Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama apologizes for America's existence

Obama apologizes for America’s existence


Middle East terrorists murdered the United States Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans yesterday in Benghazi. Conflicting reports have surfaced concerning the exact methods utilized to perpetrate this egregious act. Obama with his usual apologetic style initiated his response to this tragedy noting he rejects any denigration of others religious beliefs but there is no justification for this assault on Americans or American values. Amazing as it may be Obama and his minions were apologizing for a movie the terrorists claim was offensive to their religion and produced in the United States. The latter statement has not been verified, yet knowing Obama his irrationality has room for the sensitivities of terrorists not for the America that gave him his present pulpit. Most recently Obama turned down a request by Israel’s Prime Minister for a meeting in New York City where the United Nations General Assembly is meeting. Violence is flaring up across the Middle East and Israel has a set of concerns which apparently are not shared by Obama. The reason given for the rejection was scheduling problems believe it or not. Obama was scheduling himself to be on Letterman and had no time for affairs of state. After a public outrage from coast to coast ensued Obama took time out of his busy campaign schedule and connected with Israel’s top leader by phone. Whatever transpired in their exchange Obama probably yawned and went back to his leaderless role. With an embassy in Egypt and a consulate in Libya assaulted in a very short time these events appear more than a coincidence. Actions such as these could be a prelude to more organize events coming in the near future which could put other Americans at risk. Obama’s team is already moving to cover the terrorists’ tracks by stating these are isolated events and we will not abandon our “Middle East Friends.” Hillary Clinton still plans to write billion dollar checks to these two countries harboring terrorists. Horrific events in the last few days should have consequences aimed at those who harbor terrorists and the terrorists themselves. Rewarding rogue governments with American money, much of it borrowed, is the wrong approach to stop these regimes from supporting any more violence. Obama’s apologies sprinkled with taxpayer dollars should awaken the few sound minds left in America that something is wrong in Washington and needs to be fixed. Election Day can bring a new repairman to the White House or continue the same one in office who has been asleep for the last 43 months, your choice. Mark Davis MD author of the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

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