Monday, January 18, 2016


Rules for Tyrants
1) Confiscate all guns from the general population based on a fabricated premise.
2) Control all media output.
3) Revise history
4) Treat the treasury as your own bank
5) Hire the most ignorant people to do your bidding
6) Expand government to control the lives of the population who placed you in power
7) Encourage people to spy on each other
8) Devalue education to train a generation of idiots
9) Manipulate the military and police so they do your bidding not the population as a whole
10) Mingle with celebrities and the super rich because they generally control the masses.
Do these rules sound familiar? They should. Obama and his minions follow these rules as though they are the Ten Commandments. These are the basic ten. Please add to this list.
Please share this list. Thanks.

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