Monday, June 2, 2014

Clinton versus Obama: The Presidential Follies Continue

Clinton versus Obama: the presidential follies continue


Hard Choices, a new book by Hillary Clinton’s ghostwriter, purportedly details many aspects of her reign as Secretary of State. To energize book sales the publisher released a chapter that contains her personal analysis of the events surrounding the Benghazi assault on September 11, 2012. Instead of supplying a factual account the former First Lady goes on a childlike rant blaming everyone but herself for this tragedy. She notes misinformation, speculation and flat out deceit by some politicians and the media keeps this scandal alive. Mrs. Clinton fails to answer the “hard” questions to put this tragedy to rest. The most of important of which is: who told the military forces to stand down as the Benghazi compound was under assault? Clinton cleverly uses the deaths of the four killed on September 11th to her advantage by stating, “I will not be part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans.” She goes on to state, “it’s just plain wrong and it’s unworthy of our great country. Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.” Clearly she does not want to testify in front of the Special House Committee assembled to uncover the truth concerning  this foreign policy disaster. As a president wannabe she displays none of the characteristics required of a leader. Lessons learned while Hillary was Secretary of State, to utilize rhetorical nonsense to divert attention from matters of importance, is a theme playing out here. Obama, the master of deceit and diversion, continues these tactics to keep the nation in the dark on all aspects of the scandals that plague his Administration especially Benghazi. Foolhardy people who defend both Clinton and Obama do so blindly while being kept in the dark themselves. Hillary’s gambit to diminish her involvement in the events of 9/11/2012 failed. If she embarks on a campaign for the presidency the road for her will be treacherous at the minimum. Anyone who has closely followed the scandal of 2012 knows more information exists than the Administration is willing release. Paradoxically Hillary has politicized this event by releasing a portion of her memoirs, antithetically to her accusations of others doing the same. Truth has a means of surfacing even when the naysayers inhibit its emergence. I hope Hillary rethinks her verbal assaults on others because these words appear to lead directly back to her nest.


Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews. Dr. Davis’ latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

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