Monday, September 17, 2012

Prelude to Armageddon: Obama's coming war

Prelude to Armageddon: Obama’s coming war


Movie critics are killing Americans in the Middle East. Susan Rice, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, echoed this theme in a Fox interview this weekend. A chorus of other high ranking Obama minions sang the same song in other media venues in the last few days. One major problem few if any of the protestors have seen the purported movie fueling their anger and even fewer cared about its contents. Twenty one countries have come under attack in what appears to be a well-organized series of events utilizing rent-a-mobs to wreck -havoc on American installations. Protestors, armed with the latest fire power, timed their assaults to occur around the 9/11 anniversary. These attacks were neither spontaneous nor caused by a movie that no one has seen. With a consistency that has become signature for Obama, he blamed anyone and everyone except his own actions for the fires still raging in these third rate societies. Information has emerged from various sources that America’s national security infrastructure was warned of potential assaults on overseas facilities weeks before they happened. Perhaps the president should show up for an occasional security briefing, knowing Obama golf and Letterman come first. War is coming to the Middle East. This time it will not be a minor skirmish but a major event. Potentially millions will die to prove one ideology is superior to another. Religious zealots want Israel to disappear from the face of the Earth. Harsh rhetoric from Iran’s president and the council that backs him expound on this theme daily. Obama and his administration display a callous disregard for the potential threat facing the only democracy in this region by ignoring pleas from Israel’s leaders to take a stand against a country bent on producing nuclear weapons. Months not years away are the timelines for Iran’s nuclear capabilities to become reality. Obama believes otherwise by dismissing Israel’s claim of a pending assault by this rogue nation. America will be dragged into the next war. My question is whose side will Obama defend? From this author’s perspective there is an excellent chance Israel, for the first time in its history, will not have America at its back. The real Obama will surface leaving Israel nearly defenseless. Armageddon is coming, who will shoot first. Mark Davis MD, Author of the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

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