Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Romney's hundred million voices

Romney’s hundred million voices


Millions may come out to greet President Obama as he travels town to town selling his plan of misery for America. One hundred million or more will come to see the favored candidate, Mitt Romney, as he brings his message of “hope and change” to a country starving for both. Two candidates with antithetical views on nation management: one who wants to see America as a new third world society and the other desires to revitalize America which will bring respect once again to a flag that has been flying at half-mast for the last four years. Civility will not allow me to describe the enormity of Obama’s decimation of every institution touched by his indecency, immorality and ineptitude. President Obama believes that systems he has put in place to extort money from the private sector and redistribute it to the indolent in society should be a norm. For this reason alone he should be replaced. Romney’s message has been heard by tens of millions. Some are suspicious of his words because of his governance of Massachusetts, yet most people believe he is the change the country needs to reset the economy and place us once more on center stage in the World. Last night Michelle Obama gave a well-rehearsed impassioned speech to a crowd who would vote for Stalin in the event he was up for bid. Michelle sold herself in those minutes as her voice echoed through the caverns of left wing supporters. Obama came out second in her soliloquy. President Obama’s fictitious characterizations by a wife desperate to stay in the White House gave me pause to note that Michelle is a better liar than her husband. America needs to hear that morality and God will be brought back into the White House not a scene from Harry met Sally. Michelle and the prior speakers failed at uplifting a society fatigued by rhetoric intended to keep America down. Romney introduces hope where Obama introduces dopes. One hundred million voices are crying out for change drowning out the purulent vocalizations of a party that has lost its soul and competence. Romney will change America just by bringing moral behaviors back into Washington, a place demoralized by the present atheism embedded in the democrat’s platform. Obama has already lost the election before the first votes have been cast, perhaps he should step aside and allow new management to take over earlier. Knowing Obama’s mannerisms and motivations he will continue his reign of destruction until his last day in office when the moving vans pull up to the back door. Join the chorus and vote right this November, there is no other way out of this mess. Mark Davis author of the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

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