Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cultural Martyrdom: Obama's path to relection

Cultural Martyrdom: Obama’s path to reelection

Joe McCarthy chased the shadows of communism in the mid twentieth century. From his delusional Senate pulpit hundreds of careers were interrupted and or destroyed by his accusations that subversives were rampant throughout the government, private industry and Hollywood. Ultimately discredited, he died early in the solitude he created for himself. Joe’s career may have taken a different twist had he survived to confront the Obama Administration. A new breed of politician has moved into the corridors of power in Washington D.C. This new species cares little for the flock who put them in power represented by the oppressive laws and economic strife they have inflicted on the nation. McCarthy would have found many reasons to question the values, patriotism and proclivities of those who believe democracy and constitutional intent is for the other guy not them. Confrontation and division are Obama’s chosen tools to undermine a nation already in flux by his diversionary tactics. Socialism has many shades which are now competing with the remnants of democratic principles that once ruled the playing field. Supreme Court’s recent decision on Arizona’s immigration policy was a mixed blend of liberal and conservative approaches to a long festering problem, which has led to another of Obama’s Anti-American interventions. Left intact in the high Court’s decision was a provision allowing the police to stop potential illegals if there is probable cause. Obama, unhappy with their decision, immediately informed Arizona that it will not cooperate with legitimate law enforcement activities against our guests from the south. ICE and other Federal agencies will be instructed not to respond to Arizona officials in their attempts to manage the state’s vast illegal alien problem.  Obama and his crazed minions essentially told Arizona that his administration will cherry pick which laws to enforce that suit their agenda.  Obama is now on record that he is willing to displace American citizens from jobs, colleges, civil service posts and more in favor of foreigners. Our radical leader has consistently invented schemes to bring about an end to American ideals, traditions and institutions. By his own actions the President has displayed an intense disloyalty to a flag that elevated him to his present position. The White House guest list reads like a who’s who of the left. Radicals, social deviants, mentally deranged individuals, left of the left celebrities and foreign visitors whose loyalties lie somewhere between Marx and Mao have been entertained by Obama at our expense. Joe McCarthy’s downfall was he was born at the wrong time and went after the wrong people. Perhaps an incarnation of this man will have the cojones to challenge the President and his contingent of social thugs on the draconian rules they have put in place. America’s present culture has taken a hit in the last three years by interventions that turn the country away from the Founders intent. More importantly, Obama is introducing new cultural mores that curtail many of the liberties we have taken for granted. Few have come forward to challenge the President’s ambitions to alter America’s social fabric, even fewer perceive the changes coming. This election will determine if the American brand stands or becomes obsolete in the next ten years. Vote right or don’t vote at all this Fall. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

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