Friday, July 6, 2012

Obama to America: go to the back of the bus

Obama to America: get to the back of the bus

America’s egregious history of racial divide has been reignited by the Obama Administration. Executive Orders have been abused in the past, Obama has taken this abuse to the next level. With the swipe of a pen President Obama circumvented the Constitution, Congress and written law by permitting a sub group of guests from the south of the border to stay in this country without any penalties. Congress voted down the Dream Act which would have provided some legality to those whose path to America was less than legal. Obama believes that Congress interferes with his “right” to “rule” this nation as he sees fit. Executive Orders are a convenient way for him to maneuver around constitutional mandate and those empowered to apply it. Ramifications of Obama’s action through this one edict will be endless. A society presently burdened with enormous debt will move to the precipice. Primary schools, universities, health facilities and sundry other institutions will continue to be forced to deliver services in a system already suffocating financially. America is starving for jobs, Obama’s action killed a few million more. American citizens are being displaced from worksites by battalions of illegals who have come here in record numbers under this President. Every profession has felt the pinch. Hardest hit are construction, trucking and the service industries. Obama has given preference to foreigners in a wide array of government services and entitlements. Americans are being told to go to the back of the bus, because Obama believes we are secondary to our foreign cousins. Our President is a master sophist who continually inflames both racial and ethnic tensions. His recent motivation to legitimatize illegality utilizing Executive Privilege exemplifies his overreach to a specific population for votes. Rosa Parks was sent to the back of the bus and she refused to go. This courageous woman stood up to a corrupt divisive system that needed a major overhaul. America’s present assault from within denigrates even those who pilot the deceptions now undermining its citizenry. President Obama’s mind is cemented in beliefs that have failed all over the planet, no one group is better than another. America is ready for a new leader. Vote right this Fall. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy,

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