Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maryland's code: the truth does not matter

Maryland’s code: the truth does not matter


Ethics, morality and truth have little meaning in a state that has codified deceit as a means to an end. Civil dysfunction rules both Maryland State Government and the judicial arm that anoints its misdirected decisions. Yearly Annapolis releases hundreds of laws, regulations and edicts designed to confiscate money, immobilize businesses or inflict pain on its residents. Dismemberment of social systems is a Maryland State Legislature specialty. Placing the needs of our friends from foreign lands ahead of those who foot the bills should not shock anyone whose mind crosses in the middle of the road. Schools districts are notoriously overcrowded which are excused from improving to make way for more uninvited guests. Welfare programs deliver truckloads of money to the undeserving who crave more each year. This addiction to state sponsored handouts was encouraged by our former Democrat Governor and is continued by the ancients in the state legislature. Cronyism’s tentacles continue to enable the elite to maintain their edge at the expense of more deserving individuals whose only crime is they live within this State’s borders. The greatest challenge is to avoid criminal land mines established to capture the state’s subordinated population.


Trenchant incivility will be focused on anyone who is marked by lawyers in the Maryland state system who desire to move up the food chain. Given too much authority to prosecute with too few protections for the prosecuted the legal system in Maryland has been in need of a tune up for over thirty years. Decades ago I bumped into a political wall with the purchase of a health facility. A neophyte to the legal system and an ignorantly trusting individual that I am those who held the reins of power then trampled all over me and my family. One learns very quickly that Maryland Law is unidirectional allowing little due process when an agenda needs to be enforced. As an observer to the system of jurisprudence in Maryland, over the last twenty years, I have seen many people ripped apart for the most trivial occurrences. Needless to state the ethics of Maryland’s courts and its rented public lawyers need close inspection. Government in Maryland is no longer for the people who charge its batteries. Instead current elected officials work in a self-perpetuating mode which stands outside the desires of the electorate. Next article will discuss the mechanisms allowed by Maryland Law to decimate the lives of those who empower the system.


Mark Davis, M. D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services, Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Point of no return: Iran gets the bomb

Point of no return: Iran gets the bomb


Speculate no more, Obama has given Iran the means to obtain a nuclear device in the near future. Our misguided president has not only made a bad deal for America, he has made a bad deal for the World. Obama’s Muslim before American mentality moves this nation closer to the brink of annihilation.  Couched in legal rhetoric, that compromises the safety of the United States, Iran has been given the green light to move ahead with its nuclear weapons program. John Kerry was our chief negotiator. This is the same John Kerry who was accused of writing his own recommendations for medals in Vietnam. This is also the same John Kerry who protested the Vietnam War as his comrades were dying in this third World cesspool. A man who has proven he cannot be trusted caved to the demands of the Iranian regime. Obama announced, with disingenuous tones, that Kerry’s finished product was the best alternative to keep Iran’s nuke program in its infancy. Those with sense and sensibility about them know the best alternative is a better agreement not one drawn up under artificial circumstances.


Most Americans are befuddled by the physics of nuclear weapons. Diving deep into the technology one can see Iran is very close to its goal of a fissionable nuclear device. With 19,000 known centrifuges to concentrate Uranium into its proper modality for a bomb the current treaty does little to hinder this process. Worse Iran is free to develop and or purchase launch vehicles which could hit our shores or close by Israel. Iran, claims to this day, it wants to wipe Israel off the map. Iranians continue to chant death to America. What did John Kerry and Barack Obama gain with a treaty/agreement that commits Americans to building civil defense shelters instead of bridges to peace, nothing. 


With this agreement/treaty in place tens of billions will flow into the coffers Iran. These are Iranian financial assets which were held in abeyance to bring Iran to the negotiating table. Once confronted by the United States negotiating team Iran overwhelmed their counterparts with a flood of demands which undercut the very reason all were at the table. Duplicate in nature and conspicuous in substance the document generated will never be implemented. Designed to fail Iran will achieve its goal of nukes within the time frame that Obama has left in office. When Obama returns to his Hawaiian roots and looks east at the California coastline he will know from where the fireball originated.


Mark Davis, M.D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Contenders and Pretenders to the Oval Office

Contenders and pretenders to the Oval Office


A dazzling array of personalities are chasing the Oval Office. Few will get beyond the fence of recognition to become viable candidates. Yet all have hopes and dreams of remodeling America in their minds’ eye. From the left Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are running far ahead of minor candidates such as Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee. With fifteen declared and more to come the right is crowded with a field which runs the gamut from competent to window dressing. Conservative notables leading the pack are Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Day to day their favorable ratings vary based on the last word they stated. Trenchant but true commentary from some has aptly described why America needs a leader who will not back down or side step controversy. Most of the long list of potential hopefuls are political hacks whose daily beliefs are measured by the latest poll. A few, such as Scott Walker and Donald Trump, have platforms which resonate with the public on key issues that others avoid. Economics, immigration, international affairs and more have deteriorated under the aegis of our current leader. Hillary and Bernie offer more of the same. Unfortunately a large number of their opponents are middle of the road or shoot from the left. Many ask who in this herd has the drive, direction and the substance to elevate America to greatness once more?  The winnowing  process is underway.


Characteristic of Hillary and others on the left is to promise their supporters a continuous flow of cash from the federal treasury. This winning strategy has placed many in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Fortunately for the right the present redistributer-in-chief did not keep his fiscal promises, which opens even a wider door for conservatives in 2016. Donald Trump brings a refreshing scent to an otherwise putrid stench trailing many of the other candidates. Immigration is a hot button issue that has elevated Trump to the leader of the pack. Few others have come forth on this issue with such vociferous tones. With Hillary’s Messiah Complex in full view many are offended by her brash demeanor and curt style of campaigning. Failing in 2008 when Barack Obama showed up it appears once again she may go down for the count as others in her party start drawing attention away from her. Guaranteed at the end of this process every piece of garbage on those running from both sides of the aisle will be aired. America is starving for leadership. Those who are still standing at the end of this process may be the strongest candidates but not the best. Let us hope the wisdom of the people is better placed this go around because we may not get another chance.

Mark Davis, M.D. President of Davis Media and Writing Servives.