Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bill Maher: another Obama groupie

Bill Maher: another Obama celebrity groupie

Neither proper decorum nor the publishers of this news site would permit me to express appropriate outrage at Bill Maher’s recent verbal assaults on Governor Romney’s religion and candidacy for president. Perhaps Bill Maher is a victim of shaken baby syndrome or some other traumatic event in which he incurred neurological damage otherwise his outbursts should not go unaddressed. Atheism is well known to Bill Maher who claims to be a devout immoralist. Mormonism challenges people to be better human beings. Family values are at the core of many of its teachings. Romney’s life reflects one of strength, much of it drawn from his success as a father, husband and community leader. Atheism teaches hate, weakness, moral lassitude, denigration of others and most important the denial of the obvious, the existence of God.  Atheism is more than a cult, it is a disease which has deeply affected Bill Maher’s mind. As a devout Obama supporter he trusts that the government will do a better job managing healthcare than the present system. Bill forgot that he was quoted, in reference to the swine flu vaccine, that he did not trust the government, especially with his healthcare. Obamacare’s tentacles will affect the wealthy elite such as himself in manners he cannot conceive.  His obvious hatred for family and women strongly represents itself in a lifestyle replete with inconsistent relationships, abandonments and inability to understand the value of the family unit. As a political pugilist, he believes Obama has a more profound sense in managing the economy than a man who has an exceptional record as governor and extremely successful business leader. Maher’s attempt to stir controversy during this election cycle could be seen in his many recent irrational comments. Accusing Matt Drudge’s website of racism by referencing several pictures of black men without their accompanying stories displays his own desperation for recognition. Maher took the photos out of context to strengthen his aspersions against a conservative news site. Bill Maher’s career never got off the ground. Overpaid for his political punditry, Bill’s HBO show is watched by few and liked by even fewer. In essence he has done society a favor by not procreating, the World will be better off without more of the same from a man who is going nowhere fast. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy.

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