Friday, November 2, 2012

Maryland's questionable questions: should you vote for them

Maryland’s questionable questions: should you vote for them


Question 4 takes Marylanders into the World of illegal immigration. This question is written in such a manner, one becomes dizzy after scanning it. Offering “illegal residents of the state” reduced tuition in 4 year colleges based on a list of criteria that would make sophists proud. These criteria note the illegal student must be filing income tax returns, graduated from a Maryland high school, registered with selective service system and accumulated 60 credit hours in a community college. Illegals are just that illegal. Does the liberal O’Malley administration want us to believe these illegals are registering for selective service and filing not necessarily paying income taxes? Maryland has a great heart when it comes to the down and out. The state’s insatiable treasury continues to raise fees, taxes, tolls and more to fund illegals in high schools, colleges and sundry other programs.  Why would anyone with a sound mind support a government that admits through its activities they are acting outside Maryland and Federal Law? Please read Question 4 closely, the money you save may be your own.

Question 6 moves gay unions into the realm of marriage legitimatizing their coupling into law. A key proviso of this intended question provides for certain protections of the clergy in the event they refuse to perform such ceremonies. This politically charged question divides Marylanders into two groups, the yays and the nays, of which this writer is the latter. Any legal argument generated by the gay and lesbian crowd for a marriage certificate can be countered with laws already embedded in Maryland statue giving them certain rights they seek. To redefine marriage redefines history, theology, biology and many other related topics. This is one question that a person will have to dig deep into his or her soul to decide. Medias’ convoluted perspective on this subject side steps many issues against this question. Before casting your ballot one way or the other, review this question thoroughly, the core of the country still sides against this issue.

Question 7 assumes that Marylanders have a pervasive level of ignorance. During the reign of Governor Bob Ehrlich gambling was cast in the media as evil. Tens of thousands would become addicted to these one arm bandits. Families would be destroyed and so forth. When the democrats took over the reins of the governorship, all the purported arguments against gambling vanished! Commercials running every ten minutes detail a state government that will collapse unless gaming expansion occurs. Children will not be educated if this question fails to pass. Jobs will be lost to neighboring states and a host of calamities will befall Maryland without more slots, more casinos and table games. The truth I noted in another article, Maryland’s deceptive casino ads, remains the truth. There is no legislation on the books or pending requiring casino money to be utilized for education. Adding more casinos dilutes revenues from those facilities already functioning. The lie that jobs will be fleeing to other states is just that a lie. My question is: who will build these new houses of gambling? Out of state workers, illegals or closed shop unions most likely will make the bucks. From every angle this law is perceived, Marylanders will not see the benefits purported by the state and their deceptive ads. When deciding on Question 7 ask your out of work friends or family members if they will have a chance at these new jobs. I would bet the house that most would say no. Mark Davis MD President of Healthnets Review Services,

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