Monday, August 27, 2012

2016: the real story

2016: the real story


Expectations fell short when I viewed the recently released movie 2016, Obama’s America. Ninety percent of its themes and premises detailed a period prior to 2012. Obama’s second assault on America would look much different than discussed at the end of this pseudo-documentary. Every institution and tradition that made America strong would be diminished to a point where America mirrors the country of Obama’s origins. America’s Military, once capable of managing wars on multiple continents, has been reduced to a shadow of its former size. Left vulnerable to our enemies, Obama grants control of many government functions to the United Nations, further reducing our capacity for self-defense. Medical care is no long on demand, instead something as minor as a cold requires consent from a functionary sitting in the heart of District of Columbia. Masses of people die because access to diagnostics and therapeutics has been limited to pay for the monstrosity called Obamacare. Initial cost estimates less than a trillion dollars, as misrepresented by the President, now totaled ten trillion. Inflation once a respectable 2% now runs over 10% a year with unemployment reaching a consistent 15%. Obama’s intention to reduce our nuclear arsenal to zero is finally realized as a dozen countries continue produce more weapons. Twelve blue states seek bankruptcy protection because union thugs and liberal government operatives raided treasuries to pay for extravagances they could not afford. Obama still searches to bring unemployment down with his 5th stimulus to nowhere. Government employees earn two to three times their private counterparts under Obama’s last term. Continuing his promises to La Raza, Obama has opened the southern border allowing free movements between Mexico and the United States. Eric Holder continues in office with a trail of personal criminality that continues to mount against him. Obama’s czars have come out in the open releasing edict after edict pushing the country further into the economic doldrums. Redistribution of wealth continues at a record pace where the indolent and lazy receive more money that those who foot the bills. This enumeration only touches upon the detriment Obama will bring in a second term. Economic Armageddon, a demilitarized America, rampant union thuggery, a centralized medical system that expedites patients into the next world,  open borders, unprecedented gun control, food and energy shortages and much more. This is Obama’s America not the one projected in the movie. A vote for Obama is a vote for the latter. Vote right in 2012 or don’t vote at all. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Demons of Democracy: the book that lawyers hate


Demons of Democracy: the book lawyers hate


Acquisition of legal services is as close as your yellow pages. Thousands of advertisements by suited individuals claiming expertise in a wide variety of subjects are audaciously portrayed as saviors in this resource. Yet their portrayals as self-redeemers contain an underlying deception that jumps off the page when you review the gamut of expertise presented. The enumeration of qualifications is long and very untrustworthy even to the superficial observer. Demons of Democracy exposes that most of these ads are pure fiction and those behind them have minimal abilities to perform the tasks presented. More than a million lawyers roam the range of America’s legal landscape starving for the next case. Law schools, except for a few, do not prepare the student for the realities of 21st century America. Their minds are entrenched with basic subject matter, yet they are never provided the depth of training they will misrepresent to the public a few years later. Would you trust your life savings to someone with a 3 credit course in estate planning or allow someone with a 2 credit course in tax preparation to manage your portfolio of stocks? The answer to both of these questions would be no if you knew better. Unfortunately lawyers mislead people to believe they have a level of erudition which is not borne out by their education, training or experience. Most are burnt out social science majors who had no idea where to plant their feet after college. Law school or driving a cab was the logical alternatives for these individuals. Demons of Democracy discusses the profound ignorance of many who wear the badge as a member of a once esteemed profession. Demons examines the methodologies that are employed by tens of thousands of reprobates in suits to undermine every aspect of American culture and the institutions that made it strong. This creative resource notes that most functions performed by lawyers in the states are provided by government functionaries in other countries at pennies on the dollar. Our society is most noteworthy for criminalizing normal human behaviors by an overreaching governmental structure that lauds itself on jailing as many people as possible. Who benefits most, that’s right your corner lawyer. Demons of Democracy provides the rationale why lawyers should not manage complex organizational structures such as the Executive branch of our federal bureaucracy, just look at the present results. This is the last book lawyers would recommend, but the first one that should be on your reading list. Mark Davis MD author of the aforementioned book and the forthcoming work Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stealing am medical license: Maryland style

Stealing a medical license: Maryland style


Physicians licensed in Maryland are subjected to the whims of a medical board that is politically appointed and run end to end by attorneys. Colleagues in other states are in disbelief when they learn that a lawyer not a physician is the executive director of this entity. They are even more perplexed that lawyers manage the compliance division and other sections of this administrative authority. Most astounding to them is 8 out of 21 members of this authority are “not” physicians. Maryland Board of Physicians was established to have special expertise in the medical domain. Yet its present construction is far from that initial format. Physicians no longer have to commit a medical mistake or series of them to be charged with an offense under the Medical Practices Act. Physicians can have their licenses revoked based on hearsay, false evidence against them, junk science, fallacious expert medical record reviews or sundry actions that do not pass the sniff test. An assault against Mark Davis MD exemplifies the depths this board would take to have his licensed pulled. In June of 2002 a subpoena for medical records arrived at this physician’s office. Four months later a note arrives from an “unknown reviewer” asking him to make several changes in his practice style. Since all procedures and paper formats had previously been approved by the authority sending the letter this physician questioned the unknown reviewer why the changes should be done when they were not justified. No answer came forth. One month later this Physician was invited to a clinical meeting with three other physicians, none of whom were initiated in the specific practice type of this author. This unfriendly encounter was further deprecated by the three member panel failing to be given documents sent to them by this physician.  The perpetrator of that act was none other than the lawyer who headed the compliance division. Forty eight months from the day of the subpoena a charging document that should have never have been drawn had the name of Ira Kaplan MD and a 2nd physician written across the title page. Dr. Kaplan, who is protected by peer review regulatory laws, was chosen as an expert medical record reviewer when he had no expertise in the specific subject contained in the charges. Though the board had forty months to prepare a case, this physician was given 3.5 months with two intervening holidays to prepare his case. The medical board through its Attorney General’s representative had no intention of allowing the truth to come forth. He used every legal trick at his disposal to block defendant witnesses from testifying, defendant legal briefs to be entered as evidence and other exculpatory documents from being brought before this administrative review. Worse he obstructed the testimony of a physician who worked for the medical board and enthusiastically wanted to testify on this author’s behalf. This Soviet style review had all its elements in favor of the Board of Physicians yet the administrative judge still found in the most part for this physician. He went so far as disregarding the testimony and report of one of the state appointed physicians and submerged most of the 2nd physicians report and testimony. The Board in a very vindictive and baseless manner reversed the court’s findings even though they had not heard the case which involved over four days of hearings before a reviewing judge who they requested. The judicial system treats physicians like dirt, especially the Appellate division. These courts are very friendly to Maryland administrative authorities because they are paid by the same pocket. A recent article entitled “Maryland Board of Physicians: corruption or business as usual” provides more details of the events at the Appellate level. You might as well be in China or Russia because Maryland does not believe in justice. This State only knows how to take money from the worker and hand it to the deadbeat. Maryland’s Attorney General’s Office debased itself in this case to bring this false action to fruition.  Members of the Board of Physicians knew or should have known the case involving Mark Davis MD was a fraudulent conception from end to end. The Maryland Legislature for the second time has fallen asleep at the wheel when profound fraud is being perpetrated directly under their proverbial noses. To right this wrong the Board should reverse their decision, not follow the Harford Court mandate that they pushed for and apologize to the thousands of patients they have screwed for the second time in four years. In the event any of the media has the cojones to discuss this interesting and vindictive assault on this physician please contact me. To my thousands of patients thank you for your support. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services

Monday, August 20, 2012

Maryland Board of Physicians: corruption or business as usual

Maryland Board of Physicians: corruption or business as usual

Imagine a State administrative authority that would spend hundreds of thousands of your hard earned tax dollars to chase a physician through the “judicial system for over a decade for paper compliance issues concerning five medical records, then you are imagining the Maryland Board of Physicians. A vindictive non-transparent process by this board was initiated on or about June of 2002 that culminated in a soviet style review with fake witnesses, suppression of data, false standards of care and a legal system starving to bring physicians to their knees culminated in a medical license revocation affecting four thousand patients. In the time it takes to sign a cease practice order these patients were bereft of their physician, many on class four diet pharmaceuticals, forcing this writer to abandon them in a single afternoon. Maryland government has a long history of corruption, now it has permeated the Board of Physicians. Lying and deception are their weapons of choice enabled by an Appellate Court system friendly to their every request. Maryland physicians face a very difficult road in the State’s judicial system even when the facts are in their favor. The case of this writer is especially noteworthy for the vicious way it was instituted and the illicit manner in which it was carried out. Maryland Board of Physicians obstructed this writer from defending himself at the Office of Administrative Hearings. Including but not limited to inhibiting the presentation of defendant expert witnesses, blocking the inclusion of exculpatory evidence and stifling the defendant’s presentation by the most extraordinary means possible. The state presented two physician witnesses. One was quickly discredited by the judge and the other witness was diminished by his own words. Utilization of the diet pharmaceutical Phentermine was the core issue. Maryland has an unusual standard to allow witnesses to be considered experts in a subject before a judicial panel. Dr. Ira Kaplan was allowed to testify as an expert on the drug Phentermine even though he had minimal exposure to the drug in his practice (claimed he used less than five times), had no specific education in the drug, never wrote any papers on the subject and never taught anyone on its structure or function. This was the only person the Maryland Board of Physicians would rely on this revoke a medical license. The Court never placed him under oath and he was free to lie and deceive per his coaching from the Board’s attorney. Administrative judges usually are partial to state boards, not in this case. Though two physicians must agree that a fellow physician was acting outside the standard of care, the state witnesses had opposing views. Under that scenario a third physician by “law” must reconcile the differences between them, no other doctor was brought into the case. Charges should never have been brought because of this conflict. The Administrative judge to his credit noted the anomalies in this case and found in the most part for this physician. Fake standards of care, specious expert witnesses and a dazzling display of legal tricks were utilized to stop this physician from practicing. Maryland Board of Physician’s politically appointed board, 40% of whom are not physicians out its 21 members, reversed the decision. The stench of a vindictive act was all over their findings because Board membership was acting outside their mandate and the law to remove a legitimately licensed physician from practice (see Maryland Legislature Report November 2011 concerning the Board’s illicit activities). A Harford County Circuit Court Judge questioned the Board’s activities in this case and found for this writer reversing the revocation. The Board’s last minute appeal to the Appellate division is one of the most interesting aspects of this case.

     Court of Special Appeals’ judges work as a triad that is in groups of three. Legal briefs are submitted by both sides in regards to a deficit in the findings of a lower Court perceived by either party. New information is not supposed to be entered except for clarification purposes. In this case the Board was the entity who was appealing the opinion of the lower court. The Lawyers representing the Board from the Attorney General’s Office deliberately obfuscated the evidence they presented, in two telephone size volumes.  Designed to confuse the most initiated mind in the law, the Board was successful in that regard. Earlier reference to three physician mode of review established by law in 2003 was completely abrogated by the triad. Instead they legislated from the bench allowing only one reviewer’s word to be sufficient to establish a basis for a medical license revocation. Precedent also established in this case allows any physician to represent themselves as a specialist even if they have only read an article on the subject they are to testify, as did Dr. Ira Kaplan. Worse, the court disregarded dozens of exculpatory items to give the board a win with an opinion so biased that Stalin would be smiling. The author now faces a mandate from this court to relinquish his licensed that is based on nebulous facts from a rogue board run end to end by attorneys. Physicians in Maryland must face a completely corrupt review process and in the end spend themselves into oblivion to defend charges before a Court system that is extremely biased against them. This case is not unique, yet its stench permeates the very halls where it originated. Physicians in the named university hospitals get a pass by the Board when the tides turn against them. It will be interesting to follow the medical board’s actions against the physicians who were hammered in two recent malpractice cases found for the plaintiffs, one payout is potentially for more than fifty million. The Maryland Legislature must become involved in the Board of Physician’s processes because this administrative entity is being used to silence physicians who are outspoken and not on the politically correct side of the argument. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services. Look for the national media to follow concerning this case.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paul Ryan: great choice, wrong combination

Paul Ryan: great choice, wrong combination

     Mitt Romney has been absorbing caustic attacks from Obama’s camp for months. He has been put on the defensive by nearly every piece of trash Obama’s minions can throw his way. By the time he responds Obama’s lies have already been absorbed by a public that is fifty percent in his corner. He needs to be a pit bull instead of the chihuahua in his responses. Enter Paul Ryan, one of the most decent and intelligent of men now serving in Congress as Romney’s VP candidate of choice. Ryan has become well-known by the austerity budgets he has suggested to bring America back from fiscal insanity which Obama has inflicted on us. Ryan’s demeanor infers a profound understanding of the events surrounding America’s present economic misery which none of Obama’s flock comes near.  Does this pair mesh as a combination to overcome the President’s popularity? Or is this a replay of 2008 when John McCain’s integrity would not allow him to respond to the brutal attacks from then Senator Obama. Prevailing conservative thought is in agreement that Romney has not been forceful in his responses. In some cases he has allowed secondary people to respond on his behalf. Romney has failed to elucidate his recovery plans in words that penetrate the minds of potential voters. Ryan’s austerity measures unsettle many on the edge who also find Romney equally unsettling in his planned economic maneuvers. Polls move both ways within days of each other. Ryan has given Romney a short term boost in ratings, but it may not last. Horrific as it may sound Obama may indeed be a two term president. This reality may come to fruition not because Obama ran an exceptional campaign, but from the weaknesses the Republicans portrayed to keep their dignity intact. If the republicans do not take off the proverbial gloves and start hitting balls out of the park Obama is a shoe in to remain in office. This combo may not be able to deliver the knockout punch. Worse, Obama has successfully embedded a sense of dread in the public’s minds that republicans will dismantle government fed safety nets for the poor and not so poor who drink at the coffers of Obama largesse daily. Romney and Ryan have much to overcome within a short time period, presently the future for the Republicans is not bright. Polls are leaning towards the present assembly in the White House. Let’s hope the republican team learns to throw punches or else Obama 2013-2016 will become a reality. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Terminal disease terminal minds

Terminal disease terminal minds

Obama has inflicted the nation with a terminal disease called deception. Every word he articulates is either disingenuous or an outright lie. Moral decay has been one of the cardinal elements of Obama’s reign as deceiver in chief. His motives are obvious, to continue in office and to expand his power base. Nothing he does passes the smell test. In the last 12 months he has not evoked an original thought or phrase that could help this nation move back towards solvency. In speech after speech he harps on the same desolate set of themes that move the country backwards not towards unity and economic enlightenment. Recently I encountered a ten year old who noted that everything that is presently wrong with America is Romney’s fault. He was echoing the reflections of the light weights from left wing media who have blinded themselves to Obama’s perversions. Obamarism has even been caught by the young whose developing minds are unable to filter the massive number of distortions coming from the White House and their minions daily. Democrats have been very successful at dumbing down the schools in the last two generations. As a result many minds have been conditioned to accept group think as their path to redemption. Obama depends on these conditioned minds to effectuate his return for another term.  Obama and his groupies recently fell deeper into the depths of depravity by creating a media piece that can only be described in terms my publisher would find offensive. A political hit piece that fell flat accuses Romney of killing a woman who contracted cancer because her husband lost his health insurance when he was laid off. Three points the commercial failed to present: 1) Though the woman was not employed her insurance continued to be in force for many years, 2) She died from cancer years after this man was laid off and 3) Romney had nothing to do with this man’s loss of work. Desperation has now entered the picture for the Obama regime. They are losing their grip on power by every honest poll which has Romney competing on equal footing with the train wreck in the White House. America is being deceived daily by a fawning media that continues to place Obama on a pedestal, not mentioning that he fell from the platform of personal integrity shortly after arriving in Washington. Embedded in the conscience of every human being are sensibilities that distinguish right and wrong, somehow that process has gone awry in Obama’s mind. Disheartening and threatening as it may be our Chief Executive Officer has a disease of the mind whose secondary effects are moving throughout our society in an epidemic fashion. There is still time to save the country, vote right this November. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy, the book that told you not to put lawyers in positions of power.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maryland's Hollywood Casino: Is Bankruptcy next

Maryland’s Hollywood Casino: Is bankruptcy next

Penn National, the owners of Hollywood Casino in Perryville, has requested that up to five hundred slot machines leased from the State of Maryland to be removed from its premises. Ownership states that Hollywood Casino has had a significant drop in revenue since Maryland Live in Anne Arundel County has opened. Before its competitor opened the number of weekly patrons declined significantly. Week nights at Hollywood there may be more casino employees on the floors than patrons. Penn National with the blessings of the State of Maryland has set their slot machines to the lowest payout mode possible. Twenty dollar bills evaporate in a matter of seconds, hundred dollar bills in a few minutes. This thesis is easily tested by anyone with the fortitude and finances to make the trek to this out of the way facility in Cecil County. The old adage build them and they will come is partially true. In the case of Hollywood Casino, patrons came but left when the machines went into no payout mode. Many of the floor personnel are aware of the situation and readily admit it is a problem for the casino. A few technical people note Hollywood’s slots are set to a high payout, but a lie can only go so far. Casino management cannot blame Maryland’s newest casino as the major cause of its decline in revenue and patronage.  Those who use to be regular attendees of this facility knew when the house was not paying and they were not paying. Deceptive advertisements of winning jackpots are flashed across large screens throughout the casino’s environment. A closer look will display a small number of low payouts interspersed with a rare high payout from the prior two months. This is pennies to a facility that rapes most of its patrons on each visit. With a reduction in slot machines and the potential for table games Penn National may be able to stay solvent. At this point in time their future looks bleak and getting worse daily. Cecil County is benefitting from funds drawn from a facility that steals from its customers, which make this county and the state accessory to fraud. There is gambling and then there is stealing, Maryland has moved onto the latter to enhance revenues for the treasury. Penn National should have studied the history of casinos that went under before opening Hollywood. There vast experience in other locations will not help in a state where fraud is common in its government and greed the currency by which things come to fruition. Watch for the auction sign along Route 95, when Penn National finally throws in the towel. Mark Davis MD author of the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Rush Limbaugh: America's political barometer

Rush Limbaugh: America’s political barometer

Left wing media continues to condemn Rush Limbaugh for explaining and defining the perversions Democrat operatives spew daily. Rush’s sensibilities enable him to quickly douse the malicious fires set by a group that lost its moral center decades ago. With a climate of hate generated by President Obama and inflamed by his minions in Congress Rush’s huge audience receive a quick response to the profound inaccuracies scripted by these demoralized individuals. Lying has been brought to the level of an art form under the present administration with the truth always trailing its perpetrator. Rush pulls from his stacks news that portends to be topical for that day. Harry Reid’s mystifying announcement from his Senate pulpit that Mitt Romney has not paid any taxes in the last ten years deserved an immediate response from the master of verbal karate. Reid’s unsubstantiated comments were in character for a man Rush had pointed out numerous times was a fraud. A sharp rebuke from EIB headquarters shook the very foundation of the Senate chambers. Cleverly planted callers try to entrap this golden tongued individual to no avail. Rush can sense a liberal before he/she gets passed the first sentence. Conservatism is Rush’s brand and he is very good at delineating its component parts. Long before the ink was dry on Obama’s piece de resistance, Obamacare, Rush smelled the stench of backdoor politics maneuvering to pass this monstrosity, though the majority of Americans were against it. Over two years later that stench has only become worse as this newest entitlement heads towards fruition. Twenty four years after he uttered his first conservative thought over the airways Rush’s message is now amplified by over six hundred affiliates who are eager to be part of the EIB team. Controversy has done little to dent his listenership or wallet. He utters the truth each weekday afternoon setting the stage for the nighttime crawlers who inhabit the left. These vermin in turn provide us a glimpse of a mindset full of hate and insecurity which Rush reconfigures for our amusement the next day. Rush is the bellwether of ideas that can make America whole again. His Ph.D in honesty, with a minor in decency, causes shudders through a community full of miscreants, anti-traditionalists and anarchists whose sole purpose in life is to undermine America. Rush Limbaugh is truly America’s political barometer and his predictions could not be more accurate. Do America and yourself a favor vote conservative this November and relieve the pressure on all of us. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Socialism, Marxism and now Obamarism

Socialism, Marxism and now Obamarism

When President Obama finally leaves office on January 20, 2013 the full detriment of his reign will begin to be uncovered. To make America whole again a full accounting of all stimulus funds must occur. Cash now hemorrhaging from the Federal treasury must come to a complete halt. Those in charge must ferret out everyone not “entitled” to any form of compensation from America’s bank. The President’s redistributive policies must be abandoned because the United States Treasury is technically broke. Obama’s repetitive message of class divisiveness precludes any other as he treks his way across America at taxpayer expense. A slow but noticeable awakening is occurring around the country that something has changed for the worse. Most cannot put their feelings to words, but the evidence has finally reached the inner recesses of their minds. Obama’s maneuvers to move away from a capitalistic based society have been very successful. Nearly fifty percent of the population presently receives aid from state or federal coffers. Obama pounds away at the other half to give more so the entitlement society can continue to thrive. Programs that enable the lazy, inept and deceitful are Obama’s prize creations which he hopes will maintain his reign in office. His blend of socialism and Marxism has littered the landscape with so many failures in industry and institution that there may not be much of an America left on January 21. By nature a country cannot rid itself of some elements of collectivism. Government manages land in the people’s name, armies are established for the common defense, infrastructure needs to be maintained and the mail must be delivered. Obamarism does not stop at this point, it looks to control all industry, every institution of worth, religion to the extreme and the movement of each individual whether physical or in cyberspace. Enormous energies have been expended to bring about changes to this end. People with any cerebral promise are finally awakening to these facts. Obama’s presidential term has been replete with deceptive practices, hidden venues and merciless programs that expend tremendous capital but help only a few. Obamarism is worse than its two predecessors because it is being surreptitiously instituted. Those who stand under the President’s umbrella have failed to see the detriment he has caused. Perhaps all the money thrown their way has blinded them. Presently his polls are running negative in two thirds of the states. Romney must make his case now or that tenuous declination in disapproval for Obama may not be there in November. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Traditional marriages versus gay marriage

Traditional marriage versus gay marriage

Long before the closet opened releasing the demons that are now plaguing traditional marriage, the union of a man and woman ritualized into a ceremony had a solid foundation for its existence. Millennia ago the natural pairing of the opposite sexes became the norm to replenish and rear the next generation. Civilizations depended on this basic social unit to allow their societies to thrive. Presently the concept of traditional pairing is the basis by which most American institutions are founded. Those who look to redefine marriage to include the pairing of the same sex confront obstacles embedded in biology, religion and history that they are willing to ignore to satisfy their own perverse desires. Complexities of civilized society by nature require order to maintain their ability to function at maximum levels of efficiency. Heterosexual marriage fully satisfies the needs of a society not only for its procreating ability but as anchor to instill morality into those brought forth by this union. Gay marriage fails at all levels to fulfill these needs therefore it should not be condoned in the same sense of its traditional counterpart. Recently an eruption of hostility has occurred against a restaurant chain for consistently upholding traditional values including marriage. Mayors of large cities claim they will block any attempt to bring more of these units into their jurisdictions. Chicago’s mayor claims the values of Chick-fil-A are not those of its citizens. Rahm Emanuel reigns over a city that has the highest murder rate in the world when measured per hundred thousand of population. His ludicrous statement that Chicago has a higher index of morality than the conservative God fearing ownership of this restaurant chain is absurd. Mayor Emanuel’s own religion precludes gay marriage but he sold his soul long ago for power and celebrity. Baseless reasoning provided by the gay community to allow them to marry falls short on analysis. Sufficient laws are on the books to protect money transactions amongst them including property transfer a death. Civil unions would fulfill the rest of their legal and social needs, so why do they want to debase traditional marriage? Perhaps it is not about marriage but undermining the structure of society as a whole. Reviewing the cadre of folks who want to degrade traditional marriage reads like an anarchist’s who’s who, Hollywood’s  socially unenlightened, left wing media elites and of course politicians who have no moral centers. Societies must make decisions to assure their continued survival, gay marriage deviates from this goal. Most sad is the Courts have overridden the desires of the people to exclude gay marriage from their states because the gay agenda has infiltrated the minds of those who preside on the bench. Chick-fil-A’s stance is the correct one and the people who support them understand the detriment any other form of marriage can bring about. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.