Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama's war on American Exceptionalism

Obama’s War on American exceptionalism

History will record that the current denizen in the White House was on a mission from day one to inhibit liberty and democracy whenever the chance arose. President Obama’s toxic ideology to subvert democratic principles and constitutional authorities is evident throughout his 41 month tenure. Alexis de Tocqueville roamed the American stage in the 19th century, he was the first person to observe the exceptional position this newest democracy maintained because of the intrinsic freedoms it had politically, economically and geographically. Obama’s open distaste for the private sector and his obvious intent to undermine every institution, industry and tradition that strengthens the American spirit is the antithesis of Tocqueville’s representation of this nation. Exceptionalism is a concept that describes a unique set of factors that coalesce into the nation Obama encountered on his elevation to the Presidency. Freedom, equality, individualism, a perpetual push to improve one’s condition and other related elements have been stifled under an administration that sees only darkness at every turn. America cannot function under a daily barrage of uncertainties inflicted on the population by an inept leader and his gang of socialist thugs. Markets, industries and higher centers of thought need a stable environment in which to function and grow, Obama offers only conflict and despair. A world watches as the model nation is remolded into a product quite different than its Founders original intent. Second to none in space travel, the United States is now second to everyone. America’s historical proclivity to design, build and manufacture has been irrevocably harmed by quiet hands in poorly lit corridors of government agencies. Under Obama battalions of lawyers have constructed intricate legal structure to undermine free speech, religion, land ownership, internet utilization, marriage, national defense, health care and the economic management of the nation. Exceptionalism moves to strengthen all it touches, Obama’s ideology smothers this concept by micromanaging systems that naturally produce these strengths. America is not special anymore. As a nation we have become weak, unfocused and third rate. Obama knows exactly what the repercussions of his fallacious programs have on the nation, yet neither he nor his celebrity groupies care about the end result, a failed nation. November will determine the course the nation will take for the next decade and beyond. Vote right this time or do not vote at all. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

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