Thursday, December 5, 2013

Phase Two: the Obamacare nighmare continues

Phase Two: the Obamacare nightmare continues


Derelict in their duties implementing phase one of Obamacare, the Exchanges, phase two will be a nightmare for those trying to bring this legislation into reality.
Based on a series of fraudulent algorithms and guided by the legal elites in Washington the steps to failure are written into every page of this egregious Ponzi scheme. Three years was not enough time to establish the portals to access PPACA’s promises, then thirty years will not be sufficient to build the supporting structures and bureaucracy to manage its medical services. Complexity of America’s health care system is best represented by the number of facilities and people who support their function. With nearly six thousand hospitals, thousands of clinics and tens of thousands of physician offices to oversee the numbers only get worse when factoring in the people delivering services through these sites. Nine hundred thousand physicians, three million nurses, millions of auxillary personnel and an array of other health professionals combine to create an untenable situation for any government agency to manage. Yet this is the task Obamacare  has set-out for itself. To control costs one must pare down services, no doubt this was a primary consideration when this mess was originally envisioned. Under the traditional system MRIs and CT scans are available in hours to days, not anymore. Reflecting on the Canadian system, weeks to months will become the norm. Routine surgeries are not routine anymore. A vast array of bureaucrats will allow the privileged few into the operating suites. Bogus medical studies have already emerged, from quasi government panels, to dissuade physicians from performing certain lab tests, surgeries and procedures. Many have already been published, more are on the way. Mammograms were one of the first tests government officials attacked for overuse.  PSA testing, to determine prostate cancer, has been challenged by physicians outside this specialty working in Obama’s corner.  The parade of changes coming to traditional medicine will be alarming to the end-user, the patient, as Obamacare is fully implemented. Irony has a way of uncovering deception. Those who pushed this legislation through will be hammered by the same rules which will limit medical care for others. Phase 2 is the treacherous road ahead as the promise of more care becomes less in the face of skyrocketing costs and diminished access. The nightmare is just beginning, are you ready. Mark Davis, MD author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster, the one book that details how phase 2 to will affect you and ways to circumvent this tragedy.,

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