Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maryland needs leaders not followers

Maryland needs leaders not followers


Maryland’s Governor and Attorney General (AG) are running away from their respective offices to move higher on the food chain. Governor Martin O’Malley has his eyes on the White House as Attorney General Douglas Gansler looks towards the State House. Governor O’Malley’s few accomplishments are drowned out by the enormous number of unsolved problems he will leaves in his wake. Violence throughout the state of Maryland, especially in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County, has only received lip service from someone who incessantly brags of his nonexistent achievements. Taking his lead from President Obama, Governor O’Malley will waste several billion dollars or more on green projects to nowhere. Under his mindless tutelage a rain tax now falls across Maryland, the only state in the union to institute such idiocy. Taxes, tolls, assessments and other financial extortions from the state have moved up exponentially to fund O’Malley’s massive entitlement structure. Efficiency is not in the Governor’s vocabulary. His inability to understand business dynamics caused Maryland to be named a business unfriendly state by those in the know. In the event this is the record O’Malley will run on, conservatives will have no fear of him succeeding.


Attorney General’s office sits in prime real estate in the midst of Baltimore City, not in the less expensive state towers on Preston Street. From this perch a panoramic view of Baltimore’s nightly blood bath is evident. Since his installation as Attorney General, Gansler has made no effort to stem the flow of violence surrounding his office or elsewhere in the state. The daily body count attests to the fact that his very liberal agenda, to retain office, excludes the possibility of taking on the true challenges necessary to reduce the death toll. Gansler’s well concocted bio displays his strong push for; nontraditional marriages, health care solutions through the abomination called Obamacare, gun control for victims not victimizers, diversity in state appointments without consideration for merit, baseless green energy projects and numerous other left-wing assaults driving businesses to more friendly environs. Baseless lawsuits against physicians are one of his office’s specialties. Douglas Gansler has intimidated a sufficient number of people to keep his name afloat in the media, not to dissimilar from another cohort Eliot Spitzer, who followed the same path from AG to the Governor’s office in New York. Power hungry people will go to many lengths to stay in positions that give them control over others, Gansler is no different. Recently, Gansler made several gaffes when he insisted his opponent Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, an Afro-American, has only his race to offer as a justification for seeking the governorship.  This denigrating statement may move many out of his camp for obvious reasons. According to Gansler’s bio Civil Rights are a high priority for him, yet his speeches appear to reflect otherwise.  Both Martin O’Malley and Douglas Gansler have their priorities misplaced. Their motivations for seeking office have less to do with improving living conditions in Maryland than staying in positions of power at all costs. With these two men in charge Maryland has become more blue pushing state coffers into the red. Neither one should be honored with higher office, yet knowing Marylanders they like the status quo. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Service and Davis Book Reviews,,,, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. To comment please join us on LinkedIn in the group, Government in Transition.

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