Saturday, June 23, 2012

America's leaderless government

America’s leaderless government

With all the elements of a Where is Waldo scenario in play one can ask: where has President Obama been for the last 42 months. With 100 golf games under his belt, three months can be immediately subtracted from his tenure in office. Factoring in air time between a thousand destinations another four months can be accounted for. Rarely appearing on the weekends for government business, ten more months can be removed from his accountability chart. Vacations, holidays and of course parties summate to another four months away from important concerns of the people. Always the campaigner to collect the big bucks two months could be attributed to this activity. Respect for the office of the president has eroded under Obama because he does not respect it himself. Government business has become secondary to his personal agenda. Faced with the possibility of being a one term Waldo, he has taken every opportunity to use the perks of his office whenever he can. His achievements can be counted on one hand, his detriments on a dozen. Obama’s proclivity to move against the will of the majority so the lesser can bathe in government largesse is evident throughout the country. Yet his entitlement mentality has caused great strife among those who pay the bills. Stagnation is seen in the job market because Obama’s harsh regulatory structure and his cozy relationship with the legal profession suppress any attempt by the private sector to revitalize itself. The President has displayed no leadership to enable the country to move out of its economic doldrums. In the event he is not flying off to George Clooney’s house, he is finding a way to stifle business growth. America will soon be known as the only country that manufactures nothing. Echoed through thousands of news reports are predictions of doom and gloom Obamacare will bring to bear on the population. In some quarters hysteria would be a better description. Recently it was reported that Obama wants a second term to repair the mess he caused in the first. His slogan for his second term is “vote for me and get everything free.” Obama was never ready for prime time, not only does he lack the leadership skills to be president, his intellectual abilities have come into question. America did not elect a leader in 2008. Led by guilt and a sense of fairness Obama was elevated to high office without being fully vetted by a fawning media. Obama’s poor performance is defended daily by a media that sees evil in anything a conservative exhorts. The left cannot hide the government’s own statistics that some segments of the economy have moved to near depression levels of productivity under Obama’s tight grasp. In the event words have any meaning this president is overwhelmed by the challenges of his office. The time has come to show him the door. Vote right in November or do not vote at all. Mark Davis MD, author of the book the lawyers hate, Demons of Democracy.

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