Monday, June 30, 2014

Obamaspeak: America's Newest Language

Obamaspeak: America’s newest language


President Obama must be a fan of George Orwell.  Newspeak, a fictional language created for the novel 1984, has moved into reality. Obamaspeak is America’s newest language.  By deleting or redefining words left becomes right and yes advances to no. Jihad is a word never to be uttered by anyone within the President’s sphere of influence. Thirteen dead and more than thirty severely wounded by a crazed Muslim radical, the Administration called this incident at Fort Hood workplace violence instead of true the term, Jihad. In his most recent assault on the English language Obama no longer designates transgressors of America’s borders as illegal. Instead he has moved them on to immigrant status once their feet touch our soil. A few within Obama’s circles actually want illegals to be called citizens immediately upon arrival. Analogous to Orwell’s novel Obama uses the weight of government to enforce these language changes. The President’s recent reference that America is a nation of all religions instead of a Judeo-Christian one, as his predecessors called it, suggests his true mindset on religion. Neither Middle Easterners nor those from the Asian subcontinent helped build this nation. Yet in a few short years since the incipience of Obama’s first inauguration these people have been included in the texture of modern thought by a President who wants to rewrite history. Language has a tremendous effect on the mind. By refitting and retreading language structure and function the masses could be swayed to ideas and actions that were precluded from former rational thought. Scandal is a word the President wishes would vanish. He has made every attempt to spin this word yet it has stuck to his illicit actions like a fly to flypaper. Where Orwell’s novel and Obama’s actions digress is in the former a great leader was pictured running the nation but in the latter no one appears to be at the helm. If Obama is intent on reconditioning the English Language then the word President should be changed to Emir while he continues to serve. In a short period hello will be changed to salaam and good-bye to ma’a as-salamah. Wake-up America Jihad has been brought to your front door.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. for your content needs. Dr. Davis latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maryland's Primary: The Aftermath

Maryland’s Primary: the aftermath


Maryland’s lackluster primary season ended on a minor note. With a poverty of turnout expectations were higher than the 22% who showed up to vote. Two candidates for Governor were left standing from the major parties. Anthony Brown overwhelmed his chief rival Douglas Gansler receiving more than twice the vote. On the Republican ticket Larry Hogan trounced David Craig with a 14% margin of victory. Maryland’s Democratic machinery will be in full force in the next four months finding every means to denigrate the opposing party. From dumpster diving to character assassination nothing will stop the forward movement of this machine towards its ultimate goal. Anthony Brown has achieved much outside the realm of politics. Yet his political resume is a desert of achievement. Larry Hogan is an issues oriented person. He is aware of the negativity that Democrats bring to bear to win an election, as exemplified during their primary campaigns. Marylanders have a clear choice this November. In the Republican camp the push will be for; less taxes, reduction in draconian regulations, a pullback in entitlements, an administration of government that is business friendly and fiscal responsibility. Democrats want more of the same presently offered by Martin O’Malley. Under his tutelage; entitlements expanded exponentially, traditional family values were trashed, the multi-dimensional family came into being, dozens of new taxes and levies were signed into law, the word illegal was banished from the Maryland dictionary and fiscal irresponsibility became the norm.  Voter registration leans predominately towards the Democrats. Hogan knows the path to the State House will be hard for him but not impossible. Many Marylanders are exhausted from the constant pressures government forces have brought to bear on their personal and professional lives. Larry Hogan needs to emphasize the collective fallacies intrinsic to the Democrat platform. This strategy could be the driving force he needs to ascend to the Governorship. Democracy is failing around the country. When this tragedy hits home one must take charge of the reality that confronts him or her. Choose wisely this election cycle otherwise the chance to reestablish Democratic principles may not present itself for a long time.



Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.

Dr. Davis most recent books are: Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maryland's Primary: Why bother

Maryland’s Primary: Why bother


Maryland is a profoundly blue state. Its election cycle for governor is a mere formality.  After eight years of Martin O’Malley’s oppressive left-wing agenda Marylanders deserve a respite from heavy taxes, over regulation and budgetary mismanagement. Yet those seeking the governorship from the Democrat slate not only want to keep O’Malley’s programs in place they want to intensify them. Taxpayers, under the Democrat’s platform, are secondary to the entitlement class that keeps them in power. Leading the pact of Democrats during this primary cycle is Anthony Brown, the present Lieutenant Governor. He has a 2 to 1 lead in the latest polls over his closest rival, Douglas Gansler. As Attorney General Gansler has amassed a significant level of baggage that is pulling him down in the polls. A comparison of his bio to his actual performance in office offers quite a disparity in content. Unions and the political fossils still in power have ordained Brown as their choice to take O’Malley’s place. Four other candidates running against Brown should not have wasted their efforts or money. Disturbing as the fact is they never had a chance.


Five candidates are vying for the Governor’s seat in the Republican Primary.  Harford County’s Executive David Craig and Larry Hogan, a business owner, are the best known in this group. Craig’s tax proposals deserve a closer inspection. Does he really believe in lower taxes and lean budget management? From his tenure in office many questions arise concerning his fiscal priorities. Larry Hogan has moved up quickly in recognition around the state. His business experience allows him to understand the stresses present Maryland government has inflicted on those in the private sector. Three others in the Republican field are relatively unknown. They have a minute chance to succeed at this late date.


With all the attention being paid to Anthony Brown both sides of the aisle are struggling to have their words heard. Moribund as this primary season has been most of the candidates, in either party, have yet to energize those who would place them in office. Since O’Malley has taxed Maryland into a coma no one coming after him can do much worse, or could they? To move away from Maryland’s tax and spend mentality now is the time to consider your vote very carefully. Democrats are crying for more entitlements, higher taxes and tighter control of those who they reign over. Republicans antithetically want the opposite in every sense imaginable. Whichever side you lean towards please vote. It is your right before someone votes it out of existence.


Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.

Dr. Davis is author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Read the Tea Leaves: Anthony Brown will be Maryland's next Governor

Read the tea leaves: Anthony Brown will be Maryland’s next Governor


Anthony Brown is the candidate to beat in both the Democrat primary and the general election. Presently he is the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Those running against him in his own party have failed to tarnish his reputation, though they have tried. Of the five other candidates opposing him in the primary, Douglas Gansler and Heather Mizeur have been the two most vocal against him. This journalist’s views on Gansler are clearly noted in an article written earlier this month and attached as a link below. Gansler’s own actions and verbalizations have denied him the ability to out distance his major competitor in this race. Helen MIzeur has yet to make a dent in Brown’s armor. She has many concrete proposals which the future governor should consider. Brown is being held in contempt by both sides of the aisle for mismanaging the implementation of the health exchanges. This absurdity has played itself out without affecting Brown’s ability to garner major support throughout Maryland. Union after union have lined up to back the Lieutenant Governor in his quest for higher office. Maryland’s most prominent politicians have also cast their support his way. Anthony Brown’s  strong intellectual reservoir and expansive leadership abilities are a hard combination for his opponents to surpass. With thirty years in the military reserves and a tour of duty in Iraq his dedication to this country’s safety and security is without question. Gansler’s harsh rhetoric on the campaign trail, directed at Brown, was nothing more than a series of personal attacks. As the present Attorney General of Maryland his indignant behavior did not go unnoticed. His weak support amongst the Maryland electorate may be reflective of his missteps during the campaign. One must see the reality of structured politics in Maryland.  As a deeply blue state Republicans have a very tortuous road to follow when attempting to attain higher office. The array of conservative candidates pursuing the governorship is quite impressive. Yet none of them have displayed an ability to garner support on the level Anthony Brown has accrued. With little reservation I can predict he will be Maryland’s next governor.



Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services. Advisor to media, government and institutions on health care issues. Dr. Davis is author of Demons of Democracy and his newest book is, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Doctor Oz Excoriated by a Senate Subcommittee

Doctor Oz excoriated by a Senate Subcommittee


Doctor Mehmet Oz, America’s supreme scammer, was recently racked over the proverbial coals by a Senate subcommittee investigating fake diet products. Oz has been accused of being the power house behind fraudulent diets, weight loss drugs and a variety of health related medications sold to the public. On his nationally syndicated show and in commercials he has made numerous false representations that people can lose weight with green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone and other exotic supplements. There is no evidence these products help humans lose weight and they could potentially be harmful to those utilizing them. Oz pulled a Hillary Clinton by saying he was duped like the rest of us as he lined his pockets from money drawn from these endorsements. According to Oz he has sued companies who use his likeness to hustle these products. There must be hundreds of lawsuits filed by him because his face is all over the internet with these spurious diet supplements. Senator Claire McCaskill stated that “the scientific community is almost monolithic against you in terms of the efficacy of a few products that you have called miracles.” McCaskill noted Dr. Oz was fully aware that the products he pushed in the media were ineffective. She went on to state Oz’s media position permits him to broadcast these false representations to huge audiences. Oz provided quasi answers to McCaskill’s direct line of questioning. Oz stated he believed in the products he advertised and gave them to his family members. Perhaps the Senate should have connected a lie detector to the good doctor to verify his altruism. Nevertheless Oz has been masquerading as a legitimate purveyor of health products while he is nothing more than a modern snake oil salesman praying on the unsuspecting. Deified by Oprah, Oz could do no wrong. Yet similar to his mentor he has made tens of millions through deceit, deception and misrepresentation.



Mark Davis MD, author of the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Four Pillars of American Society

Four Pillars of American Society


Family, hard work, education and strong religious beliefs have been the foundations of American society. Since the beginning of the American Experiment these four pillars helped to create the strongest nation in the World. No one could foresee the day when these elements would be under assault by our own government. Since 2008 each of these pillars has been weakened by laws, Executive orders, intransigence and neglect. Family values have been legislated away to be replaced with a new multi-dimensional family. This entity is self-serving and does not supply the nourishment its predecessor engendered. Hard work has been undermined by an expansive welfare system that discourages self-sufficiency, self-reliance and personal responsibility. Get a check and sit on your backside that is the present Administration’s theme to tens of millions. An entire generation lost to the hands of a ubiquitous government which is molding automatons not people. Progressives continue to retool educational programs provided to our children. Common Core Curriculum (CCC) is their latest attempt to deform, deprecate and dilute a system that once produced some of the finest minds in the World. CCC is a vast experiment which insults any mind grasping to move forward. Disrespect for religion has been one of center pieces of an Administration bent on suppressing our right to believe in the deity of our choice. Worse iconic symbols of our chosen religions have been pulled down throughout the country. Atheism is the new Godless front being erected by the failure-in-chief. The outcome is a level of immorality not seen since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. When historians write their review of the first two decades of the 21st century they will note America took three steps backwards for each one forward. Each pillar was weakened and or toppled by those hungry for power, prestige and the almighty buck. Their summation will note: good people turned their heads as those rotten to the core were allowed to tear down two centuries of progress. To set the country back on a course of lawfulness, morality and decency voters must be more judicious in their choices. Otherwise our hellish downturn will continue unabated.


Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.

Dr. Davis latest book is, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription

For Disaster.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Desperation on the Southern Border

Desperation on the southern border


Swarms of children have been pouring across America’s southern border this year. Estimates that 80,000 children will cross may be a conservative number. Destinations of origin include Honduras, Guatemala and other Central American poverty centers. Attracted by President Obama’s loose immigration policies expectations are they will not be deported. With weak border enforcement and Executive Orders favoring the illegal flow immigrants are finding crossing has many pluses for them. Entitlements are offered to anyone who makes it through the tumultuous terrain separating the countries south of the border. In many instances border guards have been told to stand down as these crowds move within their jurisdictions. Recently criminals, by the tens of thousands waiting for deportation, were released into the midst of the American landscape. Few in Congress even winked when this occurred. Obama’s strong push to legitimatize tens of millions of illegals already in the country further attracts those yet to come. A significant humanitarian catastrophe has evolved, with minimal to no resolution in site, for these vulnerable children.


Children, many younger than 12, are crossing into the United States without their parents. Most have scanty possessions with them. Facilities to house these children have been slow to come online. Basics such as food, clothing, sleeping accommodations and medical checkups have not been given the priority they deserve. Instead, believe or not, large sums of federal money have been put aside for lawyers to manage these new immigrants’ cases. Reports that children have been picked up in Texas, provided with a few basics and dumped in other states, especially Arizona have a basis in reality. Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, has made vehement complaints to the White House. So far her concerns have fallen on deaf ears. Billions have been requested by the White House to manage this emerging crisis, with deportation not in the consideration. Obama’s utilization of children as a political tool to further enhance his immigration policies is deplorable. Worse he may have added another reason for his impeachment. Border protection is a number one priority for any president. Obama has deliberately failed to protect them. Congress must act now or the next wave will be the parents of these pawns.


Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services providing consultation to the media, government and industry on health related issues. Dr Davis’ latest book is, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Four Thousand Reasons not to vote for Douglas Gansler

Four thousand reasons not to vote for Douglas Gansler


Do you really know who Douglas Gansler is? His manufactured bios and selectively placed internet references do not provide a full picture of the man who wants to be Maryland’s next governor. Gansler’s moves are managed to enhance his own career at the expense of any person or persons who get in his way. His Civil Rights record is a series of vacuous statements which helped few while harming many. Without the ability to notify his patients Dr. Mark Davis was forced to abandon over 4,000 of them in the space of one day. Two of these patients subsequently died shortly afterwards.  Gansler’s Office concocted a series of specious civil charges against Dr. Davis that were so profoundly erroneous one would think its author was writing a piece of fiction or a psychopath. To fully understand the breadth and depth of his Office’s prosecutorial misconduct a brief summary of this egregious case will flesh out how his Office intimidates physicians with bogus legal maneuvers.


The tentacles of the Attorney General’s office are intertwined throughout every Maryland government entity that carries out State laws and regulations. Maryland’s Board of Physician’s has attorneys from Gansler’s office that advise the Board and others who bring prosecutions against physicians. This Board consists of 21 members 8 of which are usually non-physicians. The Maryland Board of Physicians is dependent on “lawyers” to explain so-called standards of care to those members of this entity who are uninitiated in medical practice. Sadly this Board was seriously misguided by Gansler’s office. Civil charges against Dr. Mark Davis concerned the class four diet drug Phentermine. These civil charges included but were not limited to: 1) Not obtaining written informed consent from patients (no such rule for the use of Phentermine exists in Maryland or the USA), 2) failing to keep adequate medical records (all forms in Dr. Davis office were preprinted and had prior approval from the Maryland Board), 3) continuing patients on Phentermine too long (patients were on low maintenance doses which is the standard in weight loss clinics in Maryland, 4) not using the measurement called body mass index ( a 150 year old measure which has come into dispute for its accuracy), 5) not doing physical exams ( every chart in question had both a physical and history form attached. To defend these charges two physicians were appointed by the Board in conjunction with Gansler’s office.


During a hearing before an administrative judge one of the state’s physician witnesses was completely discredited and his testimony thrown out. The second witness was not sworn in by the judge and was free to commit perjury at his leisure. This physician admitted during cross examination he had minimal to no experience with the drug Phentermine, yet he was appointed as an expert witness. One must read the testimony of this “paid”hired gun to understand the depth of his lies. Gansler’s appointed assistant blocked Dr. Davis from presenting physician witnesses (one of whom is a nationally known expert on diet medications), inhibited patient testimony, inhibited Maryland Pharmacy Board testimony, blocked introduction of numerous exculpatory documents and used other legal chicanery to win at all costs. Even though Dr. Davis was inhibited from putting on a defense, the judge found mostly for him. Gansler’s Office would not be defeated and went before the Board of Physicians with more lies and deceit to knock out the judge’s recommendations which were very positive to Dr. Davis. The Medical Board, who never heard the entire case, circumvented their own regulations which required a minimum of two physicians to be in absolute agreement before action can be taken on a physician’s license. Dr. Davis’ medical license was revoked for three years based on one physician’s specious testimony and a judicial forum which was nothing less than a circus. The question is still remains: How much money did Gansler waste in this false civil prosection?


In Douglas Gansler’s world it appears that Civil and Judicial rights are for some not others. There was never a patient or physician complaint against Dr. Davis to initiate this process. In the aftermath there were no malpractices suits instituted against Dr. Davis. Much more could be written on the legal aspects of this case. Needless to state the left wing appellate judges basically sided with any nonsense Gansler’s lawyers presented to them. There are over four thousand people who will not vote for Douglas Gansler and I am one of them for the aforementioned reasons stated here and much more. I urge people to look more closely at Gansler’s record, you may not like what you see.


Mark Davis, MD served in the Public Health Service. He is President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews. Dr. Davis has been an invited guest on numerous national and regional radio shows and writes articles on health care and politics that reach millions of readers. His latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Clinton versus Obama: The Presidential Follies Continue

Clinton versus Obama: the presidential follies continue


Hard Choices, a new book by Hillary Clinton’s ghostwriter, purportedly details many aspects of her reign as Secretary of State. To energize book sales the publisher released a chapter that contains her personal analysis of the events surrounding the Benghazi assault on September 11, 2012. Instead of supplying a factual account the former First Lady goes on a childlike rant blaming everyone but herself for this tragedy. She notes misinformation, speculation and flat out deceit by some politicians and the media keeps this scandal alive. Mrs. Clinton fails to answer the “hard” questions to put this tragedy to rest. The most of important of which is: who told the military forces to stand down as the Benghazi compound was under assault? Clinton cleverly uses the deaths of the four killed on September 11th to her advantage by stating, “I will not be part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans.” She goes on to state, “it’s just plain wrong and it’s unworthy of our great country. Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.” Clearly she does not want to testify in front of the Special House Committee assembled to uncover the truth concerning  this foreign policy disaster. As a president wannabe she displays none of the characteristics required of a leader. Lessons learned while Hillary was Secretary of State, to utilize rhetorical nonsense to divert attention from matters of importance, is a theme playing out here. Obama, the master of deceit and diversion, continues these tactics to keep the nation in the dark on all aspects of the scandals that plague his Administration especially Benghazi. Foolhardy people who defend both Clinton and Obama do so blindly while being kept in the dark themselves. Hillary’s gambit to diminish her involvement in the events of 9/11/2012 failed. If she embarks on a campaign for the presidency the road for her will be treacherous at the minimum. Anyone who has closely followed the scandal of 2012 knows more information exists than the Administration is willing release. Paradoxically Hillary has politicized this event by releasing a portion of her memoirs, antithetically to her accusations of others doing the same. Truth has a means of surfacing even when the naysayers inhibit its emergence. I hope Hillary rethinks her verbal assaults on others because these words appear to lead directly back to her nest.


Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews. Dr. Davis’ latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.