Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maryland's deceptive casino advertising

Maryland’s deceptive casino advertising


Question 7 will be on the ballot this November. If approved a sixth casino will be built in Prince George’s County Maryland, table games will be permitted in existing casinos and the number of total slot machines in the state will rise from 15,000 to 16,500. A fierce media battle has ensued between its ardent supporters and enthusiastic opponents. Pro-forces believe that passage of this question would increase tax revenues, bring new jobs to Maryland, provide more funds for the education system and make gaming venues in the state more competitive with the surrounding states. Opposition forces believe that another casino will saturate the casino market reducing profits at existing sites, provide no guarantees that increased revenues will be targeted for education purposes and further enhance the possibility of gambling addiction in the state. Another question brought to the surface in the last few weeks, who will be the benefactors of the new jobs created. Will these be only union shops or will non-union workers be accepted into the mix? Radio and visual media have been saturated with commercials, with the majority of ads on the pro side of the issue. Wherever your thoughts drift to on this issue, the pro commercials are less than truthful. Charles Town Hollywood Casino in West Virginia already has table games so new jobs are not flying out of the state to this location. In a similar fashion, Delaware’s three casinos instituted table games several years ago, therefore no net jobs are finding their way to our small neighbor to the north. During the week Delaware Park’s table games go begging for usage many nights. The argument that Maryland is losing jobs to other venues for lack of table games is erroneous. Question seven does not guarantee that any additional revenues will be directed towards education or to someone’s wind farm project, yet the pro commercials tout this prospect as real. Maryland’s Hollywood Casino has loss significant revenue since Maryland Live has opened. A sixth casino could rip a financial hole in Maryland Live’s revenues. The latter casino has already seen a fall-off in patronage during the week. Maryland can only tighten their slot payouts so much before people go to other venues. Many have already discovered their buck goes much further in neighboring states. Poor planning, greed and mischaracterization of the benefits gambling would bring to the state have put the gaming industry in Maryland into a turmoil. Instead of worrying about expanding, the Governor and his minions should consider strengthening the venues already built because failure of these facilities appears to be a real possibility. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Maryland's deceptive casino advertising

Maryland's deceptive casino advertising

Maryland's deceptive casino advertising

Maryland's deceptive casino advertising

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama to Jews everywhere: drop dead

Obama to Jews everywhere: drop dead


Annihilate Jews everywhere is the message from a subpopulation of anti-Semites scattered across the Middle East. Media reports emanating from France today report a bomb ignited in a kosher supermarket, four people were injured. Jews have been targeted all over the World to be killed. Israel harbors nearly half the World’s Jewish population, which is estimated at fifteen million people, who have been exposed to this type of toxic threat since its inception in 1948. Jews are not safe in their homeland or anywhere else because of an intense hatred fostered against them by Arab extremists. Rocket attacks on Jewish cities and settlements in Israel are a regular occurrence.  Violent attacks have been extended to every nation with a Jewish enclave. America has not been spared from the brutality inflicted on Jews elsewhere. In nearly every attack an Arabic organization or someone of Arabic extraction has claimed responsibility. Iran’s President Ahmadinejad’s blatant threats to wipe Israel off the map have been taken seriously by some but not President Obama. Billions to the Muslim Brotherhood are the offerings from a nation on the verge of bankruptcy, scrapes for Israel is Obama’s message to this small but intrinsically strong nation. With America taking a distance position concerning Israel’s defense and Obama’s curry favoring with violent Arab groups Jews around the World are in a very precarious position. Middle Eastern terrorists and regimes that support them are gearing up for war as I write these words. Their focus is Israel with Iran leading the charge. As a Jew I was not surprised that Obama believes the threat from Iran is mythical in nature and therefore pays lip service to requests from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu for a direct meeting. Apparently scheduling with Letterman and his celebrity friends takes precedent. Netanyahu wants Obama to be more actively engaged with the Iranian nuclear crisis emerging from the bowels of a country that openly promotes terrorism. So far Obama has turned his head away from the only democracy in the Middle East. In the event the Israeli population relocated to Alaska, the Muslim threat would follow them there. Profound hatreds, that are very hard to define, do not evaporate because people relocate. Osama bin Laden believed there were Jews in the World Trade Center Towers is one of the reasons given for horrific attack on 9/11. Jews all over this planet are at risk no matter where they live or travel from an unrelenting evil embedded in a small group of Arabic extremists. Living in Maryland for three decades I have felt the wrath of anti-Semitism from government entities, medical community and public at-large. Anti-Semitism is real and palpable when it occurs. Anti-Semitic acts are reportedly on the rise throughout this country and in other nations. The shoppers in the French kosher market went into a store to buy necessities but were carried out nearly dead because of a movement that has no bounds. Presently we have a president who enables the haters with very little conscience concerning his actions or inactions respectively. This November, in the event you vote democrat, it could be a vote that dooms Israel and its population. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Prelude to Armageddon: Obama's coming war

Prelude to Armageddon: Obama’s coming war


Movie critics are killing Americans in the Middle East. Susan Rice, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, echoed this theme in a Fox interview this weekend. A chorus of other high ranking Obama minions sang the same song in other media venues in the last few days. One major problem few if any of the protestors have seen the purported movie fueling their anger and even fewer cared about its contents. Twenty one countries have come under attack in what appears to be a well-organized series of events utilizing rent-a-mobs to wreck -havoc on American installations. Protestors, armed with the latest fire power, timed their assaults to occur around the 9/11 anniversary. These attacks were neither spontaneous nor caused by a movie that no one has seen. With a consistency that has become signature for Obama, he blamed anyone and everyone except his own actions for the fires still raging in these third rate societies. Information has emerged from various sources that America’s national security infrastructure was warned of potential assaults on overseas facilities weeks before they happened. Perhaps the president should show up for an occasional security briefing, knowing Obama golf and Letterman come first. War is coming to the Middle East. This time it will not be a minor skirmish but a major event. Potentially millions will die to prove one ideology is superior to another. Religious zealots want Israel to disappear from the face of the Earth. Harsh rhetoric from Iran’s president and the council that backs him expound on this theme daily. Obama and his administration display a callous disregard for the potential threat facing the only democracy in this region by ignoring pleas from Israel’s leaders to take a stand against a country bent on producing nuclear weapons. Months not years away are the timelines for Iran’s nuclear capabilities to become reality. Obama believes otherwise by dismissing Israel’s claim of a pending assault by this rogue nation. America will be dragged into the next war. My question is whose side will Obama defend? From this author’s perspective there is an excellent chance Israel, for the first time in its history, will not have America at its back. The real Obama will surface leaving Israel nearly defenseless. Armageddon is coming, who will shoot first. Mark Davis MD, Author of the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama fiddles as American interests burn

Obama fiddles as American Interests burn
As American interests were burning Obama was churning for money on the campaign trail. Death of an American Ambassador and his three colleagues can be directly blamed on President Obama and his anti-Semitic colleagues in the State Department. Obama’s policies of appeasement along with large checks, courtesy of the American taxpayer, will not douse the fires burning in the minds of those with profound hatreds for this country. Across North Africa and in the Middle East assaults on our embassies and consulates have taken place coincident with the anniversary of 9/11. Intelligence chatter reported by the media indicated the potential for an attack on American facilities 48 hours prior to the horrific events that have occurred. Obama did not order fortification of our embassies knowing this sensitive information and the 11th anniversary of the greatest tragedy to hit the American mainland in history. Off on fund raising tours to keep himself in power, Obama paid lip service to a problem that has been festering for some time. Using a film that Muslims claim is offensive to their prophet as a pretext to attack American interests and burn our flag does not explain the intense rage now playing out through the Arab World. Underlying hatreds for this country have surfaced which are multi-factorial in nature. Money to prop up past dictators has been one reason considered as an ignition point that fuels their intense emotions. Freedom of religion observed in this nation is abhorrent to those who have never known it.  American’s kinship with Israel could be at the top of the list. Whatever reason given for these attacks, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton failed to observe the enormity of the problem and now many are suffering for their incompetence. Numerous questions are now at the forefront of debate in the media concerning the horrific deaths of our Ambassador and his associates. Why were there so few security personnel on the premises of the Libyan compound? Who is ultimately responsible for security in government installations overseas (as if we didn’t know)? Were the few people assigned to security detail allowed to carry loaded weapons (Obama prefers unloaded weapons unless it is for his security)? With Obama’s ability to stifle information outflow we may never know the answers to these questions. Presently Obama is traversing the country looking for a few dollars for moving expenses in January of 2013. Anyone who would vote for him under the present circumstances is either receiving aid from his administration or is mesmerized by his personal style and grace. America needs a leader who will confront these egregious events with backbone and authority which we have not seen from this White House. Obama’s ineptitudes are now on display for all to see, vote right this November, we need a new

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama apologizes for America's existence

Obama apologizes for America’s existence


Middle East terrorists murdered the United States Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans yesterday in Benghazi. Conflicting reports have surfaced concerning the exact methods utilized to perpetrate this egregious act. Obama with his usual apologetic style initiated his response to this tragedy noting he rejects any denigration of others religious beliefs but there is no justification for this assault on Americans or American values. Amazing as it may be Obama and his minions were apologizing for a movie the terrorists claim was offensive to their religion and produced in the United States. The latter statement has not been verified, yet knowing Obama his irrationality has room for the sensitivities of terrorists not for the America that gave him his present pulpit. Most recently Obama turned down a request by Israel’s Prime Minister for a meeting in New York City where the United Nations General Assembly is meeting. Violence is flaring up across the Middle East and Israel has a set of concerns which apparently are not shared by Obama. The reason given for the rejection was scheduling problems believe it or not. Obama was scheduling himself to be on Letterman and had no time for affairs of state. After a public outrage from coast to coast ensued Obama took time out of his busy campaign schedule and connected with Israel’s top leader by phone. Whatever transpired in their exchange Obama probably yawned and went back to his leaderless role. With an embassy in Egypt and a consulate in Libya assaulted in a very short time these events appear more than a coincidence. Actions such as these could be a prelude to more organize events coming in the near future which could put other Americans at risk. Obama’s team is already moving to cover the terrorists’ tracks by stating these are isolated events and we will not abandon our “Middle East Friends.” Hillary Clinton still plans to write billion dollar checks to these two countries harboring terrorists. Horrific events in the last few days should have consequences aimed at those who harbor terrorists and the terrorists themselves. Rewarding rogue governments with American money, much of it borrowed, is the wrong approach to stop these regimes from supporting any more violence. Obama’s apologies sprinkled with taxpayer dollars should awaken the few sound minds left in America that something is wrong in Washington and needs to be fixed. Election Day can bring a new repairman to the White House or continue the same one in office who has been asleep for the last 43 months, your choice. Mark Davis MD author of the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama's last days in office

Obama’s last days in office


Decades from now when Obama has left the scene presidential historians will finally have an opportunity to summarize his “4 years” in office. Their review shall chronicle a man who was under water from the moment he took the reins of power from his predecessor. Given the mandate to manage a nation he decided early on to deconstruct every institution and tradition that made America strong. His hate for the country was so profound he curry favored with America’s enemies to strengthen them while weakening the platform that gave him power. Israel to him was the enemy not the nations that harbored terrorists. When awakened one morning that Iran had launched a missile on a trajectory into the heart of Israel he yawned and went back to sleep. On that very day, late in his presidency, Americans watched as their inept president would not stand with the only democracy in the Middle East. Israel destroyed every military installation within the confines of Iranian space with minor loss of life on both sides. Though Obama tried to take some credit for this remarkable feat historians would note he had no part in the planning or execution of these retaliatory raids. Obama lied for the last time while in office. His republican counterpart cleverly exploited this opening and won by a landslide in November of 2012. When these contenders changed seats in January of 2013, a final accounting of Stimulus and Tarp monies were begun. A scandal that would tarnish the Nation for decades was uncovered. Tens of billions were squandered on projects generated by friends of Obama, very little went to places to improve Americans lives. Obama and his Administration were criminally liable for kickbacks, bribes and misspent monies diverted from their main purposes to help a country recover and given to an element who would subvert the nation. Unfortunately, the new president wanted no part of any prosecution and pardoned his staunch enemy. Historians create records to help future generations avoid catastrophes that befell those that came before. Obama had closed his mind to history because he repeated mistakes that were easily avoidable. The 2012 presidential election was noteworthy for the fact that Obama strengths turned out to be his biggest weaknesses. His ability to blurt out a great speech did not rectify the emptiness of its contents. Many of his supporters evaporated when they heard words they knew were untrue, the ballot box told the rest of the story. Obama lost the election not because the other candidate was so much better, only because he was so much worse. History is an excellent teacher, perhaps it is time the rest of us learn from it and vote right this November. Mark Davis, author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare Dead on Arrival.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Romney's hundred million voices

Romney’s hundred million voices


Millions may come out to greet President Obama as he travels town to town selling his plan of misery for America. One hundred million or more will come to see the favored candidate, Mitt Romney, as he brings his message of “hope and change” to a country starving for both. Two candidates with antithetical views on nation management: one who wants to see America as a new third world society and the other desires to revitalize America which will bring respect once again to a flag that has been flying at half-mast for the last four years. Civility will not allow me to describe the enormity of Obama’s decimation of every institution touched by his indecency, immorality and ineptitude. President Obama believes that systems he has put in place to extort money from the private sector and redistribute it to the indolent in society should be a norm. For this reason alone he should be replaced. Romney’s message has been heard by tens of millions. Some are suspicious of his words because of his governance of Massachusetts, yet most people believe he is the change the country needs to reset the economy and place us once more on center stage in the World. Last night Michelle Obama gave a well-rehearsed impassioned speech to a crowd who would vote for Stalin in the event he was up for bid. Michelle sold herself in those minutes as her voice echoed through the caverns of left wing supporters. Obama came out second in her soliloquy. President Obama’s fictitious characterizations by a wife desperate to stay in the White House gave me pause to note that Michelle is a better liar than her husband. America needs to hear that morality and God will be brought back into the White House not a scene from Harry met Sally. Michelle and the prior speakers failed at uplifting a society fatigued by rhetoric intended to keep America down. Romney introduces hope where Obama introduces dopes. One hundred million voices are crying out for change drowning out the purulent vocalizations of a party that has lost its soul and competence. Romney will change America just by bringing moral behaviors back into Washington, a place demoralized by the present atheism embedded in the democrat’s platform. Obama has already lost the election before the first votes have been cast, perhaps he should step aside and allow new management to take over earlier. Knowing Obama’s mannerisms and motivations he will continue his reign of destruction until his last day in office when the moving vans pull up to the back door. Join the chorus and vote right this November, there is no other way out of this mess. Mark Davis author of the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Romneycare versus Obamacare: the real story

RomneyCare versus Obamacare: the real story


There is very good reason why the Romney has veered away from discussion of health policy when he was governor. Striking similarities embedded in these competing programs display they are close cousins and not distant relatives as we have been led to believe. During my preparation for the book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival facts were uncovered concerning Romneycare that have been deliberately overlooked by conservative media and will not be vetted by them before the election. Bureaucracy embedded in the Bay State’s vision of healthcare grows more extensive each year. Contrary to Romney Camp’s assertions that Romneycare  is not like Obamacare there are an extensive series of penalties and sanctions in the event you do not purchase health insurance for yourself or company as the case may be. In the first three years of Romneycare’s existence medical bankruptcies were not stemmed, they continued to rise. Health insurance premiums trended upwards not the reverse as intended. More perverse, individuals who maintained an income 300% above the federal poverty line were given assistance in purchasing insurance, meaning those with incomes of $90,000 received aid from the state. The under insured, those with minimal insurance coverage, expanded in the first three years of this program. Full coverage to those without plans has not been achieved, the very reason Romneycare was initiated. With cost overruns of hundreds of millions each year, a stressed out medical system that has yet to catch up with the requirements of this social experiment and a legislative initiative that forces people to purchase a product they don’t want Romney’s vision has not been the success stated by its enablers. Similar to Obamacare Massachusetts’ program has been a literal field day for lawyers. A deluge of legal challenges by individuals who refused to purchase health insurance required the elevation of a battalion of lawyers to administrative judges to try these cases, most were lost by the plaintiffs. Romney cannot run on Romneycare that is why he is running away from it. Obama will use his usual deprecating techniques to rough ride over his opponent. Romney must be ready to answer this challenge because it will surface during the debates. Voters on the edge could be thrown either way depending how Romney manages this subject. Mr. Romney expanded entitlements during his 4 year run as governor, yet he states he will rein in federal giveaways. Will Mr. Romney be another Trojan horse who sticks it to us or has he changed his menu of ideas, stay tuned. Mark Davis author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.