Thursday, November 29, 2012

America's new morality



America’s new morality


 Acceptable levels of morality changed dramatically as the new millennium passed its first decade. Marriage once relegated to a man and woman found new meaning in laws enacted in nine states, with Maryland’s recent addition to this group. With same-sex marriage firmly accepted in these jurisdictions it is only a matter of time before the nation is pushed in the same direction. More recently, morality took another hit with changes in current thought concerning Marijuana usage. Eighteen states have decriminalized and or legalized this psychoactive pharmaceutical before the 2012 election. Colorado and the State of Washington went further by embedding into law the recreational use of small amounts of this drug. In these states someone 21 or older can go to a designated vendor and purchase one ounce of this mind-altering chemical. The unintended consequences of more pervasive usage of this weed, such as auto accidents, may cause these laws to be revisited in the near future. Not to be out done, the transgender and transsexual crowd decided that laws already in place do not protect them from discrimination. This group wants a set of laws carved out to improve their stance in any social or work setting. For example, a male dressed in female attire: should he use the male or female dressing room. Similarly, which bathroom would be appropriate for such individuals to use. Complex issues require complex answers with gender identity moving to the top of lawmakers’ list.   Where does society draw the line when challenged by issues that traditionalists find vulgar, indecent or outright irrational? Thirty-seven states, to their credit, have language in their Constitutions or other legal doctrine defining marriage as a heterosexual union. Are traditionalists wrong in attempting to obstruct the evolution of these segments of society so they will be perceived to be on equal footing with the rest of us? Nature found it biologically inconvenient to pair animals of the same-sex because of the obvious inability to propagate. Mankind has chosen a similar path knowing its future existence is at stake. Therefore laws were created to perpetuate and protect heterosexual unions, not the reverse. Those in same-sex partnerships or with gender identity concerns would naturally challenge the traditional basis for this rationale. Yet that very same rationale has successfully led this society into the future we are now living. Morality is contingent on standards established by a society in its entirety, not a subsegment of it. In 2012, those with gender identity issues will continue to prod politicians to give their concerns an airing and that may come soon. Gay marriage is making in-roads in legislative houses, but only the most progressive ones have given the go ahead for such unions. State Marijuana, laws reducing sanctions and penalties come in direct conflict with their federal counterparts. The question is: have states gone too far or not far enough remains for one our finer judges to determine. Mark Davis, MD.

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