Friday, July 27, 2012

God Who: the politics of moral depravity

God Who: The politics of moral depravity

Obama has already lost. In a brief 42 months that seems like an eternity President Obama has changed the face of America well beyond the economic detriment that his policies have inflicted on this nation. Lying has been elevated to an art form during his reign. Each program that the President has presented to the American public for their edification has been craftily modeled to sell to the weak minded amongst us. Only total fools and the profoundly ignorant could believe that government could deliver unlimited health care at a level higher than already exists. Desperate men do desperate things when confronted with potential failure. President Obama is no exception. His need for votes is so great that he was willing run the risk of impeachment to remain in office. Executive Orders were never meant to be utilized to enable illegality. Yet, Obama’s signing of an order allowing millions of illegals to stay within our borders unfettered are one of his many maneuvers to retain his sovereignty. Obama’s penchant to lecture to immature minds in college settings is another ploy to garner votes. Using student loans, grants and scholarships derived from the Federal Treasury he has promised to ameliorate repayments to gain their finger on the Obama button this Election Day. Curry favoring to the homosexual crowd with his approval of gay marriage after 39 months in office should be a red flag to the liberals in this segment of society. Policies, procedures and regulatory structure to diminish the influence of God in Americans’ lives have flowed forth like a tidal wave from the recesses of the Obama Administration. The mere mention of a Christian or Judaic moral code before the President’s minions sends a shudder down their spines. God, the only true guardian of this society, has been relegated into silence by the battalion of disbelievers serving the Executive branch. Moral depravity may be the least of Obama’s problems. His lies are so profound that they are now chasing him. This is exemplified by his recent remarks that success is derived from others not the individual who attains it, has caused a furor throughout the business community. Disenchantment with this President runs very high even in the communities that once salivated by his mere presence.  January 20, 2012 will be the day my migraine ends, when Obama takes his last ride in Air Force One. On that day God will move back into the White House. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

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