Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maryland's oppressive business climate

Maryland’s oppressive business climate

Inclement weather is forecast for the Maryland business community for the foreseeable future. Maryland’s politicians have done an excellent job hiding the truth about the state’s economy it is failing by every measure. To keep the entitlement crowd and the bloated government workforce happy, the legislature led by a delusional governor, continues to exact enormous taxes and levies on the private sector. Maryland is nearing the tipping point for how much it could extract from its working citizens. Disturbing news recently released that tens of thousands have left the state because of the tax and overspend policies of an overreaching legislature should not be a surprise to anyone in the State House. Economic templates similar to those utilized in Maryland to keep the gravy flowing into state coffers have bankrupt many jurisdictions around the country. Three cities in California have recently sought protection to escape their creditors. Scranton Pennsylvania announced this week that all its workers will be given minimum wage because the city has depleted its financial resources. The list of towns, cities and even some states teetering on economic oblivion is long. One commonality noted amongst this group they have a democrat leading the charge. In contrast to these ongoing disasters communities managed by republicans appear to be on sound financial footings. Maryland’s business and professional communities are burdened by an economic hammer that only democrats can swing. Most of the public does not realize that their state spends more than it brings in. The illusion is continued by extorting money from the only source that creates it, the private sector. For the privilege of doing business in Maryland, licensing fees are now at astronomical levels. One owner of a small restaurant noted his unemployment insurance for five employees is nearing 10,000 dollars per year, which is added to a dozen other fees he must pay during that time period. Governor O’Malley believes deficit spending is an acceptable way to manage the economy. As head of the Governors Association he recently visited Wisconsin to help defeat Scott Walker during a recall vote. Governor Walker believes in balanced budgets, lower taxes, reduction in union influences and forward planning as a management technique to keep his state fiscally sound. O’Malley’s antithetically views conflicted with Walker’s. The recall failed because sense and sensibility prevailed over the Maryland Governor’s antiquated thinking. Marylanders can see for themselves the vast amounts of money being shifted to the deadbeats around them. Thousands with medical assistance cards and other entitlements are driving high end vehicles, living in expensive homes and apartments and possessing other luxuries paid for by Maryland tax dollars. Recent arrivals from foreign countries head directly to Maryland entitlement offices located throughout the state, a few minutes later they leave with a check or entitlement card. Maryland’s private sector has been bled dry financially, the cracks in this community are already showing. There will reach a point when people will vote with their feet and leave in larger numbers than we are now seeing. Others may bring protests to the Legislature’s steps to remind those in charge who really pays the bills. Elections are the ultimate form of civil control against wayward politicians.  Vote right the next opportunity you have or don’t vote at all. Mark Davis MD author of the book Demons of Democracy that warned you that lawyers are inept at managing government institutions, look what they have done.

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