Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paranoid America: who is looking over your shoulder

Paranoid America: who is looking over your shoulder


Privacy is dead. Every facet of your life is now accessible by anyone with a cyber- key. Cleverly written federal legislation, to ferret out potential criminal behavior, opens the door for the government to snoop into your life. On March 13 of this year the Obama Administration announced it would allow U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database which contains information on all American citizens and others who do their banking in this country. President Obama’s new obsession, in his search for terrorist networks and crime syndicates, comes at a great price to your privacy. Criminal information along with financial and social records, of all Americans, will now be at the fingertips of anyone in the intelligence community. Once this plan is fully implemented, we can be assured the private sector will have access to this databank. By 2014, all medical records must be translated into electronic bits of data so the end-user can have universal access. Remember that STD treated in college or that bit of cosmetic surgery you would rather not speak about, a government agent will remind you at the appropriate time.

Perhaps you have not seen your credit report recently. There is more information on those sheets than a late credit card payment. Social data that profiles many aspects of your life comes with your financial analysis. Applying for a job, many employers now request a credit report. Payment histories, purchasing data, liens, foreclosures, bankruptcies and more allows potential employers a glimpse of your financial stability and an indication of how responsible you have been. Americans should feel a tad paranoid from these clear invasions of privacy. In their hunt for the bad guys the government is willing to trample your right to privacy, due process and constitutional privileges. Consider yourself an open book when dealing with any government agents. Next time an IRS employee contacts you, he or she will be aware of your banking history, criminal records, the last time you purchased pimple cream and that course you failed in college. Privacy has been taken for granted. Presently, it is only a right the privileged get to embrace. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services,

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