Friday, February 27, 2015

President Rambo Sticks it to America

President Rambo sticks it to America


As the nation mourns its loss of democracy President Obama moves closer to fascism. Disinclined to reign within constitutional limits Obama exploits a lame Congress that enables him through their silence. Mesmerized by the President’s consolidation of power a willing media denigrates anyone bold enough to criticize him. Moving forward on multiple fronts simultaneous the Administration is challenging anyone or group to stop them. Expansive immigration through the southern border was emboldened by a recent Executive Order. Millions who crossed “illegally” were given legal basis to stay on American soil and collect an array of entitlements. Congress responded by withholding funds from Homeland Security so this Order could not be implemented. The tug of war on immigration was taken out of Congressional hands by 2 dozen states that challenged Obama’s edict in federal court. In powerful overtones Obama declared he was right and would veto any legislation attempting to curtail his efforts in this area. Essentially establishing the basis for a dictatorship the President is pursuing a path which failed for a thousand who came before him.


Implicit in Obama’s overreach is control. Manifestations of this control can now be seen in the President’s latest gambit, Internet control. Unelected officials in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have empowered themselves to usurp the net from the public with 331 pages of regulations. Similar to Obamacare no one was allowed to review this FCC doctrine until after the vote of the commissioners. Reportedly every facet of Internet use from the provider to the end user will have some form of control. Whatever the final outcome we can surmise Obama’s henchman will dictate how we interact on the net and who we connect with. Information flow which is now free could be taxed ad nauseam. Perhaps all users will need licenses to hook in. Tyrants want control. Their first step is to limit weapons in the hands of the masses. Second is information control. With these two elements in place internal security takes over. My concern, which might be a stretch, will Obama attempt to suspend the next election allowing him to remain in office. History recycles on itself. With a lame Congress and a docile population the backdoor for Obama’s retention in office may not be as absurd as it sounds. President Rambo has been unstoppable so far. Will anyone step up to the plate and state the obvious?


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services,

Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival,

A Prescription for Disaster.

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