loss is supported by anecdotal stories from his hard core groupies not hard research. Oz has backed many products most have had a meteoric rise, but fell to earth with a quick thud. Second to none for getting his face on magazine covers, each representation carries a new discovery, diet or product that Oz backed or created but carries little substance when one looks below the pitch. Dishonesty is the mainstay of a media that is starved for icons. Oz from all his bios is a very good surgeon, but as a diet specialist he is the proverbial disaster.  Nearly every week he announces some new revelation or result of a personal study, yet as the ultimate sophist these news releases have minimal foundation. Oz came to my attention because of my prior involvement with weight loss programs and medications to help people lose extra pounds. Patients are the best teachers and they had noted minimal results from this media icon’s exhortations. My question to Dr. Oz is: How many people detoured from legitimate diet programs and medications to try your baseless diets and therapies? Further, are you representing shame products that may do more harm than good in order to continue a fame that is not deserved? Dr. Oz’s maneuvers through the world of the media can be summated in a few words; fake, phony and fraudulent. In the event he has backed products and diets that have worked they are clouded out by all the deceit he spews daily. Oprah made a mistake he is called Dr. Oz. Do not make the mistake of giving credence to a man who deserves very little. Mark Davis MD author of The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss.