Thursday, August 2, 2012

Traditional marriages versus gay marriage

Traditional marriage versus gay marriage

Long before the closet opened releasing the demons that are now plaguing traditional marriage, the union of a man and woman ritualized into a ceremony had a solid foundation for its existence. Millennia ago the natural pairing of the opposite sexes became the norm to replenish and rear the next generation. Civilizations depended on this basic social unit to allow their societies to thrive. Presently the concept of traditional pairing is the basis by which most American institutions are founded. Those who look to redefine marriage to include the pairing of the same sex confront obstacles embedded in biology, religion and history that they are willing to ignore to satisfy their own perverse desires. Complexities of civilized society by nature require order to maintain their ability to function at maximum levels of efficiency. Heterosexual marriage fully satisfies the needs of a society not only for its procreating ability but as anchor to instill morality into those brought forth by this union. Gay marriage fails at all levels to fulfill these needs therefore it should not be condoned in the same sense of its traditional counterpart. Recently an eruption of hostility has occurred against a restaurant chain for consistently upholding traditional values including marriage. Mayors of large cities claim they will block any attempt to bring more of these units into their jurisdictions. Chicago’s mayor claims the values of Chick-fil-A are not those of its citizens. Rahm Emanuel reigns over a city that has the highest murder rate in the world when measured per hundred thousand of population. His ludicrous statement that Chicago has a higher index of morality than the conservative God fearing ownership of this restaurant chain is absurd. Mayor Emanuel’s own religion precludes gay marriage but he sold his soul long ago for power and celebrity. Baseless reasoning provided by the gay community to allow them to marry falls short on analysis. Sufficient laws are on the books to protect money transactions amongst them including property transfer a death. Civil unions would fulfill the rest of their legal and social needs, so why do they want to debase traditional marriage? Perhaps it is not about marriage but undermining the structure of society as a whole. Reviewing the cadre of folks who want to degrade traditional marriage reads like an anarchist’s who’s who, Hollywood’s  socially unenlightened, left wing media elites and of course politicians who have no moral centers. Societies must make decisions to assure their continued survival, gay marriage deviates from this goal. Most sad is the Courts have overridden the desires of the people to exclude gay marriage from their states because the gay agenda has infiltrated the minds of those who preside on the bench. Chick-fil-A’s stance is the correct one and the people who support them understand the detriment any other form of marriage can bring about. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.

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