Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dark Knight's demon rises

Dark Knight’s demon rises

Dressed to kill, James Egan Holmes did just that at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Returns. Forcing his way into one of theaters at the Century 16 in Aurora Colorado, he randomly fired his weapons at dozens in the audience. When the massacre was finally finished, 12 people were dead and fifty eight were injured. Clad in body armor he finished his rampage and quietly removed himself from the scene of the carnage with no plans to escape from those who would finally contain him. News of this tragedy rapidly spread through the media. Consultants on every subject related to this horrific event began to spew their irrelevancies faster than the bullets that hit these victims. America’s newest demon to hate would fill the next 48 hours in the news cycle then fad away into non-existence as his predecessors had done. Words cannot fully describe tragic events performed in this manner. Questions abound concerning this murderer’s motives, kill methodologies and his psychiatric stance. From all indications to date he is a highly intelligent Ph.D candidate, in the neurosciences, who snapped at some critical juncture. Methodical well plan attacks such as this latest heinous act could not be organized without some semblance of brain power. Our newest mass murderer possessed that strength but decided killing instead of creating would put him on the World stage much more quickly. Understanding the mind of a heartless killer is a feat, mere mortals such as myself, are unable to comprehend. Yet the media was attempting to lessen this horrific crime seeking any undercurrent that could be attributed to his actions. A commentator on ABC went so far as blaming the Tea Party. Those who live in the gutter can never see true reality. James Holmes’ mind was influenced in part by a media that thrives on chaos and controversy. Worse, recent cinematic offerings from the left coast glorify killings, cannibalism and hate while denigrating traditional marriage, religion and achievement. Impressionable minds are immersed in this ritualistic and repetitive trash along with video games that allow the user to kill hundreds within minutes tilting them from true reality. When was Batman ever less than a White Knight? The people who are bringing us a gay Green Lantern have reconfigured Batman into a character who is a silhouette of his 73 year old counterpart. The Dark Knight is truly dark and he has spawned a demon in Aurora Colorado. We all pray for the survivors and hope that no one will mimic this tragedy in another locale. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

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