Monday, June 4, 2012

John Edwards Crimes Against Humanity

John Edwards’ Crimes against Humanity

Lust may have been John Edwards’ ultimate downfall, yet tragic circumstances he inflicted on others through his court performances will carry greater weight in the eyes of God. Edwards’ masterful presentations before dumb down juries garnered him and his clientele tens of millions. Deceit, misrepresentation and theatrics by him turned faultless doctors into vilified wretches. Frivolous medical malpractice suits were Edwards’ specialty. His creativity in the courtroom had no moral bounds. Children born with cerebral palsy were suddenly the fault of a physician who presided over their birth. Flawed science was presented in a clever fashion blended with a histrionic bent that charged juries emotions to grant the funds he sought. People no long committed suicide on their own, now psychiatrists were at fault. Risky surgeries that did not always find their way to positive results found themselves presented to eager juries waiting to bring down those bad doctors whose only crime was their acceptance of the case. Edwards’ war on the medical profession created a health care crisis in North Carolina unparalleled in the History of the Tar Heel State. Malpractice insurance rates had a meteoric rise during the peak of Edwards judicial performances. As a result many medical specialists abandoned their perches to save themselves from the victimization that frequented North Carolina courtrooms under Edwards’ jurisdiction. Stories emerged that emergency patients could not obtain appropriate care in a timely manner, resulting in the worst outcomes. Women in labor found local health units and hospitals without obstetric support forcing them to travel extreme distances to deliver their newborns, some never finishing the journey. John Edwards has no conscience about the negative effects he had on the Tar Heel State’s health system. His interest was twofold: bleed insurance companies dry and destroy as many physicians’ careers as possible. John and his deceased wife were both adamant supporters of Obamacare, as long as they did not have to participate in its tenets. Mrs. Edwards publicly stated the virtues of Obama’s monstrous health reforms, while running to the best hospital in the nation to treat her cancer, Massachusetts General. Duke University could have provided the same or better care for her, but you know elitists. Crimes not measured by John Edwards recent trial, reflect poorly on a legal system long overdue for an overhaul. The Department of Justice never wanted to find Edwards guilty. Instead they wanted a show trial to display even the most powerful are not above the law. Edwards’ crimes are not one of passion but one of a ravenous greed which made him a multi-millionaire at the expense of the health of thousands. Proper decorum would not allow me to express my true feelings about the detriment this lawyer has done to the innocent. Edwards is now free to perform more legal miracles, who will he victimize next? Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy, a book that documents the evils of the legal system and its former sentinels.

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