Monday, July 9, 2012

Obamacare: America's epitaph

Obamacare:  America’s epitaph


On June 28, 2012 five members of the Supreme Court accelerated the demise of this once great country. Embedded in their cleverly crafted memorial to America was a delusional interpretation of the Founders’ greatest document. Members of this derelict body receive their health coverage outside this egregious legislation. The Court’s vote would have been 9-0 against had they been forced to participate in this misguided plan. Left wing politicians and their media groupies were dancing in the streets when the final words were read, Obamacare’s implementation can now move forward unless impeded by the outcome of November’s election. Once the confetti stopped falling the true meaning of the Court’s Opinion’s impact was fully realized, less access, higher costs and death on a scale that few have touched on. Obamacare is constructed to withhold medical services especially from those who have lived more than six decades, chronically ill and special needs groups. Death comes in many forms, Obamacare accelerates the process. Curative services for those with oncological needs will turn into palliative offerings. Cardiac Surgeries will be meted out based on potential longevity not absolute need. Expensive drugs will be reserved for those who are not ready to meet their maker. Approvals of CAT scanners, MRI units, laboratories, new hospitals and or expansions will be denied or confounded at the administrative levels decreasing access further. As the crisis deepens, care will be apportioned based on the biological value of the individual, with those contributing least to society receiving the same. Romney’s Massachusetts’ social experiment in health services delivery reflects many of the challenges Obamacare will inflict on the people it is supposed to serve. Physician practices in many state locales are closed to new patients. Costs of services have gone north not south as promised. One hundred percent insurance coverage is a myth. Romney is on record against the present Federal health plan, but can we trust him to do the right thing and abandon this monstrosity. Romney, as the presumed nominee of the Republican Party, was nowhere to be found the day the Court’s unsettling Opinion was released. He should have come to the steps of the Supreme Court and shouted in the loudest voice the horrific nature of a decision that put the final nails into the coffin of an already dying nation. America is being managed into its grave. Few have challenged the contents of Obamacare. The media discusses the legal ramifications without noting the human side of this bureaucratic nightmare. People will die so others could live. To give these words credence it was recently announced by one of England’s top physicians that 130, 000 people admitted to National Health Service (NHS) Hospitals are fast tracked to death. A controversial protocol entitled the Liverpool Care Pathway is instituted to manage terminally ill patients. This protocol is being abused causing excessive deaths under the aegis of medical care management. Coming to your neighborhood hospital soon will be  Obama’s version of this of this plan. This protocol does not distinguish between liberal and conservative, they will both die knowing their deaths could have been prevented. Supreme Court decisions many times are controversial, yet few guarantee the death of a nation and its people. This Opinion did both. Vote right this November or don’t vote at all. Mark Davis MD author the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

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