Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cultural Denigration in America

Cultural denigration in America


American culture has been under radical assault for the last five years. Certain ideologies and beliefs, once the norm, became an anathema to those who hated America’s fundamental values and what they stood for. In order to move away from this embedded thinking the power centers had to first recondition how the collective population interprets present social and political trends. This task was performed by metamorphosing language structure. Words and phrases in current use during the initiation of this transformation were either deemphasized or over accentuated as the need arose. Many of us still remember the word “terrorist” being removed from Obama’s lexicon of accepted government words. Jihad was given a similar treatment. When a “terrorist” attacked an American facility on the mainland or abroad Obama’s minions came up with the words “manmade event” or phraseology of a similar nature. Groups of inner city children, en masse, who perform criminal acts against commercial centers, the words “flash mob” entered into common use to deemphasize the nature of the action. Traditional marriage is no longer considered traditional under the eyes of those who wanted to curry favor with a micro-segment of the population.  The term “gay marriage” was crusaded throughout the corridors of state legislatures to allow deviancy to be brought into the mainstream. The words transgender, transsexual or other bizarre mix became a rallying cry in my adopted state of Maryland. Legislators jumped into action to correct this bump in the road. Presently a man can throw on a dress, in this very blue state, if he wants to use the lady’s bath or dressing rooms at your local Walmart. In recent days the concept of illegal was given the liberal treatment. California’s highest court will now permit illegal immigrants to practice law provided they meet the same criteria as their legal counterparts. This decision redefines the legality of illegality. In a short time this concept will be the law of the land. Shifting word and phrase structure has long been a tool of tyrants to amass and retain power. Welcome to the America of 2014. Mass manipulation of the populace is moving along as planned. Do not be surprised when the name of our beloved country is stricken from historical and other references to finish Obama’s transfiguration of American society. It is the next-step in his agenda. Mark Davis, MD President of Davis Book Reviews and Healthnets Review Services.  Author of the number one book the legal profession hates, Demons of Democracy and the recently released book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Please use the attached email address for interview requests.

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