Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obama's House of Card's: When will it fall

Obama’s House of Cards: When will it fall


Obama’s capitulation to mediocrity can be viewed in the excuses for his failures.  America no longer sits on the constitutional bedrock its Founders laid for the citizenry more than two centuries ago. Each time the Obama Administration coughs or sneezes the foundations of Democracy quivers and shakes. Masterly introducing a crisis daily, Obama has become an expert at the art of a spiel. Using cleverly placed words or phrases, in his numerous commentaries and interviews, he has been able to instigate division, divisiveness and derision on any topic he chooses. Obama’s current crisis is the pending sequestration which he claims; will force prisons to release the criminal element prematurely, cause layoffs of thousands of firefighters, policemen, teachers and border guards, cancel programs such as Head Start, left wing radio and more. His sophistry was so convincing that Congressmen trembled at the mere thought of these occurrences. In reality firefighters, teachers and the police are paid from local funds, not the federal coffers. Entitlements have been over-funded for years, Obama played his creative hand stating it was those evil Republicans who will stop the gravy from flowing to the underserving.  The irony of this specific venture into sequestration is President Obama signed off on it in 2011 in exchange for a debt ceiling increase of over 1 trillion dollars. Subsequently, in January of 2013, he received another debt ceiling hike of a similar amount with a vast increase in taxes on everyone. Yet, no cuts were made to spending in either case. To illustrate the intensity of entitlement abuse, Maryland is an excellent model. Medicaid, a program that costs states and the feds hundreds of billions each year, is dispensed in Maryland with the most lenient criteria imaginable. These so-called poor drive up in BMWs, Mercedes and other high-end vehicles to their local health dispensary, then flash their assistance cards. Practitioners of the healing arts in Maryland relate hundreds of similar incidences, of the not so poor, with well furbish homes that contain all the amenities of the middle-class, yet they are on state assistance. Two very interesting stories emerged of lawyers with Medical Assistance cards who maintained full time law practices. Come across the Maryland border for entitlements, the government with assist you in stealing from the state treasury with very dilute residency requirements to obtain funds. The stories are endless, but true. These are the people Obama is defending and now is the time the piper must be paid, meaning someone must pay the bill or the lights will be turned out. Obama has created the illusion that World ending events will occur if his own, self-concocted, sequestration goes forth. What he doesn’t realize is the house of cards he built around himself will fall no matter which direction sequestration takes in the next few days. Mark Davis MD,  author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, a Prescription for Disaster.

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