Monday, September 23, 2013

The Other America Revisited

The Other America Revisited


     Government supported indolence is maneuver the Obama Administration utilizes to keep the population in check. A constant flow of treasury largesse, to tens of millions, perpetuates societal weaknesses disallowing the helpless from moving ahead of their own economic vices. As a result an entitlement mentality has developed that is so profound a catastrophe would befall anyone who has to put aside the flood of goodies that arrives weekly from Uncle Obama. Therefore self-made prisons arise where an individual cannot break free of the bonds the political over-class has inflicted on them. Self-serving individuals, who are enhanced by this economic morass, keep their political titles intact by those who partake in this monetary feast, which continues the status quo. Change is the driving force for those with ambition, not for those anchored to the certainty of a welfare handout. Results of government enforced laziness are evident, especially in the cities. Unemployment is conspicuously high in any group you examine. Murder rates exceed those from Middle East countries. Single parent households continue to rise to exponential levels. Even after government officials spin high school graduation rates, they are still low. Violent crime is business as usual.  Maryland exemplifies the latter with a government that thrives on the status quo.  Blue states officials notoriously buy votes from their entitlement base in return

for subsidizing their life styles. Yet these people never seem to grow beyond their checks. A recent conversation with an official from a Maryland detention facility opened the eyes of many who would listen to his sagacious words. Why work when a check is at your door on schedule, regularly. Why work when a kid can run drugs and earn several thousand dollars per week. Why work when each child you conceive increases your monthly take. Why work when the stigma of welfare was removed with an EBT card. This official’s elaboration, taken collectively, is the reason why the so-called poverty class will remain the so-called poverty class, there are too many incentives not to grow. Savvy Politicians play upon this economic class to continue the gravy flowing at the expense of the private sector. In the end there will be an array of cities similar to Detroit: bankrupt, demoralized, polarized and dying. The masters of this destruction will move up the food chain while those left behind will live in the quagmire they created. Mark Davis, MD Author of the Book Lawyers hate, Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews.,, To comment further go the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition.

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