Monday, February 11, 2013

Death by America: why no one is safe

Death by America: why no one is safe


America’s conciliatory posture around the World, even in the face of the most toxic situations, has had repercussions unforeseen even by the strongest wits in the Administration. Benghazi exemplifies America’s policy of noninterference, which in this case was caustic to 4 people in the service of this country. Transgression by dark forces around the World on American citizens and property were rare events when respectability of our nation was the norm. New norms have arisen which exclude any possibility of a hands off policy by the errant, who will act against the innocent, when they travel from this nation overseas. Disrespect for American culture and values have been on the increase for many decades. Attacks on our embassies in the 1990s culminated with the horrific tragedy on 9/11/ 2001. It is difficult to conceive yet blatantly true that our biggest enemy is not a terrorist from a 3rd World cesspool but our own government. Within the last several weeks White House minions have marched across the national stage, via Congressional hearings, each with more profound misrepresentations concerning the death of our Libyan ambassador than the last. President Obama’s crack team of incompetents were aware of the need for further protection by our people on the ground several months prior to the 9/11/2012 attack on our Benghazi Consult, yet nothing was done. Evidence indicates the day of the attack real-time images of well-arm mobs surrounding and attacking this facility were being viewed by State Department Officials. High ranking officials from the Administration have denied observing these images. Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, appeared before both House and Senate investigating committees, a few days before her departure from the grasp of Uncle Sam. Her audacious denials of any knowledge of the events leading up to 9/11/2012 and the attack itself had a certain scent of dishonesty built into each one of her verbalizations. Worse, she would not say who told the military to stand-down as the attack was ongoing.  The Administration’s chorus of liars’ messages to Congress and the American people are more profound than media sources have portrayed. This is the first Administration in modern history to abandon its own personnel while they were under attack. President Obama delicately sooths the egos of Middle Eastern extremists with hopes they will rethink their modus operandi. This fantasy will never move into reality. Instead his weak posture strengthens those who will do harm to Americans anywhere they may travel, because our enemies believe this nation will not retaliate against them. Obama’s diplomatic methods call for apologies to the dissolute for prior actions of this country not bullets for hurting our people. Americans are unsafe anywhere they travel, not from lack of strength, but lack of willpower to engage the aggressor on equal footing. Deaths of four in Libya are only the beginning of a long siege on Americans and their interests around the World. It is time for our politicians to act like leaders and put the World on notice, don’t mess with us or there will be severe consequences in return. Unfortunately, another presidential term must move into history before America’s backbone is once again seen.

Author of Demons of Democracy

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