Thursday, January 17, 2013

Criminalizing self-defense: Obama's answer to a tragedy

Criminalizing self-defense: Obama’s answer to a tragedy


Fifteen different sources provide fifteen different answers for the number of people taking psychotropic drugs. Stating that 100 million prescriptions for these medications are written yearly may be underestimating the true number. President Obama proposes to check the psychiatric history of all potential gun purchasers.  Since 20% of the nation’s population takes psychotropic drugs, will their psychiatric histories become public record? In Obama’s universe as well as Andrew Cuomo’s the answer is a definite yes. In the event you do not reveal your psychological profile to a government official, will you be subject to felony charges and jail time, it seems so. The true nature of the government’s push for electronic medical records is now being fully realized. Along with this intrusion into one’s personal life other schemes have been put forth to make the average citizen a criminal in his own home. Gun magazines will be limited to a certain number of bullets, depending on the jurisdiction in which the gun owner lives.  One extra bullet and the perpetrator can be dragged into the criminal system. It seems the President and his liberal allies around the country have decided to limit law-abiding citizens’ ownership of weapons, bypassing Constitutional mandate. They have restricted weapons and ammo in the belief that other Newtown massacres will be stopped. Yesterday Obama revealed his 23 Executive edicts to control gun ownership with a call for even more legislation. Surrounding himself with children to make his point, he issued his latest set of commandments utilizing his usual demagogic style. Heightened emotions on gun control have reached a crescendo as two Congressmen have called for Impeachment of the President. With a Republican majority in the House, this threat may have legs.  Government officials in Texas state they will arrest any federal official attempting to enforce the President’s edicts. Critical to Andrew Cuomo’s and the President’s actions are the means to which they are attempting to stop gun violence. Unfortunately, they will not make a dent. Antithetically, more violence may erupt when the good-guys are denuded of their weapons. George Mason, the co-author of the 2nd Amendment stated, “To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them.” His analysis was correct over two centuries ago and is absolutely correct today. Perhaps disarming the public was Obama’s intent from the beginning of his reign. The next several weeks may shape gun ownership rights for decades to come. Mark Davis MD,

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