Monday, February 25, 2013

Steven Spielberg: why did he go left instead of right

Steven Spielberg: why did he go left instead of right


Steven Spielberg’s creative genius is on display in dozens of films. The breadth of his versatility is astounding. Everyone who breathes and is conscious has heard  his name or seen one of his works. Drawn from Jewish origins, his sensitivities to its history and current concerns are reflected on many levels in his deeds and works. His Shoah Foundation has recorded approximately 52,000 interviews of Holocaust survivors, who are scattered around the World. As director of the film Schindler’s List, he created an emotionally drenching testament displaying the scourge of the soulless Nazi regime. Spielberg is so sensitive about his Jewish origins that he fired Megan Fox for her Hitler comments, which were aimed at Transformers’ director Michael Bay, prior to filming of the third installment of the series.  The few Jews left in this World, such as myself, owe him much for revealing the depth of depravity of a tyrant who died less than one human lifetime ago. Yet, with all his noteworthy works, his political bent appears to run to the left. Spielberg’s extreme support for the left is manifest by his leanings towards the present occupant of the White House, though he supported Hillary Clinton in 2008. Prior to the presidential election of 2012, Spielberg advised the Obama team how to capture a large audience using trickery and deceit to draw them in. Romney’s Bain Capital came under assault in commercials backed by Steven Spielberg’s creative advice to Obama’s hatchet men. One of these deceptive works portrayed Bain as an evil entity that denied a woman health insurance. She subsequently dies from cancer for lack of insurance coverage, with the inference Romney murdered her. This commercial left a lasting impression on those who may have sat on the fence when considering their voting choices. Obama has displayed a profound hatred for Israel and its residents; snubbing its leadership, his pro-Palestinian stance, selling major armaments to surrounding countries, his light hands on the enemies of Israel and his penchant for curry favoring with America’s Middle-East foes. Therefore, consideration for Spielberg’s political proclivities is required to understand his left wing mindset. Immersed in Hollywood’s culture for more than 40 years could have entrenched his mind in their mob-think, which is to the left of Lenin. Spielberg’s views on Gay-Rights, Gay Boy Scout leaders, Gay Marriage and prior support for Democratic candidates, collectively follows the tracks of the majority in Tinsel Town. More difficult to understand is the duality of his mindset, extreme support for Jewish causes and his support for someone who holds antithetical views on this subject, President Obama. Perhaps we will never know how his extraordinary mind works, one thing for sure it is definitely on the wrong political path. Mark Davis, MD,

Author of Demons of Democracy, and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for disaster.

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