Thursday, June 4, 2015

Save your life: stay our of Baltimore

Save your life: stay out of Baltimore


Baltimore City is mired in criminality both in and outside the government. Violence over the Memorial Day weekend hit record levels for this holiday. With nine dead and more than thirty shot, no one is safe on its sidewalks or streets. The month of May saw forty-three murders. Directly attributable to this uptick in violence is the Mayor’s approach to street ruffians and thugs. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake softer stance on crime, since the death of Freddie Gray, has generated this newest stream of violence. Arrests in some sections of the city are down more than 50 percent with crime hovering at record levels. Police have been denigrated to a point they fear for their lives. Those attempting to make arrests have found themselves besieged by neighborhood thugs surrounding their vehicles. Baltimore has descended into anarchy with the blessings of its progressive management. Descriptions of hoodlums openly carrying guns in certain sections of city have generated media attention. If there ever was a movie script to write it would be “Escape from Baltimore.”


Gang violence continues unabated throughout the cavernous streets and crevices of this city in decline. Police are reticent in Baltimore and around the country to move against the criminal element. Assassinations of our finest are on the rise. Scum have made open threats against police on social media and in confrontations on the streets. Police unions are seeing members leave for calmer circumstances outside the cities. Shallow government officials have generally sided with the thugs such as in Baltimore. After Freddie Grey’s untimely death Baltimore City’s Mayor and State’s Attorney pandered to the rioters. Police watched as the worst in society were given a free hand to loot, burn and victimize at their leisure. Presently crime is so bad all who come to Baltimore are at risk. As a resident of Maryland I have witnessed government officials at their worst. Vain, egocentric and misdirected these individuals lack the moral clarity and intellectual fire power to manage the domains to which they were elected. Baltimore’s mayor reflects the latter description. As long as she is in charge Baltimore’s future will be bleak. Perhaps in the next election cycle someone of worth will be elected. Stay tuned.


Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

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