Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maryland's irresponsible state government

Maryland’s irresponsible state government


Unsolicited spam from Maryland’s Executive branch was not surprising in content or intent when I opened it yesterday. Governor Martin O’Malley’s message read more like a political stump speech than a notification of his accomplishments during the present legislative session. Its headline jumped off the page: “Affordable College, Clean Energy and Responsible Governing.” This disingenuous headline sums up the irrationality of the group now governing the Free State. As I noted in the article entitled, Marylanders: overtaxed, overregulated, overwhelmed linked below, the ingredients for economic failure are clearly laid out in the current budget. Overfunding higher education by 5.83 billion dollars is nothing to be proud of Governor O’Malley. A quick visit to the College Park campus of the University of Maryland, leaves one wondering who is going to benefit from this overwhelming generosity of the Maryland taxpayer. Overspending on the Medical Assistance program, by billions, begs the question: who are these extra people being covered. A simple call to your local health department notes that residency requirements to obtain O’Malleycare, are quasi in nature. Medical personnel have related stories of newly arrived state denizens who obtained health benefits less than “2 weeks” after transgressing the Free State’s borders. The Governor is attracting more people to the state because he likes new arrivals, as he stated in a prior stump speech.  Perhaps you missed the signs traveling both ends of Route 95: Welcome to the “Free State,” thanks to the Maryland taxpayer.

Governor O’Malley wants the Maryland public to know he is doing everything in his power to block global warming. His offshore wind farm legislation exemplifies his mania to achieve this goal. This pending financial disaster for the state and its residents will burden each business and household with a surcharge on their electric bills, starting a decade before the potential completion of this ill-fated venture. Worse, the technology to attain the Governor’s goal of building a 200 Megawatt offshore facility does not exist (see link, Maryland’s Solyndra: offshore windfarms). The Governor’s campaign literature forgets to tell state residents the price to generate one megawatt of wind power costs 4 to 10 times that of coal, oil, gas etc. State residents and businesses are being taken for the proverbial ride by the blind ambitions of someone who wants to move up the food chain, our esteemed Governor. The Governor’s hyper-inflated state budget has no relief for beleaguered taxpayers, who pay for his follies. O’Malley’s Budget is a win win for the entitlement crowd, and a lose lose for the taxpayer. His campaign literature, now in your spam box, is nothing more than a series of misrepresentations, misdirected thinking and a roadmap to the State’s pending economic disaster. Contact your state representatives and let them know your displeasure that the state is making too many demands on your bank account, because their accounts will soon run dry without yours. Mark Davis MD. President of Healthnets Review Services,,, Author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the LinkedIn group, Government in Transition, join and comment.

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