Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lawyers: the real Demons of Democracy


Demons of Democracy: the book lawyers hate


Acquisition of legal services is as close as your yellow pages. Thousands of advertisements by suited individuals claiming expertise in a wide variety of subjects are audaciously portrayed as saviors in this resource. Yet their portrayals as self-redeemers contain an underlying deception that jumps off the page when you review the gamut of expertise presented. The enumeration of qualifications is long and very untrustworthy even to the superficial observer. Demons of Democracy exposes that most of these ads are pure fiction and those behind them have minimal abilities to perform the tasks presented. More than a million lawyers roam the range of America’s legal landscape starving for the next case. Law schools, except for a few, do not prepare the student for the realities of 21st century America. Their minds are entrenched with basic subject matter, yet they are never provided the depth of training they will misrepresent to the public a few years later. Would you trust your life savings to someone with a 3 credit course in estate planning or allow someone with a 2 credit course in tax preparation to manage your portfolio of stocks? The answer to both of these questions would be no if you knew better. Unfortunately lawyers mislead people to believe they have a level of erudition which is not borne out by their education, training or experience. Most are burnt out social science majors who had no idea where to plant their feet after college. Law school or driving a cab was the logical alternatives for these individuals. Demons of Democracy discusses the profound ignorance of many who wear the badge as a member of a once esteemed profession. Demons examines the methodologies that are employed by tens of thousands of reprobates in suits to undermine every aspect of American culture and the institutions that made it strong. This creative resource notes that most functions performed by lawyers in the states are provided by government functionaries in other countries at pennies on the dollar. Our society is most noteworthy for criminalizing normal human behaviors by an overreaching governmental structure that lauds itself on jailing as many people as possible. Who benefits most, that’s right your corner lawyer. Demons of Democracy provides the rationale why lawyers should not manage complex organizational structures such as the Executive branch of our federal bureaucracy, just look at the present results. This is the last book lawyers would recommend, but the first one that should be on your reading list. Mark Davis MD author of the aforementioned book and the forthcoming work Obamacare: Dead on Arrival. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition, join, comment and debate.

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