Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romney: a conservative republican

                                          Romney: a conservative democrat


Mitt Romney is no stranger to politics or political causes. With a track record dating back over fifty years when his father was governor of Michigan to the present he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the political landscape that has affected America over that period of time. Romney is a stranger to the Republican narrative. Transitioning from an independent with democratic leanings twenty years ago to a full-fledged conservative in 2012 has many questioning his true stripes. Attacked by the liberal media for his acute business acumen, he distinguishes himself from his opponent by taking a middle of the road approach to tax policies. Unfortunately Romney echoes the “close the corporate loophole strategy” which is part of the democrat agenda to lay waste to the business community. When discussing foreign affairs he leaves the impression that his thoughts have not coalesced into a unitary position on this issue, few specifics with many generalizations. Obamacare comes to end, he claims, in the event the election goes his way. Yet many people have misgivings that he will forsake his promises of healthcare reform and leave much of Obamacare intact. This notion is based on the social program commonly called Romneycare that he left behind in the Bay State in 2006. The media has not vetted this health catastrophe in Massachusetts with sufficient detail to display it spawned Obamacare. Many tenets in Romneycare leave one wondering whether the liberal in Romney submerged his conservative side to bring about the chimera now plaguing his home state. During one Republican debate Romney deemphasized the value of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) stating there were more important issues on Earth to deal with. Yet when discussing how he would manage the military he answered that present World problems necessitate expansion of American Armed Forces. He never realized that NASA provides a strategic part of American defenses through various programs. His mentation concerning NASA coincides with the actions already taken by Obama to reduce the significance of this valuable asset. Romney’s stand on entitlements has not been clarified. During his tenure as Governor of the Bay State he markedly expanded entitlements allowing us a glimpse of the potential enactments he would bring to fruition if he attains the presidency. Many would question Romney’s conservative exterior, the evidence is clear that he does move to the right of President Obama. Does Romney engender Republican ideals, a clear case can be made that he doesn’t. Would this author vote for him? Yes, because of the detriment inflicted on America by Obama, Romney is America’s only choice. This November election is crucial because two competing ideologies are vying for your vote. Let us hope that we regain our constitutional democracy this election cycle, otherwise four years from now we could be speaking Arabic. Mark Davis MD, author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival. platomd@gmail.com

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