Monday, August 17, 2015

The Trump Effect

The Trump effect


Collective efforts by 17 Republican candidates to energize the public in their direction have not caught fire except for one person, Donald Trump. Media programs that lean towards one side of the aisle or the other are endlessly discussing the Trump effect on the potential electorate. Core topics from immigration to national health care have been transformed by an outsider who has placed a new twist on these banal subjects. Donald Trump has codified his message with a simplicity that resonates across a gamut of the population. From state fairs to corner stores Trump appears to be everywhere willing to discuss his message with anyone willing to listen.


Pundits of all stripes continue to assault this political outsider noting his meteoric rise will crash and burn in due course. Extensive polls done pre and post the first debate continue to indicate Trump is firmly planted at the top of each one. With a finesse reserved to a polished few, the Donald as many call him, easily deflects questions that deteriorate from his message. From bankruptcy to his position on women’s issues he discusses the basics while directing the conversation on to the next subject before fully answering the first one. Consequently some have become suspicious of him for the profound lack of depth in his answers to issues others have algorithmically discussed. Nevertheless Trump has been able to jump over this hurdle by mesmerizing those who come before him noting his successes while deflating his failures.


In interview after interview most reporters have gingerly discussed his background and preparation to become Commander in Chief. As Trump notes he built a vast company which has tentacles that reach into many areas that a president should have knowledge of. He wastes no time inferring how poor our American leadership is compared to that of China, Mexico and other countries. Trump’s major theme is these countries dump their products here and we send our money there. On immigration he has echoed an array of proposals to slow the rate of new arrivals and a methodology to repatriate illegals to their home countries.  Many question whether Donald Trump has the staying power to remain in the race. For now he is on the top of the heap and continues to defy the logic of the pundits calling for him to fail. The road to the November 2016 election is long and treacherous. All eyes, presently, are on the street fighter from New York who does not plan to go down for the ten count.

Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Backlash: Fox dumps on Trump and fails

Backlash: Fox dumps on Trump and fails


Five days since the notorious Republican debate aired when the gang of three moderators from Fox dumped on Trump. A well-organized inquisition of the Republican leader was carried out with a ferocity that is usually reserved for leftist attack dogs. Megyn Kelly opened the barrage of questions aimed at unmasking Donald Trump’s weaknesses. Instead Kelly’s inquisitory style displayed Fox’s fair and balance moniker was in label only. Audience members, whether on location or watching from a distance, learned very little that night except Megyn Kelly does not know her right from her left. Days after this gargantuan failure for legitimate political dialogue Fox continues to revel in the large number of viewers to this so-called debate. Never acknowledging most tuned into to see and hear Donald Trump Fox hierarchy and its minimalist commentators defended their actions Thursday with a righteous indignation that has a stench all its own.


Donald Trump and most who were sensitized to the deliberate denigration of the debate process displayed their collective anger on an array of news shows afterwards. Fox set a new low for itself when displaying it went through Trump’s garbage in an attempt to debase him. His retorts, based on Kelly’s questions, were the themes of discussion. Trump spoke out harshly against those who orchestrated his downfall using words such as “weak and pathetic” to describe Republican operatives involved in this process. Excluded from a Red State forum in Atlanta Georgia by one of these people, Erick Erickson, everyone knew the game was afoot to debilitate the billionaire’s chances of moving into the Oval Office. Trump survived with a stronger footing than he had before the Thursday night debacle. Polls, several days later, indicated his position amongst voters strengthened. Fox not only failed to bring the reluctant candidate to his proverbial knees Trump now stands ten points higher than is closest rival.


Republican establishment along with their left wing buddies have abandoned the electorate and handed Obama whatever he legislatively requested.  Donald Trump came along to shake up the quiescent political structure simultaneously resonating with a population tired of the old guard in Congress. Their fear is he may succeed by taking Obama’s hope and change and giving this theme some real meaning. Trump will not go quietly into the night and why should he. Few candidates for the presidency have been so blatantly open about their intentions. Trump has set a new high in political rhetoric. His naysayers should watch their backsides because they may be bowing to a President Trump in the not too distant future.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Media and Writing Services. www.davis  Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Decadent and Decaying Baltimore Descends into Chaos

Decadent and decaying Baltimore descends into chaos


Ineptitude and incompetence defines Baltimore’s present government and its legion of public attorneys.
More interested in the limelight than what is right the City’s gang of reigning political clowns have suspended sanity to curry favor with its residents. Death has found Baltimore in numbers too great to ignore. Forty-five murders were reported in July. Unless revised the record books will reflect a very hot summer in the city that bleeds. City Hall has taken to the streets to blame its own police department for the tribulation now being observed. Reality speaks to a far different explanation of the chaotic events unfurling in this locale. Police are swamped with the massive level of crime within the confines of Baltimore’s 92 square miles. Permissive government policies and a lax prosecutorial system have contributed to the increasing level of daily violence. Crime has always been pervasive amongst Baltimore’s 622,000 estimated residents. Using the Freddie Grey incident as an excuse, which remains to be resolved, Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake bashed her own police department as the cause of the uptick in violence. Similar to other cities managed by incompetents violent interludes on their streets stem from intrinsic problems amongst the population not in the guardians hired to keep law and order. Ethnic violence will not stop until a firm hand with a logical mind behind it returns to the seat of power held by its present ineffectual mayor. Overwhelmed by Baltimore’s problems Rawlings-Blake pretends to be in control when the actions on the streets speak otherwise. Forced to bring in the feds to control violence Mayor Blake is admitting the job she holds is beyond her abilities.


Local media lives in an alternate reality. Crime reports are diluted to give the perception all is not so bad in the streets and corridors of this decaying jurisdiction. I am here to report Baltimore is entrenched in ethnic violence with no resolve in sight. Political masochists will grind anyone into dust who dares to offer solutions to effectuate change in the city. Mayor Blake and her associates enjoy the status quo and will not confront the hard issues entrenched in this swamp of a town. Books will be written, years from now, how a government used its own residents so its leaders could move up the food chain. If you are a cheerleader for Baltimore I dare you to walk through its neighborhoods once the lights go out. I pray you find the morning light.

Mark Davis, M.D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Awakening of a Dying Culture


Cultural diversity is being engineered by a central government that wants to supplant traditional America. Neighborhoods no longer reflect main street USA. Millions of migrants have resurfaced the face of cities bringing the essence of Third World societies into areas once reserved for the bedrock of this nation, its citizens. On a recent trip through New York City and the surrounding geography cultural shock confronted me. In one section of the city after the next a dramatic transition had taken place. Store signs were no longer emblematic of English speaking residents. Instead banners in Korean, Chinese, Spanish and a dozen other languages had displaced what was the expected norm, English. Cleansed of their original inhabitants my home town went international because of liberal immigration policies. Established businesses were now catering to the new locals who manage the streets and corridors of this subdivided city. Consequently the prior residents of these areas had a choice: meld with the new arrivals or get out of town. Many picked up and left not knowing there was no place in which to escape.


America’s cultural landscape has forever been changed. Flooding into this country, via Obama’s open borders policies, a mixture of people from every continent have come to disrupt a once settled society. With his open borders policies Obama opened the federal treasury to them as well. Assimilation was never the intention, cultural disintegration was. Crime throughout the country went from the exception to the norm. Horrific accounts of illegals committing heinous actions against others are cemented into the headlines daily. Diseases once hidden in the shadows by vaccines have reemerged to take the lives of the innocents who contract them. Guess who brought these toxic afflictions here? Silent America is not silent anymore. Even the most liberal minded amongst us knows there is something wrong. Awakening from their slumber those who built this society are no longer sitting idly by as America slips further into the morass created by the haters of this nation. Media is abuzz with news of people upset with a government that has gone far beyond its mandate to govern. Obama is playing the game of chicken with the nation. In this specific instance he will lose as growing voices summate to disentangle us from the thick political web Obama has woven against the electorate. Change is coming and will come from a most unlikely source.


Mark Davis, M. D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.