Monday, August 3, 2015

Awakening of a Dying Culture


Cultural diversity is being engineered by a central government that wants to supplant traditional America. Neighborhoods no longer reflect main street USA. Millions of migrants have resurfaced the face of cities bringing the essence of Third World societies into areas once reserved for the bedrock of this nation, its citizens. On a recent trip through New York City and the surrounding geography cultural shock confronted me. In one section of the city after the next a dramatic transition had taken place. Store signs were no longer emblematic of English speaking residents. Instead banners in Korean, Chinese, Spanish and a dozen other languages had displaced what was the expected norm, English. Cleansed of their original inhabitants my home town went international because of liberal immigration policies. Established businesses were now catering to the new locals who manage the streets and corridors of this subdivided city. Consequently the prior residents of these areas had a choice: meld with the new arrivals or get out of town. Many picked up and left not knowing there was no place in which to escape.


America’s cultural landscape has forever been changed. Flooding into this country, via Obama’s open borders policies, a mixture of people from every continent have come to disrupt a once settled society. With his open borders policies Obama opened the federal treasury to them as well. Assimilation was never the intention, cultural disintegration was. Crime throughout the country went from the exception to the norm. Horrific accounts of illegals committing heinous actions against others are cemented into the headlines daily. Diseases once hidden in the shadows by vaccines have reemerged to take the lives of the innocents who contract them. Guess who brought these toxic afflictions here? Silent America is not silent anymore. Even the most liberal minded amongst us knows there is something wrong. Awakening from their slumber those who built this society are no longer sitting idly by as America slips further into the morass created by the haters of this nation. Media is abuzz with news of people upset with a government that has gone far beyond its mandate to govern. Obama is playing the game of chicken with the nation. In this specific instance he will lose as growing voices summate to disentangle us from the thick political web Obama has woven against the electorate. Change is coming and will come from a most unlikely source.


Mark Davis, M. D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

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