Saturday, December 27, 2014

Epitaph to Conservatism

Epitaph to Conservatism


Unnoticed by most and minimally commented upon by the media conservatism died in 2014. There were no parades, gatherings or events to commemorate its passing. Republican’s landslide at the polls in November did little to deter conservatism’s final defeat. Recent events in Washington solidified the liberal agenda enabled by Republican leadership and finalized by Barack Obama.  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, provided the left, with a budget fraught goodies on their wish list. Fully funding Obamacare and amnesty for illegals one wonders who these people are working for. Congressional leadership, empowered to contain Obama’s policies, took the path of least resistance providing the President with the finances to continue ravaging the Constitution. More youthful members of the right vehemently protested Boehner’s caving to Obama’s demands, yet most supported the Speaker so they could stealthily leave town for the holidays. Conservative principles and ideas are an anathema to those who believe government should support and control each and every resident on the American landscape. Successfully squelching Republican dogma from the last presidential election cycle through now Obama moves into the future knowing he can do what he wants uninhibited by those on the other side of the aisle. Senate reconvenes in early January with a Republican majority and Harry Reid diminished to a secondary role. Reflecting on Mitch McConnell’s recent actions this Senate Majority leader to be has his mind entrenched in old boy politics instead of what is best for the nation. Newer blood is needed in the role McConnell plans to tackle to resurrect the platform which led to the Democrats defeat less than 2 months ago. Conservatism dictates constraints on spending, smart policies to grow the economy and a view of the World placing America first. These considerations have been forgotten by the bellwethers of a party whose present governing style is a reflection of a majority they will replace. Expect very little change in the next two years. Republicans’ failure to challenge Obama at his doorstep will lead to him being replaced by a clone not a conservative. Perhaps the American public has been manipulated by backdoor politics and collusion between the major parties to keep the country mired in the weaknesses Obama has generated for the nation. From this perch anything is possible by a government with 18 trillion in debt, out of control spending and Congressional members who come poor to Washington and leave millionaires. One thing for certain the nation is being placed on the road to another Clinton in the White House. This will occur in the event conservatism does not reemerge as a force to drown the collective liberal mentality seen in most recent times. Stay tuned.


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Monday, December 15, 2014

Exodus: A Movie Lost in the Wilderness

     Radically different than prior versions of this story Exodus brings great shame to a magnificent biblical saga. Scripted to deviate from prior incarnations Exodus wanders through a series of sequences looking for a story that never develops. With horrible acting and  poorly designed back lot sets the audience is degraded as the movie unfolds. Christian Bale should have remained with the Batman series instead of sullying himself with this dreck of a film. John Turturro plays Seti, ruler of Egypt and beyond. He should have stayed in Brooklyn making bagels in Transformers. God has been diminished to a tertiary  role, which will make all atheist viewers happy. To reveal these sequences would spoil a film that spoils itself. As the cast moves from scene to scene the thousands of extras appear disconnected from the director's cues. For biblical purists I am still searching for a scene that comes near one event as originally told in this great work. Charlton Heston, the renown Moses of the 1050s, would have laughed off this script if offered to him. In a sense we have one of the best biblical tales treated to some of the worst Hollywood has to offer. My vote of 5 out of 10 is stated not to offend the acting of the mass numbers of extras. At nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes this film is 2 hours and 30 minutes too long.
Mark Davis President of Davis Writing Services.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Congress Dances to Obama's Tune

Congress dances to Obama’s tune


Did you believe the Republican landslide would effectuate policy changes in Washington, then take a peek at the proposed federal spending bill. Obama wins this round. Voters will be disenfranchised to know they are paying for an array of goodies not accessible to 99% of the population. Hollywood giveaways alone may run into the hundreds of millions from direct subsidies to major tax breaks. Race a car or ride a horse in competition, Congress has not forgotten you. Do you remember the Republicans admonishing Obama for his health plan. The proposed budget fully funds its operations. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would receive $6.9 billion, which is an increase of approximately 40 million from the previous year. The questions are what diseases have they controlled and where is this huge sum spent? You may wonder why a separate allocation of $5.4 billion is being extracted from the America taxpayer for Ebola. That would be a half billion for each Ebola patient treated in the United States so far. Egypt is receiving over 1.3 billion in military aid and more in direct economic grants. Is Obama arming their country for the final assault on Israel? For security at U.S. embassies $5.4 billion would be allotted equivalent to the cash layout for Ebola. Some good news the Environmental Protection Agency will have its budget trimmed by $60 million down to $8.1 billion. This agency’s funds have been steadily trimmed since 2010. EPA puts people out of work and stifles industrial progression, nothing more. The Internal Revenue Service has their funds reduced by $345.6 million.  Billions of cuts would have been more appropriate for an agency that wreaks havoc on the masses. Another unimportant government agency which does little but spend money is the Education Department. Their funding was trimmed slightly to $70.5 billion. Since they do not directly educate anyone who are the beneficiaries of these funds? Many agencies involved with day to day dynamics of government function were funded at levels near those requested. The budget has not been cemented yet so these amounts may change. There is no doubt these proposed numbers will metamorphose as the infighting begins between the parties. The question I have is why can’t budget wrangling wait until the new Congress is seated?


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Friday, December 5, 2014

Racial Politics: A Divide to Overcome

Racial politics: a divide to overcome


Racism is a tool used by government and profiteers to keep people at odds with each other. Michael Brown and Travon Martin exemplify cases which were magnets to some who use race to enhance their bank accounts and prestige. As a result of their efforts in these cases violent protests occurred, causing property loss and worse life for a few individuals. Most active in this group are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Eric Holder and our Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama. This cabal of despicable individuals have long track records utilizing derision, diversion, demagoguery and outright hate to inflame populations in order to achieve specific outcomes. Their success can be measured by the crowd’s protean actions which violated innocent communities where these protests erupted.


Few would argue against the proposition that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is no longer managed for the good of the collective population. Eric Holder, as U.S. Attorney General, has taken his department in a direction which finds racism where none exists. Holder’s office actually paid a group to instigate protests in Florida against George Zimmerman. Our tax dollars went for race baiting, supplemented with speeches by Holder, that were tinged with racial comments.  More recently extensive racial hatreds were generated in Ferguson and across the country by the aforementioned group of race hustlers. They successful mythicized the actions of Michael Brown, enhanced by the left wing media, pumping hate we visualized for several nights across our video screens. Crowds crying for justice were misled into believing Brown was an innocent bystander killed by a rogue cop. A Grand Jury investigated a series of allegations perpetrated by those who wanted to lynch a white police officer. Evidence in the final review deflated the Brown myth and displayed a police officer who was doing his job. Yet the race baiters would not let go as the facts emerged to squelch their politically charged rhetoric.


Oprah Winfrey stated that older white people must die for racism to cease. I take a different view. Words such as racism and racist are utilized to a large extent by those who have the most to gain from their expression. These are the people that need to be removed from the map to extinguish racial hatreds. Oprah has shown herself to be one of the greatest race manipulators in the history of this country. Her movies, speeches and media venues collectively use race to keep her presence fresh in the American mind. Younger generations will be able to move away from the racial divide when modern day evangelists of hate, like Oprah, discontinue their emotionally charged verbiage or die off. Until then society will continue to be mentally and physically segregated.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.  Dr. Davis most recent book

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Barbarism clashes with reality in Ferguson

Barbarism clashes with reality in Ferguson


Michael Brown was both a victim and victimizer in a society fueled by racism. Fuzzy reporting by elite left wing media outlets created a myth behind the death of a youth whose life was extinguished too early. Concentrating on race not reality media sources elevated Brown to Sainthood when the facts pointed in another direction. Absconding with a box of cigarillos, after a confrontation with the manager of a convenience store, Brown and fellow thief Dorian Johnson encountered police officer Darren Wilson. Many accounts of the subsequent interlude with Officer Wilson are murky. As the evidence worked its way through the investigatory process a picture emerged of a hostile young man and a determined police officer. Descriptions of an innocent child gunned down by a rogue cop were absolute nonsense. Fifteen weeks after Brown succumbed to Wilson’s fatal shot the Grand Jury’s findings were released. In their view Officer Wilson had probable cause to act in the fashion he did. Therefore no indictment would be forthcoming against him. In the aftermath members of the Ferguson community, egged on by outside agitators, deprived their small city of the sanity it deserved.


Two nights of unrest followed the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict. Businesses were looted and burned to the ground. Automobiles were set ablaze as the mob continued its rampage across town. Assaults, too numerous to count, set the stage for intense police and state militia involvement where dozens were arrested for their barbaric acts. Though the consequences of the decision were highly predictable police response to the initial rioting was minimal. Questions have arisen whether the police were told to stand down during the hours after the Grand Jury spoke their collective minds. Subsequently political voices filled the airwaves encouraging calm in the wake of this decision. President Obama’s message to the protesters contained nebulous dialogue which, on the surface, appeared to encourage violent outbursts by the crowds. As other community leaders voiced their concerns many appeared to accept violence as part of the process to heal a fragmented city.


Discussions throughout social media circles were harsh on both sides of this issue. Many suggested Michael Brown was deprived of decent parenting therefore had no respect for authority or private property. Perspectives of others questioned whether the police could have managed their response in a less insidious format. No one denied Brown’s initial criminal offense, yet some tried to diminish its value in a larger frame of reference. Was Brown a victim of circumstance and bad parenting which led to his death or is he the poster boy for crime endemic in many of our cities across the country? The latter can only be reconciled when communities and their guardians exchange ideas not bullets in their search for peaceful solutions to issues.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services,  Dr. Davis’ most recent book is, Obamacare;

Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. For media requests please contact Dr. Davis at:  Join him on twitter at:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baltimore: A City on Edge

Baltimore: A City on Edge


Murder, rape and other violent crimes have caused Baltimore to be listed as one of the most violent cities in the World. Recently Baltimore was found to be 36th on the planet in terms of killings with 38 deaths per 100,000 residents. Few other cities in America have received this distinction. Ironically Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and her minions have done little to stem the tide of violence occurring daily within the confines of Baltimore. Sadly this Mayor is at war with her own police department. She requested the United States Attorney General’s Office to investigate her police department for brutality towards civilians. With respect for police ebbing to new lows these brave warriors must confront the predatory population daily. Body cameras would be an excellent addition to the armaments of the local police. Yet the Mayor will not allow a body camera bill, passed in the City Council, to become law.  Mayor Rawlings-Blake worries the information collected by the cameras may be used improperly. She plans to form an investigatory group to study the issue. Behind her nonsensical rejection of body cameras lies the real reason for her vow to defeat this issue. Body cameras would enable the police to prove within a degree of certainty how a crime was committed. Additionally cameras would display who is brutalizing whom during an arrest. Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s disingenuous motivations on this issue will not make the public safer. Instead police will continue to confront brutality claims with little recourse to prove otherwise.


Baltimore residents and those who visit the city are in constant fear of victimization. Crime that used to be hidden in the shadows is now blatantly occurring in broad daylight. Violence has spread to every neighborhood in the city. Daily police reports indicate an array of crimes, some so hideous their description is beyond comprehension. Social decay, perpetuated by an entitlement mentality, is at the nidus of many negative issues in Baltimore. Attempts to rectify the crime problem over the last decade have been challenged on every level. When police made efforts to stem the blood flow the Department’s leaders would be either be fired or declared an enemies of the city. Schools cannot discipline children on their way to crime ridden lives because some lawyer somewhere will shout Civil Rights. Government officials curry favor with City’s residents for votes so status quo not change is inevitable from this arrangement. From the City Council to the present Governor’s Office it is to their advantage to prevent Baltimore from moving forward. The long term answer is leadership which is sorely lacking at the city and state levels. Without leadership Baltimore will continue to be immersed in the criminal quagmire for which it has become known.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. Author of the recent book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.  For media requests please contact Dr. Davis at:

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Showdown at 1600 Pennsylvania

Showdown at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


President Obama has set up a confrontation with Congress that he cannot win. His intention to use Executive Orders to repair perceived inequities in immigration goes far beyond the powers granted to the Executive Branch. There is no section in the Constitution or in statute that permits Executive Orders. Executive power is noted in Article II, Section 1, Clause 1 of the Constitution which merely refers to the President as the Executive. The President is directed to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed” as explicitly stated in Article II, Section 3, Clause 5 or else would face impeachment. Prior Presidents used “Executive Authority” to carry out duties delegated to their branch of government in the normal course of its functions. Failing to fulfill these requirements could be a cause for removal from office. In the case of President Obama his planned Executive Order on immigration would circumvent the legislative process hence making a new law which he is not empowered to do. This is the conundrum Congress and the American public face.


Days after the 2014 election a defiant President Obama misread the will of the people claiming he was going ahead with his plans to resolve “the immigration crisis.” A rapid rebuke to Obama’s plans came from the new Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell and the current House Speaker John Boehner. In no uncertain terms, Speaker Boehner noted, circumventing Congress would jeopardize immigration reform for the rest of Obama’s term. The President seemed oblivious to the remarks from these leaders as his closeted plans leaked to the media. Expectations are Obama will proceed with his immigration agenda which will be met by an immediate judicial review or worse, an impeachment hearing. Quiet rumblings of impeachment by the more youthful members of Congress is not off the table. Excluding the latter

blocking funds for enforcement of Obama’s stated goals is another mechanism to stop his illicit acts. Ramifications of President Obama’s planned actions are numerous including a cost to implement in the tens of billions. As these people are legitimatized by Obama’s edicts rest assured more legal Americans will be edged out of work and onto entitlement programs. Boehner and McConnell are aging fossils who were very silent as Obama trampled on the Constitution in the past. They need to be replaced with more youthful members of the conservative caucus who want to act quickly to contain the President. Obama has drawn a proverbial line in the sand, which he plans to cross, daring Congress to act against him. Lame duck presidency will take on new meaning this January as the Republicans take control of the Senate. The question is: Do they have the cojones to act or will this be a replay of the Reid tenure? Most likely the former will occur, if not the Republicans will find their majority will dwindle next election cycle.


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Monday, November 10, 2014

Barack Obama: A Tale of Two Minds

Barack Obama: A Tale of Two Minds


Who is the real Barack Obama? Is he the person who takes his cues from a teleprompter or the one behind the curtain of deception? Schizophrenia has come to the Oval Office. Americans are not sure which President will greet them on a daily basis. The man who took the Presidential Oath on January 20, 2009 no long inhabits the confines of the White House. His elusive double has taken control leaving no doubt his best interests do not favor ours. In his carefully crafted speeches President Obama’s doppelganger projects divisiveness and anger to a nation bleeding from hate. Conciliation and compromise are not elements embedded in his demagoguery. Antithetically the President was elevated to his office based on the latter themes. Transitional influences from 2009 onward affected this President’s demeanor and performance. He became more detached from day to day management of the country concentrating instead on personal pleasures. Shifting many responsibilities to the shoulders of appointed minions it has been difficult to know who is in charge of the American universe. Scandal plagued Administration aside an array of challenges to his management style has the country questioning: Are we a leaderless society? Corrupted by socialistic ideals in his more youthful years his game plan plays to a sub-segment of society which excludes a vast majority of Americans. Currently his mind betrays his inability to deal with reality. After an election that repudiated his Administration the President verbally attacked those who could bring an end to his reign. Nowhere in his recent speech did he concede the electorate, through the Republican landslide, had rejected his political agenda. As usual he blamed conservative media for the massive Congressional changes ahead not his failed policies. This nation has come to know two Obamas. One reflects a person who depends on mechanistic jargon to coral the unsuspecting and the other a confrontational demagogue whose values elude defining. Those trained in the art and science of psychoanalysis may see shades of gray in the President’s personality I have not described. Yet the central theme remains the same. America has a leader who doesn’t lead. A man who believes he can individually coerce a nation to follow his trail without dissent. In his fictitious World only his values and evaluations count. The public be damned. As the new power structure takes hold in Congress their first priority is a moral imperative, contain Barack Obama. Otherwise his alter ego may consume more of America leaving only the remnants to his successor.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.  For interviews and media requests please contact the author at  Dr. Davis is the author of the Demons of Democracy and the very popular book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brian Frosh: Maryland's next Attorney General

Brian Frosh: Maryland’s next Attorney General


Maryland’s Attorney General Office is in dire need of an overhaul. Most recently this Office has been managed to enhance the career of its current occupant with less emphasis on those who matter most, the State’s six million residents. Political agendas not sound judgment has been on display over the last 8 years. Maryland is ready for a change. Brian Frosh, a consummate Maryland politician and lawyer, will bring a fresh perspective to an Office that has seen better days. Frosh has a stellar record of accomplishments as a current member of the Maryland Senate and previously in the House of Delegates. In his 5th term in the State Senate Brian Frosh is highly regarded for his commitment to an array of causes which enhance the lives of those he serves. On important environmental issues, such protecting the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, he has been an outspoken critic of anyone or group who would endanger these areas. For his efforts on the environment Frosh has received numerous awards including “Conservationist of the Year” from the Sierra Club and “Public Official of the Year” by the Audubon Society.


Senator Frosh has taken a lead role to create legislation that protects children and victims of domestic violence. He has been behind legislation to revise child support laws which were sadly lagging behind the times. On education his efforts helped to make tuition in colleges more affordable with an accentuation on increased quality. As chairman of the Judicial Proceedings Committee he steered bills through a political maze to protect personal data held by the Motor Vehicles Administration. Frosh was instrumental in enhancing identity theft laws and creating new mechanisms to track those who defraud Maryland health systems.  His years in the House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate display a record of exemplary service to the state. Support for his candidacy is strong within this State and outside its borders. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg supports Frosh for taking a major role in helping enact into law the Firearm Safety Act. Many other Maryland luminaries have given a thumb’s up to Frosh’s candidacy.


Maryland’s Attorney General Office provides legal counsel to a variety of administrative entities throughout the state. Legal opinions crucial to this State’s functions also emanate from this office. Politicized by the current occupant the Attorney General should always present a balanced approach to whatever task is before his office. Having been touched by the civil sting of this office whose methodology was nothing less than confrontational, contentious and misdirected a fresh face is needed to rekindle trust this office once held. Brian Frosh is that person. He is able to maneuver through the embattled political terrain in Maryland with the knowledge to apply the laws equitably without destroying the faith in the people he serves. Strong consideration should be given to this candidate for Attorney General. As an independent I see Brian Frosh’s resume as many steps above the recent holders of this office.  Maryland needs change and it is coming to the Attorney General’s Office in the embodiment of Brian Frosh.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Infection 101: Quarantine Ebola Hot Spots

Infection 101: Quarantine Ebola hot spots


President Obama and the CDC have decided to allow incoming flights from Ebola hot zone regardless of their potential toxic nature. Less than one month ago the media had few words concerning quarantine bans of affected areas. This reporter has written three other articles why our borders should be closed to those emigrating from high risk areas. Today the media is abuzz with critiques of the Administration and CDC for not taking the right course of action. Instead their rationale enhances not minimizes the human tragedy enveloping this nation. United States is spending millions to track down those who may have been exposed to the latest patients that contracted Ebola. Listening to the director of the CDC, Tom Frieden, it was obvious his mindset paralleled that of the Executive Branch. Doctor Frieden will keep his job a short while longer until more cases of Ebola arise and they will. At this juncture Obama, as usual, will throw the CDC director under the proverbial bus to be replaced with another politically correct physician who takes orders. Frieden continues to provide the public with misinformation concerning Ebola’s ability to spread rapidly. Protocols, Frieden claims, are in place to contain this viral menace. Yet people continue to acquire Ebola unabated by these strict regulations. A new Ebola czar has been appointed to carry out the President’s misdirected policies. Ron Klain, uninitiated in any precepts or teachings in health care has accepted this post. As a non-physician he brings very little to the table except more political correctness. Had Ronald Reagan been at the helm incoming flights would have stopped the same day he became aware of the epidemic. If there is an ounce of good news hysteria around the country has moved up several notches which may cause the President to rethink his position. Banning flights from Ebola hot zones is not only logical it is a moral imperative. Thousands in this country are under observation for Ebola symptoms because of their proximity to a few disease individuals. Think of the chaos that would embody the population of the United States in the event dozens became infected by this toxic menace. Mr. President now is the time to do the right thing, stop incoming flights before more people are consumed by this virus.


Mark Davis MD, media consultant, physician and author. President of Davis Writing Services.

Dr. Davis latest book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Black Plague Two

Black Plague Two


One of the deadliest viruses in the history of mankind has found its way to our shores. Ebola, named for the river where it was first identified, moves through its victims with no mercy, leaving a shell of a human being behind. Identified in 1976 Ebola has left an increasing legacy of misery and death wherever this new plague has touched. Most recently the latest epidemic has engulfed numerous countries in Western Africa traveling across borders uninhibited by armies of health workers attempting to stop its movements. Through the munificence of the United States and other countries money, personnel and supplies have been sent to the hardest hit areas. These Ebola hot zones continue to expand even with the best efforts by those on the ground. Recently Thomas Duncan, a citizen of Liberia, entered the U.S. under false pretenses, with the Ebola virus firmly implanted in him. Reports state that Duncan misrepresented his proximity to the infection prior to coming to the states. He presented himself to an emergency room in Dallas Texas a few days after arriving there with flu like symptoms. For reasons that are not clear he was sent home but returned within a short time. At this juncture a presumptive diagnosis of Ebola was made. Duncan’s death came less than two weeks later. Rapidly fatal Ebola patients have few treatment options. The question remains: How many were exposed to the virus as Duncan made his way to the United States? Late word is a hospital worker where Duncan tragically succumbed has tested positive for Ebola. This story is still developing.


President Obama and his subordinates at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have stubbornly refused to place travel restrictions on flights from Ebola hot zones. CDC has gone on record asserting a travel ban would do more harm than good, without fully elaborating why. Instead their plan is to take temperature readings of those emigrating from infected areas and to have them fill out questionnaires. Sounds crazy on the surface and it is. An infected patient may not spike a fever for days to weeks after contracting this viral menace. Worse many may hide the fact they were exposed to Ebola. African nations are in the process of quarantining infected areas. Logic dictates we should do the same. This nation’s best course of action is to keep the plague where it originated. Sending our best and brightest into endemic areas, to fight this unseen enemy, is irrational having the potential for horrific ramifications. Political correctness not commonsense is guiding United States Ebola policy. Obama’s containment policies are a series of false actions designed to assuage a fearful public not to stop the virus in its tracks. Ebola has been acquired by those in full protective gear suggesting a different path of inoculation than is commonly believed. In the event an airborne component of transmission exists or the virus is found to penetrate biological garb the fight to contain Ebola moves to a new level. The Black Death killed a third of the population of Europe in the 14th century. How many must die in the United States before policies isolating affected areas are implemented?


Mark Davis MD, author of Obamacare Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and Demons of Democracy.  President of Davis Writing Services.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ebola versus ISIS: Which is more threatening

Ebola versus ISIS: which is more threatening


America, in the recent past, has been defined by a series of crises and scandals so profound our very existence has been placed at risk. ISIS, a barbaric Muslim group, seeks to decapitate all nonbelievers and an Ebola plague have been added to the mix. Waiting in the shadows until American forces retreated from Iraqi soil ISIS arrived on the scene more virulent than its predecessor. In the space of a few months their ranks have swollen with volunteers from across the planet including America. With their recent surge in Syria and Iraq an unexplainable brutality has followed in their wake. More calculating and better prepared than Al-Qaeda their front is moving quickly to engulf as much as the Middle East as their assets allow. Obama has stammered and stonewalled in meeting this threat head on. His

coalition of nations to defeat ISIS is in name only. America, so far, has led the bombing assault on isolated sites with coalition members adding salt and pepper raids not helping with the more meaty targets. Our national media has hyped up the threat this newest terrorist group projects. Massively small in numbers, ISIS is more bark than bite. Successful media campaigns to keep Muslim hysteria alive has worked for thirteen years but ISIS, as a threat, does not come near the intensity of that posed by Ebola.


Ebola is coming our way. This twenty first century plague will not be contained by speeches or minor gestures from World governments. Hot zones where the virus is flourishing need to be quickly quarantined. Obama’s decision to send 3,000 American troops into the area is nothing less than suicide for many of these brave folks. Once the body captures the virus there is a 50 to 90% fatality rate. No cure presently exists. Hospitals in affected areas have few doctors and personnel. Most have left knowing their lives were at risk. Ebola has mutated many times. Suggestive evidence exists a respiratory component to its transmission is not far behind. Ebola will reach our shores because of the blind-sided actions of our central government. Tens of thousands of visas have been issued to Africans to visit the United States. Many are student visas. Others are for business or vacations. Strong possibilities exist that a few will bring this vermin with them. Unbeknownst to the American Public more infected souls have been brought into the country for treatment than we have been told. With porous borders the potential spread may be amplified by multiples. Ebola is similar to ISIS, the virus has no heart or soul. Yet its virulence is exponentially worse than the scourge ISIS brings to the battlefield. Bad policies, bad politics and insurmountable incompetence will bring ISIS home to roost. Best case scenario a few minds will come to grips with reality concerning this disease and provide a proportional response. As of this writing ISIS is finally receiving the attention it deserves, Ebola is not.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. Author of Obamacare Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and Demons of Democracy.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Infectious Borders


Infectious Borders


Catastrophic consequences of Obama’s open border policies are emerging throughout the country in the form of infectious diseases. Enterovirus 68, a very rare strain of this virus, is spreading epidemically across the nation. Rarely seen above the southern border is endemic below it. Thousands of hospitalizations resulting from this contagion have been reported. Asthmatic children have been especially hit hard with this bug. The CDC has been nearly dismissive concerning the potential threat of this pathogen and others that are coming in with the illegal masses. Administration officials have provided only lip service when approached on this subject. An uptick in chicken pox, head lice, MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus), scabies and tuberculosis have been noted by border agents. Quarantine facilities are nil. Where they exist the sick and healthy are separated by mere security tapes. Unleashed into our cities and towns these diseases could cause a pandemic resulting in levels of hospitalizations not manageable by the current system. Illegals are being seeded throughout the country. Many states are not being forewarned of their presence. Children from Central America have arrived by the tens of thousands. Instead of deporting them the majority are being scattered across the nation guaranteeing these illnesses will reach our homes, schools and businesses. Screening illegals as they cross the border for contagions has not been a priority of the CDC or the Administration. Physicians have not been put on the alert for the approaching pandemic. To make matters worse more Ebola patients have been coming into the U.S. for treatment in numbers greater than we have been told. Yet silence is the only offering from those empowered to protect the nation.


Contagious diseases recognize no borders. As the tidal wave of immigrants move onto our soil invisible vermin come with them. Chagas disease, dengue fever, malaria, measles and hepatitis are hitching rides on these newcomers. From the uncommon cold virus to the esoteric breed of microscopic disaster no one will be spared the wrath of these cruel enemies. Michelle Obama is worried what our children put in their stomachs. She has minimal regard for the contagions brought into the schools by her husband’s misdirected border polices. What can we do? Stay up to date on recent developments surrounding cross border diseases. Keep in contact with local health departments and schools with consideration for outbreaks of rare and common ailments. With alacrity see your health provider quickly when symptomatic. Pediatric, geriatric and immunocompromised populations are most vulnerable to contracting the array of diseases stated in this article. Lastly the pandemics coming were completely set upon us by absurd federal policies. Vote right next time while we still have the right to vote.


Mark Davis MD President of Davis Writing services. Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and Demons of Democracy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Muslimization of the American Mind


Muslimization of the American Mind


In a World full of tensions and suspicions reality confronted a nation on September 11, 2001 that was out of sync with geopolitics. Previously atrocities caused by Muslim terrorists visited borders external to this nation. With the advent of Nine Eleven the American conscious was awakened to the fact Muslim radicals wanted to draw us into a conflict they have been fighting for millennia. Over the ensuing 13 years the psyches of the average citizen have been immersed in the daily reports of death and violence perpetrated by a group waiting to be civilized. Whether we like it or not a radical theocracy is on the move and the U.S. is in their sights. President Obama’s irrational Middle East policies have caused consequences not foreseen by the Administration. Haphazard withdrawal of our troops from the area has exited many to once again use barbaric acts to force religious intolerance on those who want to be left alone. ISIS, a word once equated with an Egyptian Goddess, can now claim a new home within the structure of a terrorist group. World-wide attention has been focused on ISIS’ brutality. Grotesque treatment of anyone who does not run with the ISIS agenda is seen in its culture of damnation. Beheadings, rapes, murders of the aged and the young are their signature achievements, nothing more. These actions can instill fear into any rational mind and have redefined a radicalism that is ravenous for acceptance. Yet America’s complacency rises to pre-World War II levels reinforcing the belief this nation is untouchable by a foe ten thousand miles away. Knowing the latter is not true has not moved the Administration to act in a responsible manner. Collective efforts by the international community, to tread lightly, appears to have emboldened not retrenched this enemy of humanity. Decades ago a minor sub-segment of the Arab community began hijacking jets and commandeering ships. After Nine Eleven entire nations were their new targets. Sadly there is not global condemnation of their hideous acts as the recent decapitation of James Foley displays. Thanks to our wayward President and a fawning media Muslimization of the American mind will continue until they realize the danger this group portends. Our country is starved for leadership which is not present in the current Washington crowd. In the next election consider all factors before voting for people who hate America and everything it stands for.


Mark Davis MD, Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Writing Services:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tyranny on the Hill

Tyranny on the Hill


Congress should be relieved of all its duties and sent home. Their inability to constrain a wayward President, who mocks them every chance he gets, is reason enough to show them the door. Sixty eight months ago Barack Obama promised hope and change to a populous who believed his demagoguery. Their expectations have fallen to new lows because promises made were not promises kept. Without any delay the President began refabricating every institution and tradition which allowed America to become the power house it is. Following the Tyrant’s Handbook Obama has moved along the boundary between Democracy and tyranny preparing the country for his new vision of America. In the President’s view borders are irrelevant as noted by his ambivalence to protect them. Allowing millions to enter the country, without legitimate authority to do so, reeks of his disdain for the curbs the Constitution places on him. Nevertheless Obama has used every agency of government to force his will on American citizenry. His nonstop efforts to involve the Administration in the complexities of American businesses have driven many companies to seek greener fields overseas. Utilizing the Internal Revenue Service, as a belligerent force to threaten his political foes, has the obnoxious scent of Nixonian style politics. Worse when the bread crumbs of deceit lead directly to the White House Obama acts like a good tyrant and hides behind the rants of others. This is exemplified by each and every scandal that has touched his Administration. Important to a tyrant are the changes he leaves behind as his successive edicts take hold. For Obama his management of America’s deterioration will be a legacy no President previously could claim. Congress’s inaction, allowing Obama a free reign, antithetically makes them equally as guilty of undermining America as the President.  Dictating national policy by use of Executive Orders runs counter to the foundations of Democracy. Worse, standing down as these Orders take hold, displays an ineffectual legislative branch whose unwritten signature stands next that of the President’s.  Tyranny has moved into to every jurisdiction in the nation routed through Washington D.C. Americans have been asleep as their last few rights are being swallowed by a government ravenous to control them. When the last vestiges of Democracy finally fade into the night Americans will remember the good old days when they had the right to vote and speak their minds openly.


Mark Davis MD, Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Impeachment: Political Theater or Moral Imperative

Impeachment: Political Theater or Moral Imperative


Constitutional crises are extremely rare. When one arises the entire nation becomes embroiled in the substance of the problem as it moves through its various machinations. Two contentious issues have come to the forefront challenging the very foundations of our society. President Obama has used his pen to circumvent Congress to bring his personal agenda into fruition. With the stroke of his writing instrument Obamacare has been remodeled into a format not reflective of the law passed in March of 2010. Dramatically more perverse the President has altered immigration laws which have caused a flood of illegals to inundate our southern borders. Ramifications of both actions are slowly filtering throughout the very structure of this nation. For the former access to health care is diminished, for the latter a humanitarian crisis of proportions so great it challenges the sensibilities of a rational mind. Each of the three branches of government has their assigned roles empowered by a document that is keen on bringing balance and order to the nation. Unfortunately the present occupant of the Oval Office uses the Constitution as a doormat instead of a roadmap. President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet challenging those in the legislative halls of Washington D.C. to restrict his anti-constitutional behavior through impeachment proceedings. He may be granted his wish.


Conservatives have taken a beating over the last six years as progressives sought to undermine every institution, industry and tradition that made this nation strong. The scandal plagued White House has now moved into political territory so devastating it cries out to be checked immediately.  Rumors of a pending Executive Order that may provide amnesty to 5 million illegals has percolated throughout the dark corridors of Congress and beyond. Obama may be playing with political dynamite if he goes forward with this scheme. Discussion of impeachment has moved from a whisper to a hum as Republicans continue to deny the inevitable. On July 30th the House of Representatives voted to sue the President for his unlawful use of Executive Orders. The vote was along party lines suggesting the Democrats continue to deny the President is overstepping his authority. A lawsuit, as proposed by the House, could take an extended time period to resolve, potentially ending up on the doorstep of the Supreme Court. Is this merely a delaying tactic in preparation for the trial of President Obama?


Impeachment of the President and other select officials is allowed under Article II Section 4 of the Constitution. During the period this section was written the Founders wanted a means to remove those who exceeded their authority, as established in this great document. In the alternative in the event a high official was falsely accused this section also provided a means for vindication. President Obama has willfully chosen to circumvent Congress by utilizing the privilege of Executive Order. The manner in which he has used this power is in question.

Nullification of laws and or treading on others has brought this presidency to a crossroad in history requiring hard choices Congress has avoided so far. Democrats believe Articles of Impeachment would be political theater to enhance the strengths of a party they distrust. Perspectives of many in the opposing party see impeachment as a moral imperative, nothing less. At this juncture Congress has not displayed its willingness to go down a path only two prior presidents have traveled. Looking forward the outcome of November’s election may determine the fate of a presidency which started with hope and change but may end in disenchantment and despair.


Mark Davis, MD: Media consultant, author and journalist. President of Davis Writing Services.  Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Shadow President

The Shadow Presidency


Presidents are elected to lead not hide in the shadows only to appear when the World is on the brink. Tensions amongst the nations are bordering on reintroduction of the Cold War, which came to a quiet end during the Reagan years. In recent days two events have occurred which could ignite into regional conflicts if their flames are not contained. Israel launched an aggressive raid on the Gaza Strip in response to persistent missile attacks from this location. Hamas’ aggression has been relentless placing Israeli cities under a dome of hysteria without reprieve. International outrage, as usual, is being levied against the Jewish State though they did not initiate the aggression. President Obama briefly displayed his concern by publically denouncing the high level of causalities in Palestinian territories, yet paying lip service to Israel’s right of self-defense. Displaying minimal leadership in this unfolding catastrophe his press release stated categorically that Israel should return to the 2012 peace plan. Mr. President, Israel was following this purported plan, Hamas wasn’t. As the elected head of our nation the President showed the World for the nth time he is a feckless leader detached from reality.


On a secondary front the downing of a passenger jet over the Ukraine killing 298 people shocked the conscience of many nations, except for one headed by a shadow. In the most shallow terms President Obama promised retribution to those who perpetrated this tragedy, unfortunately leaving out the means to achieve this end. Surprisingly Samantha Power, our United Nations Ambassador, had the effervescence to do what her boss would not take the game to the Russians. In biting tones her words accused pro-Russian forces of this atrocity and laid out potential sanctions the United States could bring to bear. Leading from behind has been the present Administration’s method of managing World crises. With maximum rhetoric and minimal substance Obama’s speeches have conveyed little to resolve the newest wars amongst nations.


Perhaps ghost President would be a better appellation for Obama. Allowing secondary officials to perform primary Executive functions is not a power delegated in the Constitution. House committees are still requesting where the President was during the night of the Benghazi raid. In the IRS scandal the President’s minions claim Obama was first notified of the problem through media sources. We now know the veracity of that notation is untrue. Four year election cycles are done for a reason, to bring competence and confidence to the nation’s highest office. During the last 2 cycles the electorate received much less than they expected.  Harsh times are ahead in the event leadership does not emerged from the corridors of power in the Capital. One thing for certain the paralysis in the White House will not be cured until the end of the present four year cycle.


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Obama's Pearl Harbor: Alien Invasion

Obama’s Pearl Harbor:  Alien Invasion


America has a virtual President who casts an inconsequential shadow on a nation starving for leadership. Invasion USA is now taking place on our southern border with the blessings of Barack Obama. Word has spread throughout Central America, Mexico and elsewhere that American immigration laws are no longer enforced. To support this thesis; deportations are down, border patrols have been diminished, prosecutions of illegals are on a downward slope and Obama has forgotten his oath to protect the borders. The egregious events surrounding Pearl Harbor may look pale when compared to the catastrophe playing out in the south. Illegals are introducing an array of diseases that could be disastrous when seeded within urban populations. Poverty and crime are an integral part of the baggage illegals bring with them as the government plants these people throughout the nation. Citizens are finally comprehending the breadth and depth of the illegal incursion. Protests in California, Illinois, Virginia and elsewhere have deterred  large numbers of illegals from arriving in these jurisdictions. Yet immigration forces are plowing ahead with resettlement schemes which eventually may bring tens of thousands to a city near you.


President Obama ultimately wants a path to citizenship for the millions who have decided to make America their home. With gross disregard for established laws Obama continues to deride the Constitution utilizing Executive Orders to complete his endgame: reconfiguring our society. Ramifications of his edicts ripple across the country as the flood of the unwanted make their presence known. Since October of 2013 over three hundred thousand have transgressed our borders, a sub-segment of which are children. Obama has been successful in diverting the nation’s attention away from the border crisis by continuing to stir a dozen other scandals involving his participation. Requests for him to come to the southern border have been numerous. Most recently Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, made such a request. The President felt it was more important to attend a fundraiser than view the mess he created. Obama’s disconnect with reality has been the subject of much discussion in the media. Defenders of the Administration give Obama high marks for attempting to remake America. Opponents see him as an inept man who vantages himself through the miseries of others. The Hispanic invasion of the United States has succeeded. Unlike FDR who led us to victory in WWII President Obama drives the nation further into the hands of the invaders. For this he must be held accountable by the people and Congress. Now is the time people must cry out in one voice enough is enough and impeach the shadow living in the White House under false pretenses.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Other Side of Immigration

The other side of Immigration


Societal changes occurring before our eyes have been orchestrated by an errant Executive branch that is piloting the metamorphosis of this nation. With little regard for outcomes of their actions lawlessness has been the prime ingredient fueling this scandal plagued Administration. Directly related to the President’s activities in office is a humanitarian crisis occurring at the southern border. A cataclysmic set of circumstances have been set in motion which can affect the entire country because of Obama’s dalliances with immigration. More than 300,000 people have transgressed the southern border since October 2013. Many children are in this mix from various Central American countries. From a historical perspective there have been no major upheavals in these nations recently. So why is there a mass exodus to America? Word has moved through the populations involved that once you set foot in this country there is a very good chance your feet will be cemented here. That is the Obama Administration will allow you to stay, permanently. To solidify their chances, of a positive reception, children en masse are being sent in waves with the hope their families could follow and be received with open arms too. Children are given different treatment under current law than their adult counterparts. Tonight Obama spoke from his dais in Texas concerning immigration, one of the major hubs of border incursions by illegals. His disingenuous speech was checkered with blame for those who came before him and a recalcitrant Republican Congress holding up his bloated request for money. Obama’s detached style of management was on display tonight when asked why he has not gone to the border as requested by Governor Rick Perry. He sidestepped the question as preparation was made for him to head towards his next fundraiser. Six years into his tenure as President, Obama’s manipulation of immigration policy, through Executive Orders, has intensified border issues. Contrary to the President’s speech tonight deportations are down, new immigrants are being released quickly into our cities and he has shown no interest in strengthening border protections. Obama blames the Republican Congress for the immigration travesty now unfolding. Yet the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate from 2008 to 2010 and did not pass comprehensive reforms. Lie after lie and misrepresentation after misrepresentation President Obama has no answers to complex problems. He offers more of the same rhetorical nonsense, which is his trademark.  The President faces a lawsuit for misuse of Executive Orders and possible impeachment after the election for sundry reasons. Maybe just maybe he could show a little leadership and lead the nation out of the present border catastrophe before his legal problems catch up with him. Unfortunately he is still searching for ways to blame others for his ineptitudes and inefficiencies.



Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. For media content and author support contact us. Dr. Davis latest book is, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival , A Prescription for Disaster.

Monday, July 7, 2014

What is Wrong with Maryland

What is wrong with Maryland


Perhaps the title should be rephrased to what is right about Maryland. Nearly six million people inhabit the Free State as it was nicknamed after slavery was outlawed in 1864. Blessed by this State’s endemic Democrat government the word free has taken on an entirely new meaning. Maryland Government has a clear agenda to deprecate the entrepreneurial sector to vantage the entitlement class. Illegal is no longer a term permitted to be spoken by the bluest of blue within the confines of this State. Once removed from the illegal category “immigrants” can dip into a vast amount of cash being offered to them on the proverbial silver platter by Maryland’s left of the left government. Trumped up taxes, levies, fees and move support several million people who have decided it is better to sit on their backsides than work a job. Why are O’Malley and his crew so intent on giving away your money? Votes! Freebies to the indolent, lazy and sloths among us keep the support flowing for those who want to move up the food chain with a blue ring on his or her finger. O’Malley’s policies extort money from anyone who has a business or receives a paycheck. State coffers are starved for these funds. So where do all these funds end up?


An intricate system of entitlement fund delivery has been created in the Free State. This system is purposely complex to fool the most ardent person who seeks knowledge of it. Checks are flying out the doors of Maryland Administrative offices faster than the cash coming in to support the State’s socialist activities. Have a child out of wedlock in Maryland get a check. Have several children and receive multiple checks. Take a trip to your local entitlement office. They are located conveniently throughout the state. The social workers in these offices are begging for business and will welcome you with open arms. As you sit before one of them he or she will pull out a menu of giveaways and ask what your needs are. With minimal information to support your state of poverty these social workers are ready to write checks. Energy assistance, food stamps, housing supplements, cell bills, cable support and a dozen more freebies are waiting for you. Would you like to go to school? No problem with minimal qualifications or check for citizen status the money will be forthcoming the next day. Has your child been misdiagnosed with a chronic medical condition, there is a very good chance Maryland will send you a check. Perhaps you are from Baltimore City. Seventy percent of households there are single parent homes or so the government believes. Stay unmarried, but cohabitate, Maryland will send you two checks.


Health professionals relate multiple stories of patients on Medical Assistance, now Obamacare, who come to their offices driving Range Rovers, Mercedes and BMWs. Many of these patients live in the equivalent neighborhoods their automobiles reflect. Governor O’Malley and his minions could very easily compare the Medical Assistance assignments to the Motor Vehicle master list to uncover this specific fraud. He has chosen not to which in a sense sends a signal to these thieves that it is okay to steal from the taxpayer since politicians do it all the time.


Start a business in Maryland and the Comptroller’s office becomes your best friend. Do they lend you money to start and or stay in business? No. Do they provide guidance for your business to improve its function? No. Instead they are useless dolts commandeering your money in the form of levies, licensing fees, surcharges, taxes and various penalties from the outset. Recently a poll of Marylanders suggests that 47% of its residents would leave if circumstances would permit. This number may reflect the feelings of business owners as well.

To answer the question what is wrong with Maryland: government overreach, high taxes, extensive number of violent crimes and a political cast of thousands using its residents as pawns are but a few of the problems legal residents face. Maryland is on its way down. With a slight push many of its jurisdictions could go over the edge. As O’Malley moves off the stage he leaves behind a fiscal disaster so trenchant that Maryland will be bleeding economically for the next decade. Perhaps the electorate will vote “right” next time.  


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. For media content and author support contact us. Dr. Davis is an on air media consultant. His latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Friday, July 4, 2014

America: A Historical Tour Without Revision

America: a historical tour without revision


Dinesh D’Souza hit another homerun with his new political documentary America. Within the solitude of an empty theater I watched D’Souza’s presentation as he knocked down the walls of revisionist history which is the currency of so many who lean to the left. D’Souza challenges the audience to understand the consequences if certain historical events had moved in another direction. This is exemplified by the British winning the Revolutionary War and Germany developing nuclear weapons before America obtained them. Prevailing teachings on slavery are expanded setting aside numerous untruths utilized by those who sell racism for a living. Acknowledging that America’s westward movement was done by conquest he displays how its former inhabitants accrued their lands in a similar fashion. America provides a glimpse of many lives that became fruitful by hard work and perseverance as opposed to the entitlement mentality which is prevalent throughout the country. President Lincoln is held in high regard for successfully managing a war that changed the face and texture of this nation. As a leader facing a divided country the question of slavery was finally put to rest under his tutelage. Lincoln is portrayed as person who mends political fences as opposed to President Obama whose actions are antithetically the opposite. Interviews with those who overcame extreme adversity flesh out the reasons why so many risk so much to cross our borders. Especially noteworthy was D’Souza’s ability to put a face on those who are affected by Obama’s irrational policies. A point is a made noting the substance of current legislative efforts is a fraudulent attempt to undermine every institution, industry and tradition which has brought strength to this nation. D’Souza is intent on telling a story how progressives destroy instead of build leaving conservatives to take the blame when the worst possible outcomes occur. America raises the bar on political documentaries by presenting complex subject matter in a comprehensible format. D’Souza has brought America home. This movie will change the way you think about this nation and yourself. A must see.


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Dr. Davis latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster